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Noteworthy guidelines to follow at Cebu Pacific for baggage in an already booked ticket

Every time one is headed for an international journey, the most appropriate phenomenon that must be kept regarding such travel is baggage terms and conditions. This is the most significant way travelers can get guided for the accessible baggage allowance, which has been permitted by Cebu Pacific Airlines in terms of travel for long routes, especially when managing international routes. However, to accumulate generic information referring to Cebu Pacific baggage norms, you are guided to read the following passage, as from here, you can get policies and other necessary components. 

Cebu Pacific Baggage Policy

Here are the essential points to read regarding the Cebu Pacific baggage policy, which refers to the different baggage segments. 

  • Every traveler at Cebu Pacific can access one carry-on baggage within the cabin, which should weigh around a maximum of 7 kg and dimensions (56*36*23 cm). The hand carry-on baggage should consist of wheeled cabin bags, backpacks, laptop bags, etc. 
  • According to Cebu Pacific's checked baggage norms, travelers can bring/carry 3 pieces of CEB baggage weighing 20 kg each. Furthermore, baby strollers and walking canes are complimentary to check in with Cebu Pacific, and you can get them inside the cabin.
  • Travelers can also travel with special baggage, including sports equipment, surfboards, musical instruments, and oversized bags.
  • Note that if military personnel travel with Cebu Pacific and have to carry ammunition, they must provide the airline with valid documentation as proof. Then, the airline would arrange such travel preferences. 
  • In addition, at Cebu Pacific, travelers must follow some restrictions regarding the flammable liquids, solids, or other harmful items they can carry in flight. 

How much does it cost to add 20kg baggage in Cebu Pacific?

Since you have acknowledged Cebu Pacific's essential terms and conditions and need to acquire information about the cost to pay while you add 20 kg of baggage, you should read the following points to get the details.

  • Small - (15kg/33lb): 200 PHP for domestic flights - For international flights it is up to 1000 PHP.
  • Standard (20 kg/44lb): 320 PHP for domestic flights; for International flights, it goes up to 1300 PHP.

Can I still add baggage after an online check-in at Cebu Pacific?

Yes, Cebu Pacific Airlines allows luggage or bags to be added once the traveler has completed the check-in process. About this, you can select the online site available to manage my booking section. You need to enter the details, such as the PNR number and last name of the traveler, and you will proceed with the easy steps, such as adding luggage path, and you will be able to get through quite conveniently.

Can I check in 2 bags for 20kg in Cebu Pacific?

Yes, for check-in 2, bags for 20 kg in Cebu Pacific are permitted, but this is the preference that is applicable for the checked-in baggage service, and it also includes that travelers are allowed with the option for adding 3 pieces for CEB baggage with the conditions like 20 kg each. 

Can I add extra baggage after booking Cebu Pacific

Yes, travelers are permitted to add extra baggage to the existing flight reservation, and in reference to this point, travelers can proceed with the online or offline process to complete the extra baggage conditions. However, the add-up for the extra luggage should be completed before 2 hours of the scheduled flight departure. 

Can I add luggage at Cebu Pacific after booking?

Yes, Cebu Pacific gives away the option to travelers to add the luggage after the booking of their itinerary. However, to proceed with luggage add-up, you can select the online process, or you have the option to connect with a customer representative to call and receive appropriate assistance. 



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