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Read Here before Travelling with Infant on Ethiopian Airlines 

Ethiopian Airlines is a well-acknowledged airline among passengers, with its headquarters in Ethiopia. They offer their flight to various places domestically and internationally. Suppose you have booked an airline ticket and are traveling with a baby. You may want to know whether you must purchase the infant's ticket. Ethiopian allows travelers to take babies on the airlines with some terms and conditions. You can view this blog to learn about bringing a baby on the airline.

You are a mother with a 2-year-old and need to book Ethiopian Airlines. However, you have queries before buying the tickets, like Can I take an infant stroller on Ethiopian plane? For any allergies to a specific food, passengers can contact customer support for help so that they can make the reservation without any worries. Let's find out the answer to the queries asked by most travelers. 

Ethiopian Airlines Infant Policy

The passengers who are bringing a baby on the airline. One is required to keep some things in mind to board with a child on the flight. To know the Ethiopian Airlines Infant Policy, read the points below:

  • Infants up to 2 years are allowed to board the Ethiopian flight with an accompanied on the flight.
  • Travelers can take a stroller or pushchair carrying the food, water, and other necessary items for the baby. The stroller will count as a checked bag.
  • The babies are not allowed to occupy a seat on the airline. A baggage allowance for up to 10 kg and a stroller for the baby is allowed. 
  • The Airline will not allow the child to travel if they are younger than seven days old. Travelers must bring documents when check-in proving the child's real age.
  • The child cannot occupy a seat on the airline. They must travel in the stroller and must not exceed a weight of 23 kg combined with the baby. This will count as a checked bag. 

How to add an Infant on an Ethiopian Airlines ticket?

The travelers who are taking a child with them younger than two years. Parents cannot purchase a seat for them on the airline. However, they will have to pay by adding the child's travel to their ticket. To add an infant, follow the process described below:

  • Visit the webpage of Ethiopian.
  • At the upper side of the page, locate "Manage my Booking."
  • Fill out the passenger's family name and PNR number, and click on retrieve booking to get the booking details.
  • Next, at the menu, select add infant. 
  • You will be provided a form to share the details of the baby. 
  • Attach the documents stating the baby's age, and then you need to make the payment.
  • Pay and add the baby on your ticket and the details on your registered email id.

How do I add my baby to an already booked Ethiopian flight?

Flyers can add the lap baby while making the booking. However, you don't mention the baby on the reservation. Ethiopian airline allows to include that later via Manage Booking before applying for the boarding pass. Check the steps shared below: 

  • Go to the official website. 
  • Choose the Manage booking in the Menu section. 
  • Enter the booking reference and last name. 
  • Click on the Retrieve Booking. 
  • Check the add-baby option. 
  • Add click on the submit button. 

There is an alternate way, How do I add my baby to an already booked Ethiopian flight? Flyers can contact customer support and ask for help at least 24 hours before buying the tickets.

Does Ethiopian Airlines have a bassinet?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines provides a bassinet seat when you travel with your infant, and select your preferred seat easily. So, if you want to enhance your travel experience with your family and have a child, you will get a chance to select the best seat that you can find on Ethiopian Airlines smoothly. You will get more details about getting the bassinet seat when you travel with an infant and make your flight journey more comfortable and smooth.  

  • You will be able to select the bassinet seat at a reasonable cost that depends on a first come, first served basis. 
  • If you have purchased a normal seat during the booking process and want to change your seat, you can choose your preferred seat for your infant easily.
  • You will get wide space and extra legroom when you travel with your 2-year-old infants, and add some other services that you want for your child.
  • You get the bassinet seat to travel with your infants, where you can hold your child on your lap and get wide space to make your travel more convenient.

Can I take an infant stroller on Ethiopian plane?

Yes, the airline allows the infant stroller, but it must be dropped off at the check-in counter/ boarding gate. You need to ask the Ethiopian Agents at the end of the flight to pick up the stroller. Infants less than 2 years are permitted on the flight when accompanied by an adult. 

The baby requires to sit in the lap of their parents. In case the adult has more than 1 kid under 2 years, the airline wants you to buy the seat for the second infant. Moreover, travelers can carry onboard baby food, water supplies, and a carrying basket for infants. The collapsible stroller is treated as checked baggage without paying any fee but depends on the space available in the flight. 

