Can you get free WiFi on Emirates?

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Every airline suggests you turn on airplane mode before the flight take-off. The passengers can turn off the airplane mode, but they may not be able to use their internet properly in the air. Some passengers may need an internet connection to complete their important work or demand a good internet connection on the airline for any emergency. Emirates provides Wi-Fi, and this article will inform you completely about their Wi-Fi on the flight.

Do you get free Wi-Fi on Emirates?

If you travel via air, you may lack a better internet connection. However, if you are traveling with Emirates Airlines, you can connect your phone to their Wi-Fi and enjoy a high-speed internet connection. A passenger who is a member of Emirates Skywards can use their Wi-Fi for free, and those who have purchased a golden membership can enjoy free Wi-Fi in first and Business class. A member of Skyward Platinum can ultimately enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the flight, irrespective of the cabin class. You must purchase the Wi-Fi plan if you still need to get this membership.  

Can you use your phone on an Emirates flight?

The airline will not allow you to use your phone during take-off. You may have to turn on the airplane mode, so you cannot use your phone. However, once a flight has come into the air, you can turn off the airplane mode to use your phone, but you may not be able to use it properly and are thus advised to take your Wi-Fi plan. 

How to use free Wi-Fi on Emirates flights?

The passenger who wants to use the Wi-Fi for free on the flight must be a member of Emirates Skywards. The airline allows complimentary Wi-Fi service to passengers with Skyward membership. If you do not have one, you may purchase a Wi-Fi plan to use the internet. In case you are a member of Skyward, add your membership to your flight through the process given below:

  • Visit the webpage of Emirates.
  • Locate “Manage my Booking” on the page and click on it.
  • Fill out the booking itinerary with your surname and ticket number and then click on retrieve booking to get your booking details.
  • Next, move to the menu section to select the Airline Wi-Fi service.
  • Share the details of your membership card and submit to add the in-flight service.
  • The Airline will add the service to your ticket and share the details through your registered email.

What happens if I use my phone on a Emirates plane 

Emirates suggests you turn on airplane mode and not use your phone during take-off for technical reasons. However, you are free to use your phone after this, but you may suffer a lack of good air connectivity; thus, you are advised to get their Wi-Fi on the flight. 

Does Emirates have wifi on international flights?

The passengers may have to face a low internet connection, and thus, you get Emirates Wi-Fi on their international flights. You must get a Skyward membership to use their Wi-Fi for free. If you are not a member of Skyward, you can later purchase their plan to use the internet on the flight by paying $9 to $19, depending on the route and cabin class. 


Yes, Emirates wifi is relatively good, as it allows you to stay connected to your near and dear ones even when you are on a flight. Due to limited bandwidth size and satellite data cost, certain restrictions are using Emirates Inflight wifi like:

  • You can not stream videos faster as the speed is limited for the users.
  • Some Sync services are also restricted that require high internet speed.
  • You can use the Inflight wifi for browsing and chatting.

Yes, wifi is free for passengers on Emirates flights so that they can gain access to the Internet and enjoy their journey by surfing the Internet. You can connect to Emirates Inflight wifi by installing the Emirates mobile app before boarding the plane and replicating the steps below in the flight.

  • Switch your device to Airplane mode and make sure that wifi calling is enabled.
  • Turn the wifi on and search for available networks.
  • Select the EmiratesWiFi option, and you will be redirected to the login page.
  • Enter your Booking Reference as username and mobile as password.
  • You will now be successfully logged in and connected to the Inflight wifi.

You can not stream on Emirates due to limited bandwidth size and Satellite data cost. The number of users is more in the flight than the bandwidth, which results in low internet speed. So you can browse the Internet and use online chat apps, but you can't stream videos. However, you can purchase wifi services at Emirates for extra speed by paying a charge of approximately:

  • USD 2.99- 5.99 for unlimited chat
  • USD 9.99- 19.99 for wifi internet for the whole flight
  • USD 9.99 for half an hour with no data restrictions.

Emirates offers free wifi services to its Skywards members throughout its fleet, including Boeing 777. You can connect to the Emirates Inflight wifi in your Boeing 777 through the Emirates Mobile app. The Emirates fleet primarily consists of Airbus A380 and Boeing 777, and both of them are equipped with wifi services.

Yes, Emirates provides passengers with free headphones so they can play their favorite music and movies without interruptions. Emirates is well-known for its world-class customer service, and the free headphones are one of them. You also get a screen in front of your seat so that you can enjoy the movies.

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