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Malaysia Airlines has the operation of their flights in various regions, so whoever is looking for a great traveling experience with a safe trip and to explore the world can book with Malaysia Airlines flights. You can learn more about their flights by contacting their customer service agents.

When you are flying for the first time, you might need assistance to book a reservation. If you have a concern or question, you can immediately connect to the Malaysia Airlines representative. Here are some options you can choose to contact customer service.

How to talk to Malaysia Airlines live person on call?

You can use the below steps if you would like to know where you can get the Malaysia Airlines customer service number.

  • Visit the official page of Malaysia Airlines.

  • Then you need to look for the contact center option and click on the option.

  • On the MH contact center page, you will get the contact details of various countries to reach Malaysia Airlines.

  • Choose the country from the drop-down bar and dial the number which is displayed.

  • Follow the instruction by IVR and press the number accordingly.

  • Once you are associated with a Live agent, you can start asking your queries.

In case you are unable to connect via the customer service number, you can also use the live chat option, which is abalone on the contact page of Malaysia Airlines.

What is the email address for Malaysia Airlines?

If you need customer service using the email of Malaysia Airlines, you can use the email address. But keep in mind the response can be later than expected, but the support team does as best as they can to give you excellent service. You can also write to the Malaysia Airlines Corporate Office Address and get the help needed.

Suppose you couldn't operate the Malaysian Airline website due to any technical glitch, then you can use this email address - to email the agent. 

  • When writing them an email, you must properly write your doubts and explain your issues so the agent can understand them well.
  • Once the airline representative receives your email, he will answer your query soon.

What is the fastest way to reach an airline customer service agent?

The fastest way to connect with Malaysia Airlines is contacting via the customer service phone number. You can quickly get it from the contact page of Malaysia Airlines. You can also reach Malaysia Airlines Headquarters using the customer service number.

How do I contact Malaysia Airlines Singapore?

If you are calling the customer service of Malaysia Airlines from Singapore, you can use the number which is given below to connect with the representative.

  • You can use the customer service number +65 6723 1009 of Malaysia Airlines.

  • You will first have to select the preferred language to follow the instructions given by the automated voice.

  • Once you have selected the language, you need to pay attention to the instructions and press the numbers.

  • After a short while, you will be associated with a live agent, and you can ask your queries to the agent.

How do I contact Malaysia Airlines UK?

If you are in the UK and you would want to contact the customer service of Malaysia Airlines, you can use the below number and easily contact the representative and get instant solutions.

  • Dial the customer service number +44 (0) 3303650080/+44 203 808 8746, provided for the UK to contact Malaysia Airlines customer service.

  • Then you need to select the preferred language and follow the instruction that is given by the computer-generated voice.

  • After pressing the numbers that are instructed, you will be able to connect to the representative in a while.

  • When you are connected to a live agent, you can ask queries and get solutions.

How do I call Malaysia Airlines from Australia?

Are you currently in Australia? And you would want to reach the customer service of Malaysia Airlines using the customer service number. You can follow the points that are provided below.

  • From your mobile phone, you need to dial 132627, the customer service number provided.

  • After the greeting and selecting the language, you need to follow the instructions and press the numbers accordingly.

  • In a while, you will be connected to the representative of Malaysia Airlines.

What is the best time to call Malaysia airlines? 

Malaysia Airlines is a flag-carrier airline of Malaysia that is well-known for providing passengers with the best inflight, airport, and online services for their domestic as well as international flights. If the passengers ever wish to make any changes in their reserved flight and look for ways to get hold of the customer service team, they mostly prefer the phone call method. But sometimes people have to face a long hold time in a phone call, and the question is, what is the best time to call Malaysia airlines? Well, the best time to call the customer service agent of the airline is early in the morning or after midnight. Other than that, there are many other ways to get the hold of a customer service agent, which are explained here. 

Different Methods to connect with Malaysia Airlines

There are multiple ways to get a hold of the representative from the customer service team. The steps that are required to be followed are mentioned here as follows. 

Communicate via Phone Call

The passengers can get a hold of the customer service agent over call, and they often prefer to do so as it is the quickest possible way to get the hold of the customer service agent. The steps needed to get the agent over call are mentioned here for you as follows. 

  • Dial the customer service number 1800 102 7778, and once you get connected, you must follow the IVR process. 

  • Follow the process to identify the nature of your query by selecting the option as per the issue you have been facing. 

  • After the IVR instructions are complete, there will be a short hold, and the airline's agent will contact you accordingly. 

Communicate via Live chat

The Malaysia Airlines live chat method is preferred by people when they have to wait on long hold to connect with the agent. To connect with the agent over live chat, all you need to do is follow the steps explained here for you as follows. 

  • Jump onto the official website of Malaysia Airlines and look for the ‘Contact Us’ option once you reach the homepage. 

  • Click on the contact option to get redirected to the contact page. 

  • Search and click on the mini chat icon in the bottom right corner. 

  • Click on the chat icon and follow the auto-generated chat process to identify the issue you have been facing. 

  • Once the auto-generated chat is complete, the airline's agent will connect with you over chat to provide you with the required assistance. 

  • You may also have to submit feedback about your experience with the airline over chat. 

Communicate via the Contact Form

The passengers can also leave a comment or feedback about their flight experience on the Malaysia Airlines Feedback form, or they can fill out the contact form and ask the airline's agent for a callback. They are required to fill out their details, along with their phone number, email, and address. They also have to briefly describe the issue they have been facing with the airline. Please submit the form, and the airline will get back to them within 24 hours. 

Communicate via Social Media

The passengers traveling with Malaysia Airlines can connect with the customer service agent on Malaysia Airlines Social Media handles, the link of which is mentioned here for you as follows. 

Communicate via Email

The passengers traveling with Malaysia Airlines can also draft a mail mentioning their query in detail before sending it to the airline's official email address. They can also attach the necessary documents in pdf form to support their issue and speed up the process. Once the mail is drafted properly, please send it to the official email address o the airline, after which you’ll receive a confirmation on our mail, and the agent will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Malaysia Airlines Corporate Office Address

The passengers can also write a letter to the airline about all the issues or fax them to the official address of Malaysia Airlines Headquarters, located in Sepang city of Asia Pacific. 

The complete address is mentioned here for you as follows:

1st Floor, East Wing Admin Building, Kuala Lumpur International Airport 64000

How do I complain to Malaysia Airlines?

The passengers can opt for any given way mentioned on the official contact page of the airline. The passengers can use the email option, phone call, live chat o can jump onto the social media pages or whatever they think is fit to resolve their issue. 

What is the phone number for Malaysia Airlines Enrich?

A person frequently flies with Malaysian Airlines may become an Enrich Platinum member. Whoever purchases the Enrich platinum membership on Malaysian Airlines flights may need to know their terms and conditions or want to make some changes to their reservation. So, in this case, Malaysian Airlines has provided their other official phone number for Enrich Platinum members - 603 - 2634 1888 for passenger assistance.

How many hours before flight can I check in Malaysia Airlines?

Travelers have their departure date very soon, so they may be curious about the flight check-in guidelines so that they should be on time to board their flights and can easily pass through all the formalities. So of the flight check-in policies of Malaysia Airline are given below:

  • People with a domestic booking with Malaysian Airlines flights are suggested to come at least 2 hours before their scheduled departure.
  • Passengers having international bookings can arrive a minimum of 3 hours earlier from the departure time.
  • As per Malaysia Airlines policies, passengers who will perform web check-in for their reservation can do flight check-in from 48 hours to 90 minutes before the flight departure time.
  • Passengers need to print out their boarding pass to board their flight.


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