Infants traveling on their parent's lap without any reservation are permitted a foldable stroller in the cabin. You must be wondering, what is the baggage allowance for an infant on Ethiopian AirlinesKeep reading to find the answer. 

What is the baggage allowance for an infant on Ethiopian Airlines?

The guidelines are different for the weight and piece system. Check the conditions shared below: 

  • Weight system: When the weight system is applied, an infant without any seat can carry up to 10 kg of free baggage. Plus, one fully collapsible stroller/pushchair needs to be carried in the flyers cabin and subject matter to space availability. 
  • Piece system: When the system of the piece is applicable, the infant is not entitled to a seat and is required to pay around 10% of the applicable fare with one checked luggage weighing up to 10 kg, and the size can be 115 cm. Besides, one collapsible stroller or pushchair is allowed.

How much is the ticket for a child on Ethiopian Airlines?

Typically, when you travel with a two-years-old child or older, you need to book a child seat for safety and make your tour comfotable. You can travel with a 2 to 11-year-old child, for which you need to check out the exact charges at the time of booking on Ethiopain. So, when you purchase a flight ticket for your child on Ethiopian Airlines, you have to pay the cost of around $100 to $500 depending on the destination, fare type, and age of the child. You will be able to make your travel with your child by selecting the particular destinations and getting complete details about the cost on Ethiopian Airlines. 

How much Ethiopian Airlines infant baggage allowance

Free baggage allowance to and from except US and Canada up to 10 kgs is permitted. If you are boarding a flight to US and Canada, consider paying around 10% of the applicable fare even for the kid not holding any seat due to the price baggage system.

Call the airline for queries about how much Ethiopian Airlines infant baggage allowance for assistance.


Many passengers are flying, wondering about the baggage allowance for infants. This can help their families carry all the essentials for the infant onboard and carry it to the destination. However, if you want to find the answer related to your query, you must read out the points given below for your clarification:

  • As per the norms, an infant is permitted to carry up to 10 KG of baggage on board. 

  • This luggage includes one collapsible stroller. However, this you can carry based on the space available in flight. 

  • However, for further inquiry, you caN get to the operator of the airline, who will guide you in the best way. 

Passengers always ask a query whether infants below the age of 2 are given any baggage-carrying facility onboard. So, for this, below are the points that will clear all your concerned doubts;

  • As far as the policy is concerned, an infant below the age of 2 may not require to purchase a flight ticket because an infant is supposed to sit on a lapse. 

  • However, if you purchase a flight ticket with the concerned airline, you will be given the same baggage allowance as the adults. 

  • For any other associated information, you can give look at the official website of the concerned airline, where you can find its baggage policy. 

There are instances when passengers were denied or had to ask to pay more for carrying strollers which was supposed to be breaching the Ethiopian Airlines baggage policy. This denotes that the airline permitted the passengers to carry Strollers on Ethiopian Airlines. 

However, to avoid such condition when the airline charges you additional pay or any other similar condition, you must go through the illustrated points given below:

  • Once you go through the policy of the airline, you will find out that strollers are permitted to be carried on board. 

  • But carrying the stroller is, by and large, based upon the available space onboard. 

  • If your child is below two years of age, the airline provides you with this service at no cost. 

  • However, if an infant is above two years, they are given additional baggage allowance along with the stroller. 

There is always a doubt in the minds of passengers asking about the additional luggage facility and a baby on Ethiopian Airlines. Because they have different stuff as well that is supposed to be carried to their desired place or destination. So, to find out an appropriate answer to the given query, you must provide a careful look at the points:

Jot down information for all Ethiopian flights, excluding the US and Canada. 

  • Any infant without a seat is permitted by Ethiopian Airlines to carry 10 KG of baggage. 

  • They are also allowed by the airline to carry fully collapsible strollers. 

  • However, strollers can be carried out based on the availability of space on board. 

All the Ethiopian flights from/to the US and Canada. 

  • If 10% of the applicable fare is paid without getting a seat, one checked baggage weighing 23 Kg is allowed. 

  • Dimensions must not exceed 115 cm. 

  • Strollers can be carried, but it depends upon the space onboard. 

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