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Feasible ways to Add Delta Boarding pass to Apple Wallet: 

If you are an iPhone user and troubleshooting while downloading or saving the Delta Airline boarding pass on your iPhone. Then we recommend you read the information, which will assist you with the easy steps to protect the boarding pass.

How do I add my Delta boarding pass to my iPhone?

Travelers should follow a few steps to add a Delta Boarding pass to their iPhone with the help of the Wallet App.

  • Kindly open the Airline app, Email, or notification that contains the Boarding pass or scheduled flight ticket.
  • Once you can find it click on add to apple wallet option.
  • Customers should proceed with given instructions displayed on the screen.
  • If required, click on the ad given in the upper right corner.

How do I add my Delta boarding pass to my Apple Watch?

Assuming that you want to add the Delta flight boarding pass to your Apple watch for your suitability, you must first access your Apple Wallet on the Apple Watch. Here are the steps that you can consider to follow:

  • On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch application,
  • Choose the “My Watch” option and select “Apple Wallet,”
  • The passes saved on your Apple wallet will automatically sync with your Apple watch,
  • If not added already, you can save the boarding pass from the email you have received from Delta by completing the check-in. 

How do I add a Delta boarding pass to Apple Wallet without the app?

You need to consider the check-in email delivered by Delta Airlines in order to add your boarding pass to Apple Wallet without the app. Here is the detailed process mentioned that you can adhere to:

  • You have to first complete the web check-in at Delta for your flight,
  • Next, you must opt for the “Email Boarding Pass.”
  • Then go to the email section on your Apple device,
  • Find the concerned email sent by Delta,
  • Open the attachment sent to you in the check-in email,
  • After opening the boarding pass on your device, tap on the three dots at the top,
  • Choose the “Add to Wallet” option,
  • Provide the confirmation by tapping on the “Add” button in the popped-up window,
  • And then, your Delta boarding pass will be added to your Apple Wallet. 

How do I share my Delta boarding pass?

Passengers can share the boarding pass or tickets available in the wallet of their iPhone with another person.

  • Firstly you should open the Wallet app on your iPhone.
  • Click on the pass or tickets the customer wants to share.
  • Select the More button and then click on pass details.
  • Tap on the share icon, which will display on the screen.
  • If the sharing option is not showing on the screen, then it may be passed hasn’t enabled sharing in the wallet. You must check their app or website to see if they provide choices to share the boarding pass.

How do I add a Delta card to Apple Wallet?

A Delta card is one of the ways to earn benefits at the time of traveling and save money. Moreover, the advantages that you can seek here are inflight savings, travel protection, no transaction fees, and many more. Further, when you have a card, then, you can add it to the app wallet and use it at the time of the journey. So, the ways to add the same in your wallet are mentioned at the bottom:-

  • First, locate the "setting" option of your device
  • From that, choose the "Wallet & Apple Pay" options
  •  Further, click on the "add" icon
  • Now, enter the details of your "delta card" and click on the save
  • Once the process is completed, your card can be added to the wallet.

Does Delta have Apple Wallet?

Yes, Delta has an Apple Wallet. You can utilize the concerned wallet to purchase different services that are provided by Delta. However, there are certain advantages with respect to the same, which you can find in the given points; please have a look:

  • Easy purchase— If you buy any service from Delta, for example, booking, upgrades, food, etc., and make the payment through Apple Wallet, it will take a few minutes to complete the process; hence it is very time-effective. 
  • Discounts— By using the concerned wallet, Delta may provide different discounts and offers so that travelers can avail of them and purchase their services within their budget. 
  • Quick process— The booking process and other associated processes can be done faster with Apple Wallet. 
  • Commonly used— The most important reason for accepting payments via Apple Wallet on Delta is that the users of it have increased in many numbers. 

Does a screenshot of the Delta boarding pass work?

There is always a query asked by many passengers whether they will be allowed to check in if they show a screenshot of their boarding pass at the airport. So, to get a relevant answer, the given points will assist you in every possible way; please have a look:

  • Yes, you can check in with Delta with your boarding pass, which is in a screenshot format on your device. 
  • However, you have to ensure the barcode scanner on it is clearly visible because to get through all the checkpoints, having a barcode is important. If it is not visible, you may be denied check-in and board the flight. 
  • If you have any doubt related to the Apple Wallet or how you can use it with Delta Card, you are requested to get in touch with the assistance team of Delta to find out the proper resolutions associated with the same. 

Why can't I add my Delta boarding pass to my Apple wallet?

Apple user can ease up their traveling experience by carrying an electronic boarding pass in their wallet. So, when you have a reservation with Delta, you can also add your boarding pass to your wallet after completing the check-in procedure. If you are having difficulty adding, then various factors could be responsible for it, and you can trace specifications about those from the following points:-

  • If you are traveling to a destination that does not support e-tickets,
  • When you haven't updated your Apple software if your phone is running on the old version, then you might also face the situation, and to tackle those, you get to update your device.
  • A device used to add a ticket does not have a proper connection with an Apple device. Or you have installed any software that restricts you from continuing the process. So, you get to identify that app and uninstall it. 
  • When your device is having a glitch then you can also come across such situations. For this condition, you try restarting your device. 

Final Take

Furthermore, the subject mentioned here could eliminate issues related to the Delta boarding pass and its addition to the Apple wallet. Still, if you are left with problems, then you can get to their customer service for answers.



There is always a query asked by different passengers from across the world related to whether the boarding pass' screenshot works on Delta. So, to find the relevant answer with respect to the same, the given points are enough for it; please have a look:

Passengers can add the boarding pass to the Apple Wallet or save it. To learn all the details of adding the boarding pass to an iPhone, customers should read the information in the above data, which will explain all the steps in detail. In case of any confusion, it will be better to call the Airline Customer Service team.

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