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Expounding the attributes of Alaska Airlines' pet policy and process

Planning on traveling with your furry friends on the next vacation that has been planned? Not understanding what would be the best airline to choose that would offer exemplary customer service to both you and your pet? Need not think anymore, as the best option to pick out would be Alaska Airlines to travel with your pets. The airline and especially the staff ensure that pets get safe travel as per the requirements that are being put forth. 

Traveling with their pets is like a dream come true for pet owners. Alaska takes benefit of the privilege to woo more passengers into booking their flight tickets. However, the airline also provides reasonable services for your pets against a pet reservation. You can add a pet to your Alaska Flight today without any extra hassle by contacting them on their provided reservation number. 

How strict is Alaska Airlines' pet policy

There are specific details about the Alaska Airlines pet policy you must adhere to for a hassle-free pet travel experience. The pointers under the same are given here for you to make a reference of:

  • The airline has given the approval to carry small dogs, domestic rabbits, household birds and house cats only to be carried in the passenger cabin during the travel. The pets outside this category need to be shipped in the cargo. 
  • Under scenarios of traveling with pets, you would not be given the choice of the emergency exit row or bulkhead row seats. 
  • A total of two pet carriers are allowed in the main cabin, given an additional reservation has been made with the airline. 
  • The pets, specifically dogs and cats, need to be at least old by eight weeks, weaned and have the ability to take solid food without nursing for them to be eligible for travel in the cabin. 
  • A special arrangement needs to be made for the animals with peculiar odors or smells to travel in the climate-controlled baggage compartment.

How do I add a pet to my Alaska flight?

Alaska allows you to fly with your pet if you have a valid flight ticket for yourself. You can add a pet to your Alaska flight ticket by using the following available options:

Live Chat Support-

  • Book a flight at Alaska Airlines and then toggle to the 'traveling with pets' page from the home page of their official website at
  • Scroll down to the dedicated reservations section and tap on the 'Start chat with reservations' option.
  • You'll be redirected to a chat window pre-designed to provide sales options using artificial intelligence.
  • Say hello for a quick response from the Alaska ChatBot and continue with the virtual conversation to add a pet to your Alaska flight.
  • Or, ask for a live agent to assist you with the same. 

Phone Call Support- Dial Alaska Reservations Number: 1800-252-7522 for live sales assistance. Talk to a ticketing agent at the Alaska Airlines sales office and ask him to add a pet to your existing flight reservation. Or, book a new flight and purchase the service at the time of reservation. 

Text SMS Support- You can text Alaska Airlines for live chat assistance via SMS chat to their helpline number, 82008, and seek the travel agent's help.

What pets are allowed on Alaska Airlines?

All domesticated pets are allowed to be carried to the required destination in Alaska Airlines. It includes cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, household birds, hamsters, tropical fish, pot-bellied pigs, and non-poisonous reptiles.

How much does it cost to take a pet on Alaska Airlines?

The Alaska Airlines pet charges vary depending on the compartment and type of pet traveling. A total of 100 USD is charged for military duty pets and pets in the cabin and 150 USD for all the pets in the cargo or the climate-controlled baggage compartments. 

How strict is Alaska with pet carriers?

The airline only allows the pet and the carrier of a combined weight of 150 lbs. The dimensions of the carrier should be between 17"x11"x7.5" to 17x11"x9.5 to be accepted in the cabin class. 

Can my dog sit on my lap during a flight Alaska Airlines?

Only the service dogs are allowed to sit in your lap, given they are no larger than an infant and would not occupy any space more than the seat allotted to you. A direct call can be placed to the customer support team, who would then add pet details to Alaska Airlines, and do the necessary formalities for the pet to travel without any hurdle.

What does Alaska Airlines require to fly my dog?

Alaska Airlines requires the following information and documents to fly your dog:

  • A valid medical certificate from at least 10 days before the departure and 30 days after the scheduled return. 
  • Age certificate proving your pet is not less than 8 weeks in age. 
  • Your pet's size should match the size of the kennels equipped at Alaska aircrafts. 

Conclusion- The astounding services you receive with Alaska pet reservations are literally unique and attractive. Book a flight now to experience a comfortable trip with your pet. 


Yes, a health certificate from an authorized veterinarian needs to be submitted to the customer support team of Alaska Airlines so that the pets can travel in the compartment. 

Alaska Airlines charges a fair service fee for their pet reservations in comparison to the additional perks and benefits they provide to the passengers flying with their pets. You need to pay USD 100 to add a pet to your Alaska flight ticket. A sales agent will request you to pay for the same after checking the availability of the particular Alaska airplane. 

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