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Get tips and tricks to book Stopover on American Airlines

American Airlines provides a facility to quickly get you to your next stopover or final destination within 1 hour of your original arrival time. It provides you with the general rules when you need help for the stopover and flying to your destination via different airports. Hence, if you have planned your trip to domestic destinations and are looking for layovers that should generally be at most 4 to 6 hours, its stopovers can come with a longer time, with significant exceptions when your flight is delayed by more than three hours.

Does American Airlines allow stopovers on award tickets? 

When you travel with American Airlines and want to get stopovers on award travel, you must pay the charges depending on the fare type and destination. So, if you are traveling with an American Airlines award ticket, you need to know the rules for getting stopovers and making your flight journey more convenient by comprehending the essential points below.

  • If you have award tickets and get a stopover with any connection of 24 hours or more on an international flight, you have to pay more charges to check before booking your American flight stopover. 
  • You can't get the stopover facility if you follow the general rule of aware travel with American Airlines miles. 
  • It could be an exception when American Airlines leads to an unexpected overnight layover; you will typically get hotel vouchers, transportation, and meal vouchers. 

What are the rules for AA Stopover?

 If you want to understand the rule of AA stopover, you need to understand the essential points below easily. 

  • When you travel with one-way or half a round trip on American Airlines, you can get only one stopover for the single itinerary. 
  • You can leave the airport during the layover so that you can check on your passport to get the allowance of visa-free entry to the country and ensure you have enough time between flights.
  • You can also get a layover of up to 23 hours and 59 minutes on an international award ticket, and a domestic layover must be at most 4 to 6 hours that you can check easily.  

How to book Stopovers with American Airlines? 

If you want to book your flight with stopover services with American Airlines, you can visit its official booking website and select the connecting flights in the Multicity section during your booking. If you need guidance for booking a stopover with American Airlines, get started with the steps below.  

  • First, visit the American Airlines booking website and go to the Booking option, where you need to select the Multicity option.
  • Select the airport with connecting flights.
  • You need to select your booking class, select the passenger, go to the flight search button, and check out the list of connecting flights.
  • You will get the layover details for connecting fights that you can select for the stopover you must accept during your booking with the final destination.
  • Select the additional facility, review your stopover booking details, and check out the fee you need to pay by selecting your preferred online payment mode quickly. 


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