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Owning a pet and making travel plans with Oman Air might concern you. Leaving your pet behind and flying out from the city may not be an option you would like to consider, and seeking a way to bring your pet on the plane must be your top-tier requirement. Oman Air is one of the airlines that facilitates pet travel. However, one cannot bring their pet to the flight, irrespective of its size and temperament. The following context will help you understand how you could travel hassle-free with Oman Air with your pet.

Can I take my pet to Oman?

Oman Air permits passengers to take their flight to the destination they are flying to. Depending on the size and weight of your pet, it will be determined how it will be carried on the aircraft. One should check all the policies carefully to find out the conditions for taking a pet on Oman Air and all the requirements. 

Oman Air Pet Travel Policy

The policies that Oman Air imposes for passengers who like to travel with their pets are outlined here:

  • A Pet must be added separately to the Oman Air reservation. 
  • The pet must be carried in a spacious container for them to move freely. 
  • A pet up to 23 kg can be added as checked baggage on the Oman Air flight, with a maximum dimensions of 203 cm. 
  • If the pet's weight, along with its container, exceeds 75 kg, it would be considered cargo at Oman Air. 
  • A fee will be imposed for traveling with a pet on Oman Air. 
  • Medical documents stating that your pet is fit and fine should be submitted to make the reservation.
  • The owner must provide a vaccination report of the pet at the time of check-in. 
  • A person should reach the airport ahead of their boarding time as check-in with a pet requires plenty of time. 

Is Oman pet friendly?

Yes, Oman is a pet-friendly airline that allows travelers to transport their pets to their destination. Although pets are not allowed in the cabin, one can still add their pets as checked baggage or cargo and be carefree about their safety and comfort. Oman Air offers all the required facilities to keep your pets safe on the aircraft and help you meet your loving companion as you land at your destination. 

How to add pet details to Oman Ticket

Following are the helpful steps for adding your pet details on an Oman Air flight:

  • Star with accessing the Oman Air homepage on your screen,
  • Pick the "Manag" Booking" window,
  • Mention your Booking Reference and last name in the available column,
  • Click the "Manag Booking" button to get your booking on the site,
  • Now, you should navigate to the option of "Add a pet to flight",
  • Select your pet type and the transport option on the page,
  • After that, provide all the necessary pet details on the available form,
  • Next, attach the required medical documents,
  • Pay the total amount for traveling with your pet,
  • As the payment is completed, your pet details will be added


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