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Look at the recommended stopovers for the multi-city British Airways booking

There are so many destinations to explore and choose for the flight journey. You don't need to stop your flight at one destination only as British airways offer the multi-center option to get the tickets. They provide you with a chance to combine one or two destinations at one reservation. Passengers can get an extensive flight network and multiple schedules for the stopover flight journey. Following is detailed information about the stopovers that you can book accordingly. 

Can you do a stopover on British Airways?

Yes, you can do a stopover and multiple destinations at your booking. For this, you need to use the multi-city tool option online at their website to get the stopovers to your destination. Sometimes, the adventure is on your mind, and you want more time to relax and enjoy the vacation. A breakup of the trip with a short stopover will change your mood and energy.

What is Stopovers on British Airways?

A stopover on British Airways refers to a knowingly taken pause in a journey, during which you can explore a different destination before reaching the final endpoint. Unlike a standard layover that generally lasts a few hours, a stopover involves a stay of more than 24 hours. It's an opportunity to discover a new city, culture, and experiences, adding a layer of enrichment to the overall trip.

British Airways Stopover policy

Specific terms and conditions will be applicable to the stopover flight that you need to understand before booking. 

  • You are allowed for the two stopovers without any restrictions to your journey. 
  • British Airways entitles you to add a maximum of six flights with two stopovers at once for the day. 
  • If the stopovers will be more than you need to change the travel date. 
  • You can use the British airways Avios for flight booking and must use the avoid calculator.
  • The stopover will be provided according to the availability and Visa for the appropriate country.

British Airways stopover Rules

  • The British Airways stopover rules can vary based on several factors. Here are some common considerations:
  • Not all routes offered by British Airways allow stopovers. You should check with the airline or consult their official website to determine which routes allow this option.
  • The duration of a stopover can vary based on the fare type. Some fares might allow for a few days, whereas others may have an extended stopover period.
  • You might need to pay additional costs associated with accommodations, meals, and activities during your stopover based on the fare and the length of the stopover.
  • You can have two stopovers without any restriction, and the airline allows you to add a maximum of six flights once daily.
  • In case the stopover is more, you might have to change the travel date
  • You can also use Avios for flight booking and should avoid a calculator.
  • The stopover is provided as per the availability and visa of the appropriate country 

Does British Airways allow free stopovers?

You can book the one-way or the round trip and add as many stopovers as you want. British Airways will charge fees for the stopovers depending on the flight destination, demand, and the number of passengers. 

How to book stopover flights by British airways?

You can combine the flights from different airports and add them to your vacation package. Passengers are allowed to get the stopover online by the below simple steps. 

  • To begin, you must access the British Airways web page at
  • After this, you can choose the multi-city as your trip type and the travel class. 
  • You need to provide the number of passengers and get the journey. 
  • After this, you can enter the departure and arrival destinations with the travel dates of the first journey. 
  • You must provide the exact details for the second flight journey. 
  • Once you add the appropriate stopovers, you can search for the flights. 
  • You will find the available flights to your destination when you continue further. 
  • From that, you can choose the preferred itinerary and proceed further. 
  • A booking portal will allow you to select the preferred seats for each passenger from the availability. 
  • You can provide the passenger's information and pay for the booking. 
  • British Airways will immediately reserve the stopover for you and share the confirmation mail. 

How to Save British Airways Avios with Stopovers?

A direct one-way flight can be costlier, but once you book the British airways Avios with stopovers, you will save a lot. You need to check the country has fewer Avios to get the stopover. With this, you will easily get a low-cost booking by Avios to grab best deals. 

Conclusion: By walking through the article above, British Airways does offer stopovers on selected routes. Besides, you must check out its policy/ terms and conditions to apply that. British Airways members can also save Avios using the stopover. Moreover, hopefully, you got clarity on everything; if you still have any doubts or more details are required, you can visit the airline's website and get additional information. 


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