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A Brief about American Airlines Infant Policy

American Airlines is considered to be one of the largest airlines in the world, and customers who have a booking with the airline will get to experience luxury and comfort at a whole different level. The customer service that the airline offers is matchless when compared to any other carrier in the U.S. Traveling with your family will be a highly exciting and unforgettable experience. If there are children in the family, you can easily add them to an already booked flight with American Airlines if they are below the age of 2 years by connecting with the customer service team and or visiting the official website. If a child is more than two years of age, they must have a seat of their own, and they cannot travel alone. You can go through the information below to get more details.

How to add an infant to an American Airlines flight?

You can add an infant to an already existing American Airlines flight by visiting the official website and following the steps below.

  • Open the page and click "My Trips"
  • You have to enter the passenger's last name and the booking reference. Click "Find reservation" to get the booking summary.
  • Go to the section "Passengers" and select the option "add infant in lap."
  • You may need to make a payment depending on the flight route and the ticket type to confirm the booking.

If the infant is less than 7 days old and you are traveling outside of the U.S., you cannot add an infant via the official website. You have to call the customer service number to add the infant.

Can I add infant after booking American Airlines?

It is difficult for people to travel with the kids on a flight, as they also need to figure out whether they need to make the booking for infants or not. They don't need to worry if they have made the booking with American Airlines, as the airline provides them with the option to learn the American Airlines Infant Policy, process, and the other necessary details that need to be known before you book a ticket for infants. 

Rules mentioned under American Airlines Infant Policy

  • Travelers can travel with their infant on their lap, but to make the travel experience more convenient, they can book a seat for their infants under the children's section.
  • The travelers also need to arrive a bit early at the airport for a secure check-in, and they also need to bring proof of the children's real age, i.s., the birth certificate of the children/ infant.
  • The infant is allowed to travel without any charges or ticket fees as long they travel on their parent's lap or any accompanying adult above the age of 18 years.
  • An infant only two days old can also travel in a plane, but passengers from 2 to 7 days old need a 'passenger medical' form before boarding their flight.
  • The travelers can carry only one infant on their lap or each ticketed person. Also, an infant who is two years old must occupy an infant safety seat in the aircraft.
  • The infant needs to be under 2 years of age for their trip. If they turn 2 during the trip, they need to have a seat for the rest of the trip. 

How do I add my baby to an already booked American flight?

If you want to add an infant to your already reserved flight, in that case, all you need to do is find the "My Trip' option and proceed to make an addition or change to your booking. The steps need to be followed to learn how do I add my baby to an already booked American flight? The steps of which are mentioned here for you are as follows.

  • Jump onto the airline's official website, and look for the 'My Trips' option.
  • Enter the booking reference number as well as the complete name of the passengers to click on the proceed option.
  • Get onto the flight details page, where you need to choose the option of "add an infant' on the lap.
  • Follow the on-screen process to complete the steps, after which you'll receive the confirmation on your screen. 

You can also add kids baggage allowance on American Airlines to carry the children's stuff like a stroller and more. 

How To Add Lap Child American Airlines?

You can add a lap child at American Airlines by calling the customer service number. The agent will require the booking reference number and the passenger's last name to retrieve the booking summary to add a lap child. 

Does American Airlines require a child travel consent form?

No, American Airlines does not require a child travel consent form if he/she is traveling with their parents. If the child is traveling without both parents, the child's travel consent form may be needed.

How to book an American flight with a baby under 2?

To make the reservation of your flight ticket with American Airlines and add an infant to your booking, you need to go through the basic reservation process online or at the airport.

  • When providing the details about the number of passengers, add the number of adults, children, or infants.
  • Ensure you answer all the questions followed by your choice, or if you want an unaccompanied minor, add their details too.
  • Provide all the necessary documents, along with the medical certificate of the infant, if needed, and complete your reservation. 

The information above will help in adding an infant to an American Airlines booking. If you require more help, visit the official website or call the customer Service number(+1-802-432-2552).


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