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Upgrade your Seat with Air France: Step by Step Process

One of the significant components of air traveling is seats; journey can be full of hassle and discomfort if your seat is not comfortable enough. Air France acknowledges the responsibility of providing a convenient, and relaxing trip to their customers. Therefore, the airline shifts its focus on the seating designs also. If you want to upgrade your seat on Air France then you are reading the correct post. Today we are covering a few of the Air France upgrade-related questions like how to upgrade the seats, whether it is worth upgrading etc. Without wasting any time let's delve into the content of this post. 

You might want a lot of changes to your flight ticket after the booking. However, you can make changes to your bookings, from seat selection, name change, and flight change to upgrading the class. If you are looking for a seat upgrade on Air France, then the Airline allows that, and you just have to be well-informed about certain things to get through it quickly. We are going to explain all the procedures and policy that is required for the seat upgrade. 

Can I upgrade seat after booking Air France?

Yes, the seats can be upgraded with Air France only after the bookings. You cannot upgrade the class without making reservations with the Airline. While upgrading the tickets, changes such as name change, flight change, or seat selection cannot take place.  

How do I upgrade to Air France Premium Economy?

Various ways allow you to upgrade your flight tickets with Air France. We have explained all these methods below in detail so that you can choose the one you prefer:

  • Upgrade Online: This process is free of cost and does not take much time of yours. It is one of the fastest medium as well:

    • Visit the official website of Air France.

    • Click on My Booking, given at the top of the homepage.

    • Select Log in to My Account, then on the next page. You must add your email address or flying blue number to open the account.

    • Navigate to the Menu and select seat upgrade, and the form will come out.

    • Fill out all the required details and choose Premium Economy for the upgrade.

    • Pay the charges and the fare difference, if applicable, and complete the procedure.

    • After the process is complete, you will get a confirmation with the new ticket via email. 

  • On the phone: The ticket upgrade can take place on the phone as well. You just have to dial 1 (800) 237-2747 phone number of Air France, and talk to the executives. You have to provide all the details of the ticket and the upgrades so that the customer service executives can upgrade your tickets. After the payment, you can receive your tickets via email or on the phone. 


How do I upgrade after check-in Air France?

The passengers flying with Air France are allowed to upgrade their seats even after check-in. Basically, there are four ways that you can ask for the upgrade with Air France even after the check-in process: online, at the airport, through phone number and on the flight as well. You need to do the payment in order to upgrade your seat and that will be collected in the form of Miles point, currency, or you can use both of these as a combination. You are entitled to receive an upgrade only when there will be any available seats in your desired class. 

Can you updrage your seat after booking a Air France flight? 

Most of the airlines offer the facility to their passengers to upgrade their seats after booking a Air France flight. One of the convenient methods to ask for the upgrade the seats after booking is placing a call on their helpline number. If you wish for an upgrade then below are the steps that will help you to get in touch with the customer service of Air France: 

  • Use the helpline phone number of Air France +1 800 375 87 23. 
  • Select the language, either English or French, and start the communication. 
  • Carefully hear the options described by the automated voice. 
  • Choose the exact key that will help you to talk with the executive. 
  • Share your flight details and ask the executive for an upgrade. 
  • The agnet will notify you if there is any available seat or not. 
  • If there is any chance, your seat will be upgraded soon. 

How much does it cost to upgrade to Business class?

Upgrading the seat with Air France will not be free of cost, and you have to pay the charges. The seat can be upgraded with cash and miles and varies from class, destination, ticket type, and the time of upgrade:

  • Upgrading Cost: the ticket upgrade cost with Air France ranges from $250 to $500, and you can pay this via cash/card or online.

  • Upgrading Miles: Considering the location and class, the miles that will be required for the upgrade vary from 7,500 to 95,000 miles. 

Is It worth upgrading on Air France? 

While air traveling with Air France, if you have collected miles points or if you are willing to pay some additional amount, then you can use them to get an upgrade on Air France. The specialty of Air France seating is that they are more wider, relaxing, with enough space for headrests, adjustable lamps to work or read and much more. Switch to upgrade on Air France because this will be worth every single penny or point of yours. 


Upgrading with the Air France will give you an incredible, comfortable experience that will make every fraction of your moment memorable. If you are in situation where you need the Air France upgrade then as you will read this guide, you will be able to know what you should do to get an Air France upgrade.


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