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Informative details for changing DOB in Emirates 

During the booking process, mistakes can be made, and if you have put the wrong date of birth on the reservation details, then it can be corrected by contacting the Airline. You should know about the policy, cost, and other things related to the modifications to the personal details of the flight. We are going to discuss each and every detail that will help you make the changes to the flight, so changing any personal information can be convenient and quick for you. 

Can I change date of Birth in Emirates?

Yes, whether it's a human or computer error, you can always rectify the mistakes made while booking a ticket. In case you mentioned the wrong date of birth in the personal details. Emirates suggests you change it as early as possible. However, you are advised to read the guidelines before you make any changes to your existing ticket. To know the policies for modifying a date of birth on the ticket, read the points below: 

  • The personal details of passengers, like date of birth, can be changed for free within 24 hours of their booking. 
  • Emirates can help you with date change only if you booked your ticket directly from them through their official site, phone number, or their mobile app.
  • Travelers who booked their tickets through a third party will have to contact the agent for any query related to their date of birth. 
  • The date of birth must match the government documents.

How do I change my personal details on Emirates?

There are several ways that can be used to change the personal details on Emirates tickets, and we are going to discuss all of them below. This will make it easy for you to pick the medium you prefer and make changes to the personal details:

  • On the Phone: If you are in a hurry, then the quickest way to make changes to the personal details will be to contact them on the phone. You just have to dial 1 (800) 777 3999 and connect with the customer service advisors. Provide them with all the details of the ticket so they can access the booking. Ask them to make the required changes; they will send you a form through email that you have to fill out so the changes can be made. 
  • Online: After the phone process, the online medium will be the quickest in letting you make the required changes to your personal details. The Manage Booking lets you handle the reservation and accordingly make the modifications to it. We have mentioned the process below: 
    • Visit the official website of Emirates.
    • Then, click on the Manage Booking given on the homepage.
    • Enter the last name with the booking reference and search for the flight.
    • Then, navigate to the Menu and select recent booking from the given options.
    • Fill out the form with all the details and the changes you need.
    • Attach the required documents as proof. 
    • Follow the instructions and complete the process by paying for the change.
    • The confirmation will be sent via email with the new ticket. 

How do I change my date of birth on Emirates? 

Any wrong information on the ticket can stop you from boarding the plane. Emirates makes sure that the passenger must be the same on the ticket and in the government record to ensure safety. Thus, in case your personal details, like date of birth, do not match the date on the government ID, it can create a problem for you. Do not worry; you have reached the right place. It is possible to make changes to your booked ticket. Follow the steps below to change the date of birth on the ticket. 

  • Visit the official website of Emirates Airlines. 
  • Locate the option of "Manage my Booking" and enter the passenger's last name along with the PNR number. 
  • Tap on Retrieve Booking to get the details of your booking. 
  • Now, move to the menu section and select the option of "Modify Ticket."
  • Choose the date of birth in the change form and proceed with the process. 
  • Mention the correct name, attach a government ID for proof, and submit the form. 
  • Finally, make the payment and wait for the airline will share the modified ticket. 

How do I change my date of birth on skywards?

The date of birth can be modified to a Skyward account, and for that, you need to log in to the account. Put the login credentials and access the account, then open the details so you can edit them. Make the changes to the ticket and submit them. Any changes to the Skyward account will not require any documentation or verification for the changes. 

What if my name is misspelled on my airline ticket Emirates? 

The passengers who made a typing error in their name may have to face its consequences. Emirates can stop you from boarding the flight if your name does not match the government ID. It is to ensure the safety of other passengers. If you made any such mistake while booking, it is advised to you to rectify it before you head to check-in. The airline will charge a nominal fee for it and will change your name on the ticket. 

How much does it cost to change DOB in Emirates?

There are some minor changes or corrections to the name, surname, or other details of the account that are available for free. However, for some significant changes, such as the date of birth, you have to pay the charges. These charges depend on a lot of things from the class, route, fare type, and the time of making the changes. Therefore, the cost ranges from $30 to $90, and the amount can be paid during the process of making changes.

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