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Comprehensive direction on Turkish Airlines stopover flights

There are several types of booking available on Turkish airlines, and stopover flights are one form them. Travelers who are joining via Istanbul airport can make their travel experience better using the stopover flights and rest in Turkish Airlines' top-rated partner hotels without any extra cost. If you are willing to know complete information on stopover flights, policies, eligibility, the process of adding stopover flights, etc., then go through below. 

Can I do a stopover on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, Turkish Airlines provide the option of stopover flights, as several travelers who want to avoid long journey can use this option. Stopover flights will help you avoid the health issues caused by long-route flights; you can explore more destinations, get offers and discounts, etc. The stopover flights of Turkish Airlines are generally cheaper, and to get the booking for these flights, you have to follow different terms & conditions and make the booking at least 72 hours before the departure date.

How to add a stopover on Turkish Airlines?

If the traveler wants to add a stopover on a Turkish Airlines booked flight, you are suggested to submit the request at least 72 hours before the scheduled flight departure. Passengers may need to submit a few essential details to the Airline Authority, and they will update the itinerary. You can add this while making a new booking. To learn more, check the below details.

  • Passengers must visit the Turkish Airlines website and go to the book tab.
  • Kindly select the Round-trip option available on the homepage.
  • While making a new booking, the screen will show the stopover tab. Click on it.

Does Turkish Airlines allow a stopover in Istanbul?

Yes, Turkish Airlines provides a stopover in Istanbul, but only if you have a connection period of more than 20 hours, then you can stay free of charge. The voucher required will only be issued after the booking is confirmed or the application is completed. While using the facility of a stopover in Istanbul, you will get a one-night stay in a 4-star hotel for economy class fare, but if you have bookings of business class, then you can able to stay in a 5-star hotel without paying any cost. 

How do I extend my stopover on Turkish Airlines?

Passengers want to extend their layover on Turkish Airlines, so there are two ways to boost the stayover, which are discussed below.

  • Firstly, you can easily add the layover when booking your flight to a specific destination.
  • In case you did not add the stayover at the time of booking, then the passenger should call the customer support representative and ask them to extend the stopover after booking.

What are the rules for stopover on Turkish Airlines?

There are several policies or rules that a traveler has to follow to get the facility of stopover flights, but in case they need details about these policies, then you need to go through the information below. 

  • Passengers who are less than 18 years old and not traveling with any adult traveler are not eligible to get a stopover facility.
  • To get the stopover in Istanbul, your flight must be connecting from Istanbul airport, and stopover flights in Istanbul provide free accommodation. 
  • Stopover services are not provided by travelers connecting with domestic flights in Turkey.
  • To avail of this facility, the passenger must apply prior to 72 hours of the boarding time using the email address of the departing country or by using the online mode. 
  • The option for hotels provided by Turkish airlines will be subject to availability, and this facility is available for Turkish airlines contracted hotels.
  • Passenger are liable to pay visa fee, travel cost between the airports or hotel, travel cost around the city, etc. 


Suppose you have queries about Turkish Airlines stopover time duration and other general questions. We recommend the passengers check the information mentioned above, which covers all data information regarding the Turkish Airline Stopover program in Istanbul.



Well, a stopover in Istanbul is worth it, as travelers can explore some popular places during the layover. You can explore the famous Galata Tower, the antique neighborhood of Cukurcuma, the Vintage shops of Balat, micro coffee roasters, and lastly, you can enjoy the scenic waterfront in Arnavutkoy.

According to the Turkish Airline stopover program in Istanbul, passengers can take up to 20 hours of layover free of charge and get a chance to make unforgettable memories. In case the passengers have a short halt of nearly 8 hours, then you can easily explore the central Beyoglu district.

In case you have a layover nearby, 8 hours to 20 hours, the passenger is allowed to leave the Airport and explore Istanbul's famous places.


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