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If you wish to share your experience or contact the airline for any specific reason by phone, then you have the option to dial the phone number that is 1 833 626 0737, and for more understanding of the steps, follow the necessary points pointed out below:-

  • The helpdesk calling facility is managed through the voice system called IVR.
  • Make a call on the number and pick a language for the call.
  • Listen to all the services linked to the individual digits. 
  • You may select the one which is related to your issue.
  • Or choose the option to speak to a live person on call.

How can I contact SWISS?

It is also very necessary to know the other online and offline ways for contacting the airline because every method is introduced to help the passengers in whatever situation they are in. Know these methods with their importance and procedure to obtain them:-

Live chat:- Swiss airlines help customers through an online chat facility for people who are more comfortable to make nonverbal contact and want instant answers. Even this service is also the second most accessed as an instant mode of contact by passengers. Obtain it by using these significant steps:-

  • Get to the airline’s official web portal and click on the “Contact us” tab from the customer support menu.
  • The contact information page will open on the screen, and a chat popup will appear at the bottom right.
  • Use it to get the “Start chat” option; tap on it.
  • Now, your chat is connected with the virtual assistant of the airline, and you can ask any question.

Social media:- Swiss airlines has media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter which you may use to get help from the airline’s support team. First, log in to the media account and open your homepage to reach these pages. Click on the search bar, type the "Swiss airline" and enter. Pick the officially running page and tap on it. Use the “message” icon and send a direct message to the airline. Also, check these direct links of the airline’s networking pages if you are not able to reach them by yourself:-

  • /fly swiss - For Facebook
  • - For Instagram
  • - For Twitter

Is the SWISS hotline free?

Yes, the hotline or helpline desk facilities are made available for the passengers free of cost and run their most services all hours a day and 7 days in a week. The helpline services of Swiss airlines are phone calls, online chat, and social media. Timings of the Calling services are dependent upon the region from where you are making the call, and costs may vary according to the service you have obtained on call. The live chat and social media options are used online, so they may not require costs for providing assistance to you.

Which terminal Zurich Swiss Airport?

If you are at the Zurich Airport and your flight is with Swiss airlines, you must reach Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 of the airport. Only these terminals are in operation for the departures and arrival of Swiss flights. Also, stay attentive and updated with the announcements delivered at the airport to reach your correct terminal on time.

Where can I find my Swiss flight number?

The very important place where you can find the flight number of Swiss airlines is the tickets. It will be mentioned on both e-tickets and hard copy tickets. If you are still confused or not able to find your flight number on the tickets, then wait to get the boarding pass. All your travel details, including booking information and flight details, along with terminals, are printed on them. Or, if you have not collected your boarding pass yet and want to know your flight number, then you have the option to reach the customer service of the airline and ask about the information about your bookings.


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