How to Upgrade to First or Business Class on Emirates

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Guide to upgrade to First or Business class on Emirates flight ticket

If you want to upgrade your flight ticket with Emirates as when you booked them, the Upgrade was not available, but now before the flight, you want an upgraded seat at Emirates. For that, you need to know the policy, procedure, and the cost. We will discuss this further in detail, but when it comes to seat upgrades to Premium cost at Emirates, they will charge from $400 depending on the route and the fare difference. For other upgrades available for different classes (Economy, Business, and First class), charges will be higher.

Does Emirates offer upgrades at airport?

If there is an availability on the flight, Emirates will not have any issue in upgrading your seat, whether it is at the Airport or on the flight. Last-minute upgrades are also permitted by the Airline; you just have to have accurate information for the same. You can contact the helpdesk of Emirates at the Airport and ask them for the Upgrade by providing the details of your recent seat and ticket.

Different ways to upgrade an Emirates flight Ticket (Economy to business)

To need to upgrade an Emirates flight, you need to follow one of the simple method given below:

1. Emirates call center by phone
2. By visiting official website (Click on upgrade your flight under manage tab)
3. At ticket office of Emirates
4. Contact to the Travel agent
5. At the airport check-in counter
6. On board the aircraft

How to Upgrade to Business class on Emirates 

Passenger can opt one of the following method which given above for upgrade their ticket on Business class. You need to keep in mind that the number of upgrades is limited at every plan. And also traveler must request for upgrade at least 6 hours before departure. If you want to travel in first class then must book a business class ticket. Although you are not allowed to upgrade economy class to first class. Passenger can also use the skywards miles to upgrade exsiting emirates ticket but under some cirucumsantce mentioned by airlines.

Can you upgrade from Emirates Economy to business class?

According to the Emirates Airlines upgrade policy, passengers can easily upgrade the Economy class to Business class on the Emirates Airlines flight. However, if you know how to upgrade this efficiently, there are a few prompt steps you must take readily.

  • Open the Emirates Airlines site on your search engine
  • Beneath the header menu, you will get the option of my trip; choose it.
  • After that, add your booking reference number and last name, and proceed to the search button.
  • View all the details, find the upgrade option, and Check whether the upgrade is available.
  • If it's available, proceed to upgrade from Economy to Business class. After doing this, go to the payment section, and pay the charges. And receive its confirmation on your linked device. 

How do I ask for an upgrade to business on Emirates?

You ask for an upgrade to business on Emirates Airlines; how to do this? There are a few ways to ask for an upgrade to business class on Emirates. You can:

  • Contact Emirates customer service: You can call 1 (800) 777-3999 or email them to request an upgrade. When you contact them, provide your flight information and Emirates Skywards membership number if you have one.

  • Upgrade online: You can also upgrade your flight through the Emirates website. To do this, log in to your Emirates account and select the "Upgrade" option. You will then be able to see if any available upgrades for your flight.

  • Upgrade at the airport: If you are already there, you can also ask for an upgrade at the check-in counter or the gate. However, this is the least likely way to get an upgrade, as most upgrades are given out in advance.


What is the average price for an upgrade on Emirates?

If you are a frequent traveler with Emirates, you need to upgrade your flight ticket with them. And for that, it is important that you should know the flight upgrade charges that the Airlines will cost for the same. You might be upgrading your flight ticket from economy to business to first class, and for this, the exact cost cannot be given as it ranges from $400 to $900 depending on your choice of Upgrade, class, fare difference, etc.

Do you ever get upgraded on Emirates?

When you get upgraded on Emirates, there are certain points, terms, and conditions that you need to follow and remember. There are some benefits to an upgraded flight which eventually makes your journey even more comfortable and enjoyable with the great facilities. Some of the benefits and guidelines are listed below:

  • You will not be required to pay the seat upgrade charges at Emirates if you are doing it within 24 hours of purchase, but the fare difference needs to be paid.
  • With seat upgrades, all the other facilities will be upgraded, such as you will be given extra baggage, a seat with extra legroom, better food choices, priority check-in, access to lounges and restaurants, etc.
  • The active members of the Frequent Flyer Programme of the Airline will be free from the seat upgrade fee.
  • If you have chosen the auto-upgrade option during the reservation process, then your flight will be automatically upgraded as soon as there is availability.
  • You can upgrade your flight ticket 3 hours before the scheduled flight, after the check-in, or even on the flight, subject to the ticket type, availability, and route.
  • The cost which Emirates will charge for the seat upgrade depends on the class, destination, and fare difference.

How to get the cheapest Upgrade on Emirates?

There are various ways through which you can either save yourself from the flight upgrade charges or can reduce the amount for the same. Upgrade within 24 hours of purchase, members of Skywards, etc., will be saved from the charges. To reduce the cost, you can use the collected voucher and coupons, promo codes, or the miles that have been given to you by the Airline.

Why is the business class best to upgrade from premium Economy on Emirates?

Business class is the best upgrade from premium economy class on Emirates Airlines for a number of reasons:

More space: Business class seats are significantly more comprehensive and have more legroom than premium economy seats. It means you'll have more space to stretch out and relax, even on long flights.

Finer dining: Business class passengers enjoy a more sophisticated dining experience, with menus featuring high-quality ingredients and dishes prepared by award-winning chefs.

More amenities: Business class passengers also access a more comprehensive range of amenities, such as dedicated check-in counters, priority boarding, and access to Emirates' lounges.

A more comfortable journey: Business class passengers enjoy a more comfortable journey than premium economy passengers. It is due to more space, better dining, and more amenities.


According to the upgrade policy, Emirates will charge to upgrade business from 6$ to 25$.


You need to upgrade to business class for some crucial reasons; you seek how much the Emirates charge for this. So, per this policy, a traveler must pay USD 6 to USD 20 to upgrade to business class on Emirates Airlines.

You want to upgrade to premium class on Emirates Airlines and don’t know how much you have to pay, so, as per the policy, The upgrade cost to premium on Emirates is USD 6. 

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