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A Quick Guide about TSA PreCheck for Frontier Flyers

Do you know what a TSA PreCheck is? It is a program that allows expedited screening of selected members of the airlines. In this short post, you will learn essential information about how to add TSA precheck to Frontier Airlines. Let's discuss this further in the following sections. 

How to apply for TSA PreCheck?

You don't need to remove your articles of clothing and traveling goods and pass through security checks without stress. Here are the steps given below to add this to your frontier flight.


  • Enroll in the program by visiting the website.

  • You will get your Known Traveler Number(KTN).

  • Add this number to your flight at the time of making a reservation or post-reservation.

  • And all set. Please make sure the TSA PreCheck indicator is visible on your boarding pass.


You can call customer service directly and ask them to add TSA PreCheck to your flight, and they will assist you with your request and provide the necessary guidance. Call (866) 289-9673, and you will be connected with the support agent by following the instructions and calling process.

Can you add your TSA PreCheck after booking Frontier?

Yes, your TSA PreCheck can be added to your existing flight. If you haven't provided your TSA PreCheck number during your reservation for a Frontier flight, then you don't have to worry. Passengers can add it by visiting the website or contacting the customer service executives.

Can you add a traveler to existing reservation with Frontier?

No, Unfortunately, Frontier doesn't allow you to add any passenger or traveler to an existing reservation. If you are trying to add a traveler to your flight itinerary, then you need to make a new reservation separately for the person.

What if I have TSA PreCheck but not on my boarding pass in Frontier?

Suppose you have opted for TSA PreCheck and added your Known Traveler Number for your frontier flight, but somehow, the TSA PreCheck indicator is not showing up on your boarding pass. Then, in that case, you should immediately reach the TSA Customer support team through a phone call or at the airport. You can ask the Frontier support agent about the issue and get assistance to resolve it.

Can you add Global Entry after getting TSA PreCheck Frontier?

Yes, passengers can add Global Entry after getting TSA PreCheck on their Frontier flights. Suppose you are someone who wants to add Global Entry. In that case, the best way to add this to your flight is by going to the official website and then visiting the booking management page, entering your booking credentials, and then following the instructions to add your details to get Global Entry. Alternatively, you can reach Frontier Customer Service and ask for their assistance in this matter. 

Wrapping up.

You've learned some essential information about TSA PreCheck, what this is, and how you can apply for it. Adding to that, you have got valuable information regarding frontier passengers who have enrolled in this program. To know more, kindly reach out to the support portal or customer service.


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