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Get the best possible seat option for your comfortable journey with Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air is a trusted, low-cost American airline in Las Vegas, Nevada. It takes millions of passengers worldwide to their dream destinations with a dedication to serving smaller and secondary markets. It is the ninth largest airline in the United States because of the facilities available inside the aircraft. 

It promises to provide comfortable and specially made later seats. You can reserve a seat when booking, guaranteeing the comfort and location on board your flight. If you are traveling with someone or a companion, the airline makes sure that you both sit together and enjoy the vacation without any disturbances. With the increased legroom, you can also make a seat reservation at the exit row. 

Does Allegiant Air have bigger seats?

Allegiant Air has bigger seats that provide 6 inches bigger legroom than the regular or standard seats. The standard seats have less than 30 inches of seat pitch, minimizing legroom for passengers, but on the other hand, in the case of Allegiant Air's more extensive seats, there are 34 inches of seat pitch between the seats. 

Are Allegiant seats plus-size friendly?

Yes, allegiant seats are plus-size excellent, but it has been suggested that if you do not fit into the 17.8-inch seat comfortably with the armrests down, you should purchase two seats at the time of flight reservation.

How do I get a good seat on Allegiant

You can get a good seat on Allegiant at the time of booking. While selecting your flight, you can choose the seat option and pay the fees ( if applicable ), then get the seat number on your flight ticket. 

You can change or purchase the seat if you already made the reservation by logging in through the manage travel option.

  • Open the official site of Allegiant Airlines, then enter the booking reference number and the last name in the manage travel tab 
  • now; flight details will be shown, and under that, click on the seat map option.
  • Choose your seat from the map and confirm it, but if you do not select the seat at this time, you can get a good seat on the airline at the time of check-in online.

Choosing a good seat at check-in, 

allows you to check in online, which is easy and can be done on your system. You can also look through the assigned seats that you have chosen, and you can also upgrade them according to your comfort. 

  • Go to the official portal of Allegiant Airlines.
  • After they click on the check-in option.
  • Then, enter your booking details and click on the check-in button.
  • Now, the panel will show you the seat map option and allow you to select the seat.
  • Finally, follow the onscreen instructions and confirm the check. Then, you will get the boarding pass, the seat number, and your registered details. 

Benefits of Allegiant Seating options

Usually, there are multiple benefits of Allegiant seating, but if you want to know, then here is a list of multiple flexibilities that passengers can experience during the trip.

  • Allegiant Basic Economy Seats are quite comfortable, and it is worth choosing.
  • For those who want to experience extra legroom, then you should purchase the Allegiant extra legroom seats by paying a nominal seat selection fee.
  • Passengers who have booked long-haul flights then you can simply select the Recliner seats for a relaxing and comfortable journey, which is mostly available on the Long Haul and International flights.
  • You will get the choice between window seats, exit row seats, and more; you can quickly choose the desired seat as per your comfort level.
  • The airline also provides Entertainment services in all seating options and complimentary meals on selected seats.

Does Allegiant have a seat belt extender?

Yes, allegiant has a seat and seat extenders. Seats in the economy section have seat belts that measure 40 inches long. You can confirm with the team at the airline at 702505888. 


Travelers who need to make the reservation but have queries about seat size or whether worth choosing an extra leg room then must check the above information as it provides all the answers to your raised questions


Allegiant is a low-cost Airline that features comfortable leather seats by paying a nominal fee, but if you want extra legroom, then you can purchase extra legroom seats at the time of seat selection. Passengers can select their preferred seat via Manage Booking, Web Check-in, and at the time of booking last 3 hours of scheduled flight departure time, which guarantees complete comfort. 

The Allegiant Aircraft A319 Seat width is a minimum of 16 1/2; however maximum will be not more than 17 4/5, and the total number of seats is 156, but it may vary from Aircraft to Aircraft. And ranges from 2300 NM. In case you are flying in an A320, the seat size will remain the same: 16 1/2 and 17 4/5, but the total number of seats exceeds 177/186, including the range of 2000NM.

Allegiant believes in making travel comfortable as well as affordable by offering seat width of 16 1/2 and a maximum of 17 4/5 with the total number of seats nearly 156 - 177. Passengers who made reservations with Allegiant can proceed to select the seats either via Manage Booking or at the time of Check-in. Otherwise, to get more details, passengers should talk to the help desk officials directly by dialing the customer support phone number.

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