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Beseech a baby bassinet- Book your infant on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines serves every passenger, regardless of their age, nation, or gender, with the same energy and effort. However, the airline provides just the services a passenger can require depending on the same criteria. Singapore Airlines has adapted the infant travel services into their routine operations to make it easier for parents to travel with their lap child on a Singapore flight.

Can I book a bassinet seat on Singapore Airlines?

Picking out an airline that understands the safety and security of adults, children, and especially infants is important. Singapore Airlines has all these standard protocols that make it a popular choice for parents. If you want to arrive on Singapore Airlines with your newborn baby, then read this post thoroughly.

Do Singapore Airlines have bassinets?

The baby bassinets installed in the Singapore flight cabins are very comfortable and versatile for your infant's travel convenience and a relatively robust in-flight experience. The characteristics of these bassinets are listed  below:

  1. The seats are installed in Singapore Airlines Premium Economy and Economy class cabins. 
  2. Dimensions- 768mm (L) x 298mm (W) x 158mm (H) . Weight Limit- 14 kgs.
  3. Provided with a velcro waist strap to hold the baby in position at all times for the infant's safety.

How do I request a bassinet from Singapore Airlines?

You can request or add a bassinet seat from Singapore Airlines for your infant upon initiating the seat selection procedure. You can do so by following the given set of procedures:

While Booking- You can select a seat at Singapore Airlines while booking a flight ticket. You're displayed Singapore Airlines' seat selection page before the checkout window on the Singapore Airlines reservations page. Once you add all the details to your flight reservation request, the final step is to select a seat, where you can add a baby bassinet to your overall flight itinerary and pay for all the purchases on the next checkout window. 

During Check-in- The online check-in window also discloses the seat selection option one last time on the official website. After the check-in window closes, you can not purchase any special services using the online platforms. However, you can call the Singapore Airline's Reservation Number:  +60 3 2789 8798 on Mondays to Fridays (0800-1800hrs) to access the sales and support desk. 

At the Airport- You can request the airline's ground staff to provide you with a bassinet for your baby or wait in line for the first-come-first-served benefit.

Singapore Airlines Infant Policy

The policy provides detailed information on the terms and conditions that all the parents and guardians traveling with an infant need to look at:

  1. The infant must not age over 2 years or less than 7 days. 
  2. For booking an infant outside of the age limit, contact support team. 
  3. If traveling with 2 infants, one will use the chair car seat. 

Singapore Airlines Bassinet seat policy

Most of the airlines work under some policies and rules. These rules and regulations help the passengers to have a better idea of the policies. According to the Singapore Airlines Bassinet seat policy, a passenger can not book a seat for their baby, passengers can only make a request. Some important Singapore Airlines Bassinet Seat Policy is mentioned below:

  • Passengers who have booked seats in Premium Economy and Economy Class have the facility of bassinet seats.
  • The booking of the bassinet seats works on a first-come, first-serve policy.
  • the bassinet points are not next to each other. So, in a case, if you are traveling with two infants, you need to sit separately.
  • Passengers having Scoot flights with Singapore tickets, the n they will not be allowed to avail of the facility of a bassinet on the flight.

Do you have to pay for an infant on Singapore Airlines?

For any infant of age below 2 years, you do not require a separate flight booking on Singapore Airlines. Any child above the age limit will have to fly the airline with a valid flight reservation ticket. 

Does Singapore Airlines charges for infant?

Adults traveling with Singapore Airlines can feel relaxed throughout the journey as the airline ensures the comfort and safety of each passenger including infants. The airlines do not take charge of the infants if they are traveling with their parents on their lap. However, according to the rules of Singapore Airlines, a child who is less than 2 years old will be charged equal to the percentage of an adult fare along with the tax in case of an international flight.

What is the age limit for bassinet seats on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines accommodates the infants on these bassinet seats. The age limit extends from 7 days max to at least 2 years of age. However, the infant needs to be accompanied by a legal guardian of over 18 years. 


Passengers traveling with infants have thousands of questions in their minds regarding their air traveling. Singapore Airlines has different facilities for children and infants. By going through this post you will be able to clear all your doubts. For more information explore the FAQs section of the airline which is website. Safe traveling!



Singapore Airlines offers bassinet seats for passengers traveling with their infants. The measurements of the bassinet seats are 768 mm (L) x 298 mm (W)  x 158 mm (H), and the maximum capacity of the bassinet seat is up to 14 Kg. To get the facility of Bassinet seats you need to book the flight ticket for Premium Economy and Economy classes. There is no reservation for the infants for the bassinet seats. The moment you board the flight, according to the available bassinet seats you can choose.

Passengers traveling with their child whose age is 24 months old do not have to reserve a seat for the infants. However, the passengers need to inform the airline's customer service that they are traveling with a newborn. The parents can sit their child on their lap. Singapore Airlines allows one child per passenger that can be seated on their lap. If you need more information you can visit the airline's website as well.

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