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Have extra legroom seats with the Emirates and make your journey memorable

Emirates is known for its luxurious facilities, making your journey pleasant and extra flabbergasted. The team has been trained so that you can feel at home while traveling inside the airline's aircraft. You can opt for comfort by choosing the extra legroom seats inside the airline flight; here's how you can do it. You have to follow the information below, which will inform you about the seating structure and its types. 

Can you get extra legroom on Emirates?

Yes, you can receive the extra legroom on Emirates. The airline provides flexibility to settle into seats suitable for you on board. You can select the seat where you want to sit and enjoy the ride, but it should be done before the flight at the time of booking, despite having a seat on the aisle, extra legroom, or window seat.

You can book the seat simultaneously or later on by managing your booking. If possible, you have the chance to choose your spot at the time of online check-in. 

If you are an Emirates Skyward member, you can pay for the seat selection using a combination of cash miles. 

How much does Emirates charge for extra legroom?

In case any passenger is going to book with Emirates flights in which they want to reserve for extra leg room during the journey but are curious to know about the charges they need to pay for extra leg room. So, passengers can go through the given information to read about the fee charged for every class provided by Emirates flights to their passengers:

    • The seat selection fee on Emirates depends on the type of fare, travel route, season of booking, and destination. If you have purchased the ticket with Economy Flex, Economy Saver, Economy Special, and Economy Flex Plus, then you need to pay some fee charge to get extra legroom.
    • Travelers will need to pay from 30 USD to 260 USD to purchase extra legroom in the booked ticket.
    • Children of age between 2 to 12 who are traveling with adults can get discounts for 50% off the regular and preferred seats.
    • Passengers who have purchased the loyalty program Platinum on Emirates Skyward can get a complimentary extra legroom.

You can pay the fees through different payment gateways, but as per the rule, the additional legroom seat fees depend on the fare type on your booking or your Emirates Skywards membership tier. You can pay for your favorite spot with the help of a combination of cash and miles. 

How many inches of legroom is there in Emirates Premium Economy?

According to the Emirates author, you will get 40 inches of legroom pitch and a seat that is 19.5 inches wide on the premium economy. If you compare it with the economy seats, you will get 32 to 34 inches of legroom pitch and 17.5 inches wide. So you can go for the premium economy for a better flight journey. You can opt for the seat at the time of booking; otherwise, the allotment of the seat depends on its availability.

What is the difference between the twin seat and extra legroom on Emirates?

Twin seat: In a twin seat, you can sit in a row of two with just a window and an aisle seat. These are placed at the back of our 777 flights and on the upper deck for some airline aircraft, such as the A380.

Extra legroom: you can enjoy more space to stretch and an extra legroom seat by the exit row. 

For further details, you can connect at the Emirates toll-free number 18007773999

How much legroom is on the Emirates A380 economy?

Passengers can also buy legroom on the Emirates A380 economy by paying the cost of around $30 to $260 while adding extra legroom to the ticket. The additional legroom seats in Emirates A380 are near the doors, which are also close to the lavatories and the Galleys. Some of their seats have either more or less no windows in the aircraft.

Am I eligible to travel on Emirates with extra leg room?

If you want to qualify for the extra legroom, then you must meet the requirements:

  • Travelers must be 16 years of age or older than that to get legroom.
  • You must not travel with infants or passengers who require safety assistance to purchase the legroom.
  • You should not be using any medical equipment or extension seat belts to reserve for the extra legroom.
  • Passengers who are not Emirates skywards members, having Economy tickets, cannot get legroom.


Yes, Emirates flights have a good legroom that provides good comfort to their passengers and the fanciest experience in their Economy class. You will find the most comfortable and reclining seats in the Emirates Economy class. Emirates Airlines provides up to 34 inches of legroom but not less than 32 inches. On Premium Economy seats, extra legroom is not available, whereas the Business class legroom is around 48 to 60 inches. The legroom inches on Emirates first class is from 69 to 86 inches. 

Yes, the Emirate's extra legroom on Economy, Business class, or first class seats is worth it as they provide more space for legs. Passengers who are tall can enjoy this Emirates service in every class by paying some additional seat selection fee. The extra legroom on Emirates will provide you luxurious experience during your journey with some inflight services of the airline that include special meals, wide inches of screen, free wifi, and more. People can purchase extra legroom on Emirates before sometime from scheduled flight departure online and offline.

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