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Acquire significant details to use American Airlines miles for Alaska

American Airlines provides excellent facilities to reserve and cancel your flight ticket online. It gives you the best reward points when you select the AAdvantage miles to book award travel on Alaska Airlines that get the benefits of flying with Alaska members of the one-word alliance.

Do American Airlines miles work on Alaska?

Yes, You can use American Airlines on Alaska and for that you need to make a new booking for a particular destination. It is the partner airline of America that gives AAdvantage status membership access to more benefits that you can’t imaging with other airlines. You may get the Mile to upgrade your seat and book your flight ticket to your required destination on Alaska Airlines and enjoy your flight journey with your family and friends suitably.  

How to use American Airlines miles to book on Alaska Air?

A person wanting to purchase a flight ticket with Alaska Air can redeem the American Airlines miles for the booking. With the help of the miles, you can pay less of the fare and save some amount. Here is the procedure for how you can book your Alaska Air flight ticket using American Miles:

  • First, land on the Alaska Air homepage,
  • Then open the "Mileage Plan" tab on the homepage,
  • Click on the "Use Miles" option,
  • It will lead you to the new page where you have to select the "Book a Flight" button,
  • Now on the appeared page, you have to enter your flight requirement,
  • Then tap the "Find Flights" button,
  • Look for a suitable flight option to book, 
  • After selecting a ticket for booking, you will lead to the passenger's detail page,
  • Mention all the necessary details of the passenger and tap the Next button,
  • The payment page will open where you have to select the "AA Miles" option,
  • Enter the AA miles id and password and tap on redeem,
  • The fare amount will be redeemed as per the available mules,
  • If some amount is left, make the required payment,
  • Next, your Alaska Air flight will be booked using the AA miles. 

Can I use AA miles to upgrade to Alaska?

Yes, you can use AA miles to upgrade to Alaska Air. The condition for the same is you must be an Executive Platinum or Platinum Pro elite status member at American Airlines. This condition allows you to upgrade to First class on the Alaska Air flight. 

Process for an upgrade on Alaska with AA Miles:

  • You have to open the Alaska Air website,
  • Next shift on the Manage tab,
  • You will need to enter your last name and ticket confirmation code,
  • The booking will open on the page, and you will have to look for the "Upgrade" option,
  • Choose the suitable option from the popped-up box,
  • Next, you will reach the payment page,
  • Tap the "pay through miles" option followed by AA miles,
  • You have to enter the AA miles credentials,
  • Your Alaska Air flight will be updated as per your choice using AA miles. 

Do American miles count for Alaska?

American Airlines provides the best miles to upgrade your seat or purchase any items you want to buy during your flight. Hence, when you get the Miles count for Alaska, you can use it only for booking. American Airlines not allowed you to transfer Miles from American to Alaska, and you can’t also transfer them to other airlines for which you want to book it to your required destination. It provides you the limitation regarding the count miles to redeem with American Airlines miles with its partner airlines, including Alaska Airlines.  

How do I add American miles to Alaska?

You can add American Airlines to Alaska when you are going to upgrade your seat or want to purchase a new flight. You can use the best Mileage plan to buy premium cabin flights on Alaska Airlines. You can utilize your American AAdvantage Executive Platinum Card or Platinum Pro Elite status. You can select one to receive first-class upgrades on Alaska Airlines, and you can do so after adding your American miles to Alaska Airlines. If you want to get significant guidance to add or use the miles from American to Alaska Airlines, read more information below.

  • First, visit the booking website of Alaska Airlines and go to the booking tab, where you can enter the booking details.
  • You will select the particular region and destination, enter the date and time, and select the passenger.
  • Complete the booking with the required information, and when you go to the payment section, you will get the option for the American miles.
  • You can add American miles by entering the login details and checking the miles' complete information.
  • You can use the miles to purchase a new Alaska Airlines flight and quickly get the booking message on your phone.

How many American miles do you need to upgrade to first class in Alaska?

You need 15,000 American miles to do the flight upgrade to first class in Alaska. Not all the fare types are eligible for the Mileage upgrade, so you need to check for the same before opting for upgrading class using American miles. You can easily redeem your miles earned with American Airlines and enjoy the first-class upgrade if eligible.

Can You Transfer Miles from America to Alaska

A person could not transfer miles from American Airlines to Alaska. However, any purchase can be made with Alaska Air using American miles. Alaska has partnered with Americans to provide additional benefits to its passengers who can redeem the miles to fly with any airline for their next journey. 

Does American Airlines count towards Alaska miles?

If you are a member of the Alaska Mileage Plan, the miles earned with American Airlines will also be counted at Alaska Air. So, the elite members can enjoy the extra benefits with the partnered airline to make their travel plans


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