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How to get swift and beneficent assistance with Royal Air Maroc

When you have planned a journey with Royal Air Maroc and need to get other details about the flight, from the reservations to baggage allowance to check-in, all this will help make your journey free from all the stress and trouble and eventually make it comfortable. There are a number of contact mediums available so that you can easily pick the method that is most convenient and quick for you. Each query that you are having about the journey will instantly be resolved and you will be provided valuable solutions. Let us enlighten you about the same.

How do I call Royal Air Maroc?

There could be many inconveniences which you might have to face during the journey, and to get instant solutions you should call the executives. Everything related to the trip will be resolved, and the representatives will make sure that you have a comfortable journey. The following procedure has been mentioned below:

  • Dial 1 (800) 344-6726, the customer service phone number, to connect with the help center.
  • Then, you are required to get through the guidelines given by a computerized voice on the phone.
  • Follow the IVR instructions so that you can track the problem you are having.
  • Press the key that is closely related to your concern, and the call will be forwarded.
  • Representatives will be there to listen and resolve each issue you have.

Talk with the Royal Air Maroc Agent.

Let’s discuss how someone is able to talk with someone at the Royal Air Maroc customer service department. Connect with their support agent by calling on Royal Air Maroc phone number by dialing 1 800-344-6726 and then go along the direction as given below. 

  • Use the given number and make a call.
  •  After dialing the number, you will get connected to the Royal Air Maroc customer service department.
  • Select your call options and then wait for a minute.
  • You will soon reach a support representative.

How do I get in touch with Royal Air Maroc? 

Royal Air Maroc is also known as RAM. Further, it is a Moroccan-based airline and is a member of Oneworld. However, when you travel with the airline, then you might seek certain pre and post-flight benefits. Whenever you have a problem either before or after the compilation of the journey, then you can get a hold of its customer service team.

Call to the airlines

An oral communication on the Royal Air Maroc can be established on a call. However, you can try this mode for 24 hours and then get a revert on the spot. Further, you get to dial Royal Air Maroc's phone number, 1 800-344-6726, and then choose an option from the IVR menu. 

Send an email

When you are not in a hurry to receive a revert from the Royal Air Maroc, then you can send an email to them. There, you can share an attachment, and the revert could secured within 72 hours. Now, the list of emails as per the department is as such:-

  • For reservation,
  • For Safer Fyer,

Get hold of social media

One more effective channel to communicate with the Royal Air Maroc than social media handles. In this mode, you can share your concerns either by sending a message directly or posting a query with them. Further, they are available on Facebook and Twitter. 

How do I email Royal Air Maroc customer service?

You can help the Airline to make improvements to their services and other flight-related things by sending them your feedback, suggestions, complaints and compliments to the Airline. Draft an email and send it to The Airline can take time to respond to the email as customer service is not as quick to revert to emails as they are on the phone. However, they entertain with valuable solutions and make sure you have the best journey. 

What is the Royal Air Maroc Safar Flyer contact number?

Royal Air Maroc offers its membership under the Safar Flyer program. So, when you join the same, then you can get an exclusive facility and services that are only available for its elite status holders. Further, when you have any future doubts then you can get to their prime customer service team over a call. Thus, the Safer Flyer phone number is 080 200 4000. 

How do i file a claim with Royal Air Maroc?

Traveling with the Royal Air Maroc could be compelling. But there might be certain situations, like delays of bags, flights, etc, that arise here. In this case, you get to bring attention to its customer service on your matter by appealing a claim. Thus, the process through which you can have the same is as such:-

  • Reach to the Royal Air Maroc site
  • From the homepage, click on the Contact Us icon
  • Further, click on the Make a Claim or Complaint icon
  • Now, choose a topic and fill out the form. 

How to contact to Royal Air Maroc from the US?

Passengers can easily connect with the Royal Air Maroc from the US in multiple ways. There are various ways to contact their customer service department. Here is a list of some of the best ways that you can make contact with the support staff of Royal Air Maroc quickly.

Contact via complaint form.

You can fill out their complaint form if you need to raise a complaint regarding their services or about any irregularities happening to you while traveling. You can find the complaint form on their website. If you want to file a complaint then kindly follow the steps.

  • Go to the website.
  • And then find the Contact Us option in the footer menu,
  • Then, choose the Make a Claim or Complaint option.
  • Select customer service complaints.
  • Below, a form will appear.
  • Complete the form by entering the appropriate details.
  • Verify the captcha and then submit it.

Contact via Social Media.

Another way that can be used to make contact is social media by messaging them directly on Facebook Messenger and Instagram or tagging them in a social post on Twitter. Soon, their social media team will reach you, and you can get proper guidance and assistance for your queries.

Where is Royal Air Maroc located?

You can get to the headquarters of Royal Air Maroc if you are not getting accurate information or solutions via other methods. Get to the helpdesk of the Airline, and the executives will be there to entertain you with answers to the queries you are having. Make sure you provide the journey details, such as the confirmation code, class, destination, etc., so that they can access the booking and help. The address of the headquarters is mentioned: 

  • Headquarters Address - Casablanca-Anfa Airport Casablanca, Morocco

What is the Royal Air Maroc office address?

An offline mode to get through the customer service of the Royal Air Maroc is sending a post to their office address. So, you can attach a hard copy here relating to the issues, but the response can take more than five business days. Hence, the Royal Air Maroc Office Address information is as such:-

Royal Air Maroc

1 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, 

NY 10020

How can I reach out to the Royal Air Maroc team? 

Passengers who are seeking assistance can easily reach out to the Royal Air Maroc team by writing and sharing their queries through email. You can use to send all your messages. This way, you can reach the Royal Air Maroc team to get support anytime. 

Another way to reach out to the Royal Air Maroc team members is to visit their airport office address at the nearest. You can meet with the executives of their team and then they will guide and assist you at the earliest. 

What terminal is Royal Air Maroc at JFK?

When you are at the John F. Kennedy International Airport, then you must know at what terminal you will be able to get the required help and which terminal the Airline uses. The Airline operates all its domestic and international flights at the JFK Airport from Terminal 1. You will find all other services, such as restaurants, lounges, helpdesk, cafes, etc., at this terminal.

Conclusion: All the details that will enlighten you about how you can acquire help from the customer service of the Airline have been given. For further queries, get to the official website of the Airline. 


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