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Is United Airlines providing seat upgrades?

Yes, you can find easy upgrade options at United Airlines without facing any hassle. The airline keeps updating its seat upgrade policies to accommodate the needs of its travelers. However, the best thing about the upgrade policy of United is that you can order an upgrade by paying lesser PlusPoints. 

So, now it is possible to skip paying sky-rocketing charges for a seat upgrade as United Airlines has your back with its flexible policy. Need more information on the seat upgrade? Check out the upcoming segments!

Ways To Upgrade Seat On United

A traveler can find several upgrade options at United; some of the efficient methods are mentioned below:

Using MileagePlus Upgrade Awards 

1. While Booking Ticket

  • Use your MileagePlus Account to use the upgrade awards; sign in to your account.
  • Now, navigate the Advanced Search Options and enter your preferred flight search subject.
  • Choose the MileagePlus Upgrade Awards as your upgrade type, and you get the available options on your screen.
  • However, if you do not get any, submit the upgrade request.

2. After Booking Ticket

  • Start with signing in to your MileagePlus account and retrieve your existing reservation; follow the further instructions to get an upgrade.
  • And you can contact the United Reservations Center to perform the upgrade with your MileagePlus Award.
  • Or, if you reached the last 24 hours before the flight’s departure, use the airline's check-in counter or United’ airport staff member to request a seat upgrade.

PlusPoints upgrades

  • The airline allows you to upgrade seats to your preferred cabins using the PlusPoints upgrade option even after booking a ticket.
  • Use the United Airlines’ official website to find the Advanced Search Option so that you can choose the PlusPoints as your upgrade type.
  • Now, if you have a confirmed reservation, tap the Upgrade Reservation link available on the United official website. 

So, use any of the mentioned upgrade options and benefit from the airline’s extraordinary services. However, you can directly purchase an upgrade from the airline, but you must pay the applicable charges to complete the process.

How much does it cost to upgrade seats on United Airlines?

The cost to bring a seat upgrade to your United Airlines reservations depends on the fare type you choose while booking a ticket. But, if you use MileagePlus Awards or PlusPoints Upgrade to make an upgrade, you can redeem the required miles or the PlusPoints promoted on your screen. Also, if you purchase an upgrade directly from the airline, the upgrade charges vary based on several external factors: trip type, flight length, ticket status, etc.

Can you upgrade seats on United after booking?

Yes, United Airlines allows its travelers to upgrade a seat up to 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. You can use your United Miles, PlusPoints, and other elite membership to request an upgrade after you book a ticket. You can even contact the airline’s official travel consolidators to find an upgrade as per your suitability.

Moreover, using check-in as an upgrade option after booking a ticket is one of the preferable options. Here is how you can do it:

  • Open the official United Airlines website and tap the Check-In tab given on the homepage.
  • Enter the Confirmation Number followed by the passenger’s surname to retrieve your booking.
  • Unselect your chosen seat and then check the availability in the new cabin.
  • If there is a seat available, select it and purchase the seat.
  • After you complete the transaction, proceed to print your boarding pass.

The airline sends you a fresh invoice with the seat upgrade confirmation.

So, do not tense if you have booked a flight and forgot to choose a seat of your choice. United Airlines' flexible upgrade policy helps you find an upgrade as late as 24 hours from the departing time of your airline.

Can I upgrade my Basic Economy seat on United?

The United Airlines upgrade policy suggests that you can take a seat upgrade only when you are not booked with the Basic Economy fare. If you have a Basic Economy ticket and desperately need an upgrade, try contacting the airline and try your luck there!

How can I get a free upgrade on United?

Getting a free upgrade is a myth as you cannot obtain anything without spending! But, you can benefit from several rewards that United Airlines bestows upon its travelers. If you are a loyal United Airlines traveler, you must have stored several coupons, offers, and travel points. Now can be the best time to redeem them. 

  • Ensure that you qualify for the upgrade and then head towards the airline’s official website.
  • Choose your methods of a seat upgrade:
  1. Using the Advanced Search option
  2. Check-In 
  3. My Trips 

Follow the required steps to bring an upgrade in your seat at United Airlines. Or, you can always contact the airline and provide the information of your coupon, offer, or Miles and let them redeem it to purchase an upgrade for you.

Do United upgrades get cheaper?

It is difficult to find cheaper seat upgrades closer to the flight’s departure date. If anything, the airline increases all the fares, including the seat upgrade charges. But, if you are an elite member of United Airlines, you should not worry about getting an upgrade any time before the flight’s departure. So, it is advised that you sign up for the MileagePlus Premier membership to plummet the extras and lead to an inexpensive booking experience.


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