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Bid or Purchase with Miles: Philippine Airlines Business Class or Premium Economy Upgrades

Philippine Airlines has many featured benefits they bestow their passengers with including extra space and specially crafted meals. The dining and accommodations are often reviewed by the passengers for their comfort, however, the high status you get on their priority services is also very attractive. You can upgrade your seat and flying class on Philippine Airlines for a minimum upgrade fee using the methods given below to connect with the airline:

Well, getting a free upgrade is still a myth; you must invest to avail any service! But do not give up yet, as you can find a cheap upgrade if you know your way around it. Using your award miles, you can upgrade to your preferred cabin class at Philippine Airlines inexpensively.

Method 1: Bid for an Upgrade- Philippine Airlines asks their passengers to bid for an upgrade using their MyPal account. Visit for the MyPal login page. Login and enter your flight details to check if you are eligible to request an upgrade. If yes, continue further with a shortlisted bid amount for an Upgrade at Philippines Airlines. 

Method 2: Upgrade at the Official website or during Check-In-

  1. Login to Manage Bookings on the official website. 
  2. Select the flight ticket you're trying to upgrade for the edit or upgrade page.
  3. Click on the sections you're looking to upgrade and apply the same.
  4. Provide a bid amount for the upgrades on the checkout page.
  5. Once your upgrade request is approved, the updated ticket will be delivered to you on your registered email. 

Method 3: Use Mahubay Miles- Philippine Airlines also offers the upgrade service to Mahubay flyer program members. You can get an upgrade at the airline for 12,000 to 15,000 miles as payment. The payment method also alters your name on the airline's priority list.  

Major Highlights of Philippine Airlines Upgrade Policy

  • Passengers can request an upgrade at Philippine Airlines using the Mahubay Miles earned earlier, bidding for the upgrade on the official website, or purchasing an upgrade at the reservations desk or during check-in. 
  • You can ask Philippine Airlines for an upgrade at least 4 hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • The Philippine Airlines upgrade fee will be decided upon by verifying the requested destinations, your ticket's original value, and the availability of seats in your requested upgrade class. 
  • The airline offers upgrades on a priority basis, where the passengers buying their seat upgrades first, get entitled to the benefits earlier than the other applicants.

Does Philippine Airlines provide a free upgrade

No! Not always; there is no guarantee for free upgrades. If you desperately want to upgrade your seat, better to use the paid options. You can check out the steps below to upgrade your PAL seat to high class.

  • Firstly check the eligibility of your ticket by visiting the myPAL upgrade page of PAL Airlines
  • You can bid for an upgrade up to desired class up to 36 hours before your flight departure
  • Then enter the payment details
  • Check the email one day before departure to see if your Bid amount has been accepted or not
  • If the amount is accepted, it means you have been upgraded to the higher class 

How Philippine Airlines Seat Upgrade work?

Philippine Airlines Seat Upgrade requires you to undergo a very easy process to get a seat upgrade from the airline. You can either request an upgrade by accessing the MyPal office address and call centers or by logging into the Manage Booking platform. 

How can I upgrade to business class for free on Philippine airlines?

Philippines Airlines generally do not offer free upgrades to any higher class. However, as per resources, it has been found that frequent flyers having Mabuhay Miles can get the benefit of free updates. Here are the quick methods you can use to upgrade to business class by redeeming the Mabuhay Miles.

  • Visit the official ticket counter, and there you can ask the Executives to check an upgrade to your preferred business class with the redemption of miles.
  • You can also contact the Philippines reservation centres and ask them about free upgrades using the miles only.
  • You can redeem your miles when booking to purchase business-class seats directly. You can pay for the balance if you need more miles to purchase the higher-class seat directly.
  • You can reach out earlier and request the Philippines airlines staff at the gate to provide your free upgrade in case of availability. 

How can I upgrade my economy to first class for free?

If you want to upgrade your PAL economy ticket to first class for free, it's yet to be officially possible. However, you can try some options below to get the free upgrade. 

Purchase the upgrades at the time of booking using your Mabuhay Miles. You can also speak to the reservation department of Philippine airlines and request them to provide an upgrade.

While you reach the airport, you can speak to the Philippines qilins staff at the gate and request an upgrade if possible. 

Can I use miles to upgrade my seat on  Philippine Airlines?

Affirmative, passengers can use their Mahubay Miles for a seat upgrade on Philippine Airlines. It will cost you up to 12000 to 15000 Miles to request a seat upgrade on your purchased flight ticket with the airline. 


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