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Things need to know you travel with your dogs on Allegiant Airlines

Everyone who has a companion wants to take them on a family trip. If you have a pet and want to travel with your pet on Allegiant Airlines, here is what you should know. This context contains all the information that is required for you to know about the pet policy of Allegiant Airlines.

The pet policy of Allegiant Airlines

It is mandatory to know about the Allegiant Air Airline Pet Policy if you have decided to travel with your pet. For your reference, the policies are given in the below context.

Cabin pet policy:

The cabin pets policy allows a passenger to talk to their pet with them in the cabin. Here are the conditions that is needed to a cabin pet.

  • The pet must be inside the leakproof carriers.
  • Small dogs and cats are allowed inside the cabin but should be kept inside the carrier.
  • The carrier should be 9” H x 16” W x 19” D and not any longer.
  • Two pets are allowed in a single carrier.

Charges to travel with a pet:

  • There will be changes to bring along with you.
  • You need to make $500 for your pet to be allowed inside the cabin.

Age requirements:

  • The pet must be above 8 weeks old.
  • And should be less than 15 years old.

Forms that are needed:

  • Health forms are required if you are traveling internationally.
  • For domestic flights, the health forms are not necessary.


  • You can check-in one hour before your scheduled flight at the airport desk.


There can be route restrictions on Allegiant Airlines.

  • Passengers who travel with pets are not allowed to make reservations in the exit row and before or after the exit row.
  • The pet carrier comes under the carry-on allowance.
  • Allegiant Airlines no longer allow huge emotional support dogs inside the cabin.

How to add pet to Allegiant air booking 

While traveling with Allegiant Airlines with a complete family that has a pet, if you want to add the pet, then it can be done by going through a simple procedure online. You can add the pet while booking the flight tickets with Allegiant or it can be done later after the reservation. However, the process will remain the same, and we have mentioned it below:  

  • Visit the official website of Allegiant Air.
  • Click on the Manage Trip at the top right of the page.
  • Then, enter the first and the last name with the confirmation code to open the flight.
  • Get to the Menu and pick the recent bookings from the given options.
  • Start editing the reservation and click on add.
  • Select Pet and then fill in the form with all the details of the pet.
  • Follow the instructions and pay for the pet with United Airlines. 

How strict is Allegiant with pet carriers?

Allegiant Airlines does accept pets, but they definitely have some terms and conditions that need to be followed carefully. Once you are well informed about the pet policy of the Airline, adding a pet will become convenient and quick for you. All the points of the policy are given below:

  • The Airline allows only domestic dogs and cats. 
  • Pets should be transported in a soft or hard-sided leakproof carrier.
  • The size of the carrier should be under 9” H x 16” W x 19” D and be closed completely.
  • Only two pets per carrier can be added.
  • A non-refundable cost of $50 will be charged per carrier for the pet. 
  • Each passenger is allowed to have only one carrier.
  • Animals traveling with Allegiant must be at least eight weeks of age. 
  • The animals should be well-behaved, healthy, harmless, and non-disruptive.
  • The Airline will not transport any animal in the cargo, so you cannot make a request for that.
  • With a pet, you cannot acquire seats near emergency entry or exits. 
  • A health certificate for the pets is not required. 
  • Follow the instructions to board the flight. 

How much can a dog weigh to fly Allegiant?

A dog or a cat must weigh less or equal to 20 lbs, and not more than will be allowed. To know more, you can contact the service team of Allegiant Airlines and get the details that are needed for your pet to be permitted inside the Allegiant cabin.

How strict is Allegiant with pets?

You can bring your pets that is small Dogs / cats along with you on Allegiant Airlines, but make sure to follow the regulations to make sure a hassle-free travel experience with the airline. The policies are given for your reference, read thoroughly, and have an amazing trip with your friends and your pet.


Yes, Allegiant Air does accept pets under some circumstances. If you have carefully followed the terms and conditions that have been added to the pet policy of the Airline, then the Airline would not have any issue in letting a pet travel with you. 


Yes, pets can be added anytime when required during the booking of the flights or once the reservation has been made. You have to go through the online process for that, or can connect with the customer service executives so they can do that for you. 

If the pets are traveling under the region of the United States of America, then a health certificate will not be required. However, from or to the other locations you must have a health or a fit to fly certificate from the Airline. The authorities of the Airline will let you travel with the pet only after getting through all the verification. 

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