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Emirates Stopover: Policy, Fee, Procedure 

Sometimes, there are long-haul stopovers when flying between the arrival and departure destinations. Emirates offers stopovers to make the journey more comfortable for the passengers, where a person can get the option to explore the layover place and get a pleasant break from the flight journey. 

Emirates is an international airline that provides all the services to their passengers, and there is also the stopover option, which is best for all the passengers to have a comfortable journey. If you also want to book a stopover and need to know the process, then for that you can employ the advanced search option and then contact the local emirate office for any other hotel and activities on your booking. 

Does Emirates charge for stopover?

Generally, the stopover is complimentary with Emirates Airlines, but depending on the additional service you select or want premium packages, you will be charged accordingly. 

Can you book a stopover with Emirates?

Yes, an individual can book a stopover with Emirates. When booking a long flight journey, you can choose to have some time for relaxation at a particular destination. From hotel bookings to any additional service, a stopover booking with Emirates is required per the passenger’s preference. 

Can I add a stopover in Dubai Emirates?

Yes, you can add a stopover in Dubai Emirates, and this also depends on where you book the ticket. Also, you can proceed to the travel agent or call Emirates customer services directly to make a stopover. You can see that the prices of stopovers are based on seasonal, dynamic pricing, but there are some stopovers that don’t charge extra fare, and the Dubai stopover is best because this is the Emirates home base

How do I add a stopover on Emirates?

To learn about how you can add a stopover on Emirates, the simple guide is provided here:

  • First you need to visit the homepage of Emirates in your browser,
  • Now, search for the flights with stopovers by adding the destinations on the suitable columns, add dates, and tick the “Stopover Flights” columns,
  • Then press the Search key, and the flights scheduled to your required destination with stopovers will load on a new page,
  • View the layover times of the available flights and choose wisely depending on your budget and the layover time between the first and connecting flight,
  • Next, the passenger information will open where you have to mention all the necessary information and add the travel documents,
  • On the next page, you can make payment for the flight you have selected,
  • As the ticket payment is completed, the booking with a stopob=ver at Emirates will be confirmed,
  • The Emirates e-ticket will be sent to the email address provided.

How to do a Dubai stopover on Emirates?

The passengers requiring a Dubai stopover with Emirates must wonder about the procedure. First, they must book a flight ticket with a stopover from their present destination to the required destination. After that, the stopover could be added with Emirates Airlines. Here is the process mentioned that you can adhere to for a Dubai stopover:

  • After completing your reservation, open the Emirates website,
  • Open the Book tab on the homepage and click on “Dubai Connect” link,
  • On the appeared page, scroll down and tap on the “Book Now” button,
  • Put the passenger name and the booking reference number in the provided columns on the new page,
  • You have to hit the Retrieve Booking button,
  • If eligible, the stopover packages will show on the screen,
  • You can view the inclusion of the stopover packages and book the one that is suitable for you,
  • Complete the payment and provide all the necessary documents,
  • Your Dubai stopover will be booked with Emirates successfully.

How long can you stopover in Dubai with Emirates?

The time of stopover in Dubai with Emirates is for 8 hours to 26 hours. This also includes transportation, meals, and waived entry visas. You need to know that stopover depends on the class of travel, and for that, below are said:-

  • For the economy and premium economy, the time of stopover is 10 to 24 hours for booking that is made before mid October or 8 to 26 hours for booking after mid October. 

  • When you have the business or first call then, the stopover timing is 6 to 26 hours for bookings that are made after July. 

Does Emirates allow stopovers on award tickets?

Yes, emirates allows a stopover on award tickets, but the type of stopover allowed depends on the type of award booked. To get the details then, below are the following mentioned:-

  • On round-trip awards- One stopover is permitted, and one open jaw is allowed within the same zone. 
  • On the one-way award flight- It’s allowed when they booked into the flex plus fare; two stopovers can be added, and a free stopover can added if they fly from one flight zone to another in a continuous direction. 
  • In flex plus fare- The awards you will get are totally flexible and unrestricted, stay for up to one year, and are available on return and one-way in every class. 


To get to know about the Emirates Lounge during a stopover then for that the Emirates Lounge entrance is premier to customers flying in first class or business class. If you have an Emirates Skyward Gold Member traveling in economy class, then you can enjoy access to business class lounges around the globe, and they are allowed to bring any guest with them. And Silver Members can enter business class lounges in Dubai, and also they don’t have a permit to bring along a guest. 

Yes, emirates provide a hotel for a passenger with a layover of 10 to 24 hours, and the services that include is hotel accommodation, airport transfers, meals, and waived entry visas. Also, if you are planning to stay longer than the limited time, then you must be required to arrange your own accommodation for additional time to stay. 

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