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China Southern is one of the major carriers of China, with its headquarters in the Baiyun district of China. China Southern does fly to many domestic destinations as well as many locations around the globe. If you want to know whether China Southern flies to the USA or not, the answer is yes, China southern does fly to the USA. They have many direct and indirect flights from China to the USA. One of the cheapest tickets that China Southern offers from China to the USA starts from approx 300 US Dollars. Moreover, if you wish to fly to the USA, you can follow the booking procedure.

Follow the procedure below to book your china southern flight to the USA.

  • Go to the official website of China Southern Airlines,

  • Now go to the booking section on top, click on booking a flight 

  • Select your trip type and the payment mode on the screen

  • Select the departure and arrivals(enter USA city), destination details, and the dates 

  • Please enter the number of passengers, click on my dates are flexible in case it is so

  • Now click on the search button, and you can select the best options to form an available list 

  • Proceed with the passenger's information and follow the instruction on the screen

  • You can clear the payment, and once the booking is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email 

Where does China Southern Fly to?

China Southern flies to many destinations around the globe and many destinations around China too. Though in its initial phase and present, the airline covers and focuses on destinations in Asia, with some flights across five continents. It is known for its cheap flight tickets as compared to other airlines. Major international destinations that Southern China flies to are Austria, Indonesia, the USA, Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Recently Southern China has started a direct flight to San Francisco from Wuhan and its headquarters district of Guangzhou.

What US cities does China Airlines fly to?

China Southern Airlines operates a flight from the Guangzhou district of China, where the Southern Airline headquarters is situated, to Los Angeles city of USA. This flight is operated twice a week. Currently, China Southern Airlines flies to the US to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Besides, the airline is also planning to extend its flights to other parts of the USA. You can get the latest details by visiting the china southern airline's official website and speaking to its customer care representative. 

Can you fly direct from China to US?

Yes, you can fly directly from China to the USA with a stop or layover. China Southern operates a direct flight from Wuhan to San Francisco and from Guangzhou to San Francisco. If you fly directly from China to the USA, the flight will take an average of 15 hours to cover this destination. A minimum of 300 US dollars is the base price that one could pay for this sector. 

The price might increase depending on various factors, and you can get the exact price on the payment page by booking the flight ticket. If you wish to fly directly from China to the US, you can book your flight ticket online or by calling the China Southern representative. You can also take help from a third party or travel agency to book your direct flight ticket.


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