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Epitomizing and apprehending Qatar Airways stopover rules and pertaining processes

Qatar Airways is a premier airline that offers the best of services to all once the reservation is made with the airline. It is a favorite among all for the exemplary customer support it has offered through all these years. There can indeed arise when you would travel to your desired destination on a long-haul flight, under which there is a layover. This situation can be used to book the stopover program that Qatar Airways offers. Read on to find the specifications pertaining to the same. 

Does Qatar Airways have a stopover program?

Yes, the airline does have a stopover program under which you would be able to book a reasonable and affordable package at the same time. The program package starts at as low as 14 USD, which can vary depending on the stay type and other amenities you choose. This would allow you to stay in a connecting city between the two cities, where you would explore the place without making any payment under this program. 

Give details on the Qatar Airways Stopover Rules & Regulation:

There are specific Qatar Airways Stopover Rules & Regulation, which need to be followed if you would like to initiate the stopover with the airline. The pointers about the same are given here:

  • All the stopovers with the airline for the different cities you choose as part of the connecting flights allow you to stay up to a maximum of 24 hours from the time of check-in for the night durations.
  • The stopover program allows you to book a total of 4 nights as part of the offer it gives by the flight journey you have.
  • The hotel holds the right to charge additional for extra stay, which would be taking of which the airline is not liable for.
  • All the stopover bookings with the airline are subject to availability as per the specifications you have put forth. 
  • The stopover that you book as part of the Qatar Airways program will only be validated once you submit the proof of boarding pass for the reservation that needs to be made. 
  • All the bookings made under the stopover with Qatar Airways are non-transferable, and an additional fee gets levied for the breakfast option chosen. 

How to book a stopover on Qatar Airways?

You can book a stopover on Qatar Airways through the steps given here as follows:

  • Select the Qatar Stopover in the search panel given and type in the origin and destination as per the requirement. 
  • Choose the duration and time of the stopover and choose the flight.
  • Pick out the relevant package and finalize the addition of the stupider with the flight.
  • An email of confirmation will be shared for the same. 

Can I add Qatar stopover after booking?

Yes, you can add the stopover for the booking that you have made with Qatar Airways. For the same, you can visit the official website of the airline, and under the booking icon, choose the edit option provided. Here, you could add a stop as per the requirements you have. 


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