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All you need to know about Vueling and its customer service 

Vueling will provide various flight options at a much more affordable price, allowing you to grab the best deals at a pocket-friendly rate. You will get infratech facilities in which you will get a lounge and resting area where you can rest while waiting for the flight to get board. Other than this you will also get the inflight facilities such as the best meals, drinks, and snacks. Once you get through to Vueling, you will get several offers and benefits according to your booking. But the question is: How can you get through to Vueling? The answer to this question mentioned below is in the form of different FAQs discussed below that will help you know the methods to get in touch with the airline personnel. 

How to talk to a live person on Vueling Airlines?

You can talk to a live person in Vueling Airlines through a phone call option where the live person will get connected through a toll-free number 011 34 931 51 81 58 which is available 24 hours and seven days. The phone call process will let you talk to the representative without hassle. It is a safe and secure way of approaching the airline as all the phone calls are recorded for verification purposes only so that any information will not be misused. 

How to contact Vueling Airlines Spain Phone Number? 

You can contact Vueling Airlines Spain through the Vueling Airlines helpline number 902487748, which can be dialed from your preferred location. The number will provide you with a language option so that you can choose your suitable language to talk with customer service so that there will be no language barrier while resolving your issue. You can go through the below-mentioned calling procedure.

  • You need to visit the official site Vueling.
  • Then take your pointer at the contact us tab and click on it.
  • After that, you need to tap on the Call Us option.
  • The option will show you the country section and enter your region (Spain).
  • At last, according to the given region (Spain), you will get the contact details and then dial the toll-free number 902487748 to get in touch with the customer service executive.

Through Live Chat

Vueling Airlines provides you the chat option in which you will get connected to the chat assistant, who is instructed in such a way that it can resolve your query without the help of a live person. It is feasible to use as it will not waste your time to connect with the live person; instead, you can directly connect with the live person with just one click.

  • You can move to the official page of Vueling Airlines.
  • Then scroll under the home page and tap on the contact us tab.
  • After that, click the chat with us option, and the chat box will display on the page.
  • Finally, inside the chat box, click on the start chat button and proceed to chat regarding your query with customer service. 

How Can I Contact Vueling by Phone?

Calling is the best medium to get through Vueling and get your travel-related concerns resolved. If any ticket holder faces any issue with upgrading his seat, then he can call the airline and get a solution. Now if you are seeking information, How can I contact Vueling by phone?Then you can begin this straightforward process by dialing the toll-free phone number: +34931518158. 

To proceed further, callers must listen and follow the instructions given by an automated voice, followed by tapping on one number from the given IVR menu:

Press 1: To book tickets

Press 3: For group travels 

Press 5: To manage your bookings

Press 7: For cancellation/refunds

Press 9: For wheelchair/mobility assistance

Press 0: To add extra luggage

Press #: For all other concerns or inquiries

After selecting one number, your phone will be linked to Vueling's corresponding representative. You can talk and get information about seat up gradation.

Vueling Customer Service Chat:

There are many customers who prefer to get their problems resolved using the live chat process. If you also wish to use Vueling Customer Service Chat, then you must obey the steps in the same sequence as described below:

  • Go to the official website of Vueling.
  • From the home screen, you must navigate to the contact page.
  • Scroll the contact page and tap on “Ask us.”
  • When the help chat window opens, you must write your question and press the send button.
  • You will be shortly responded to by Vueling's virtual assistant. 

How Do I Contact Vueling by Email?

Sometimes after completing their journey with Vueling, customers want to contact the airline formally to share their traveling experience. They must select the option of sending an email. Now if you are confused and exploring an answer to How Do I Contact Vueling by Email?”

Then the airline enables customers to fill out the online contact form to drop an email. They are expected to follow the given steps in order to send an email. 

  • Visit the website of Vueling. You can also use the official application.
  • Go to the contact section of the airline.
  • Now you must enter your existing Vueling id and password to login into your account.
  • Tap on the contact form link provided at the bottom of the home page.
  • As you come across the online form, you must carefully fill in all the mandatory information.
  • Describe your reason for writing in the message box.
  • Carefully go through the filled information, attach the documents to verify your issues, and press the submit button after clicking the checkbox to send an email.
  • It might take up to 12-15 business days to get reverted to the emails sent to Vueling.

Vueling Manage Booking:

Vueling enables customers to make changes to their tickets once the flight reservations are made. They can use the Vueling Manage Booking facility to make desired modifications. Customers can make the following changes or modifications through manage booking: 

  • They can select their seats.
  • Upgrade their traveling class.
  • They can check in online.
  • They can add extra luggage to their destination.
  • They can add meals or any other additional services for their journey.
  • Special assistance facilities can be requested.
  • Customers can make changes to their names.
  • They can change their flights or claim a refund. 

Which terminal is Vueling in Amsterdam?

All the flights operated by Vueling arrive and depart at Terminal 1 in Amsterdam.


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