How To Upgrade to Business/First Class on American Airlines

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After booking a flight ticket with American Airlines, if you are not comfortable with your seat, then you always have the option to upgrade your flight seat. If you want more details, then read the upgrade policy. For further information, contact customer service; they will get you the details. 

Does American Airlines let you upgrade?

Yes, American Airlines provides facility to upgrade your seat in case you are not comfertable your booked seat. You have to make sure that Upgrades available in your AAdvantage account. 

How do I upgrade my class on American Airlines? 

There are three simple modes through which you can easily upgrade your class on American Airlines. If you want to learn about the process regarding these methods, follow the mentioned information:

  • Upgrade using miles - You can use the AAdvantage miles points to upgrade the flight seat. However, the airline only allows the upgrade to a single class, which means economy ticket holders cannot upgrade to first class.
  • Upgrade using cash - If there is any problem using the online mode, you can upgrade the flight ticket through cash. Locate the booking counter at the airport and provide the reservation details, then the representative will upgrade your flight, and you can pay the amount in cash.
  • Upgrade using British Airways Avios - The airline also provides the option to upgrade the flight ticket to the next class using the British Airways Avios points. The upgrade might depend on the available seats, and you can use the official website.

Different Types of American Airlines seat upgrade

American Airlines provides different types of seat upgrades to their Premium Economy, Business, and First Class. However, you must pay the relevant amount to upgrade the flight ticket. Below are mentioned some of the basic seat upgrades of the airline:

Mileage award upgrade 

  • Miles points can be used for flight upgrades.
  • American Airlines miles members get priority on flight upgrades.
  • The amount depends upon the type of upgrade.

Complimentary upgrade 

  • After getting the status of Executive Platinum, the passengers get a complimentary upgrade on Award tickets.
  • The Passengers with Elite Flyer status will offer elite service as a complimentary upgrade.
  • Complimentary upgrade is allowed on all domestic and international locations and every economy and business class ticket.

Systemwide upgrade 

  • The systemwide upgrade on American Airlines is also known as SWUs.
  • The passengers can select between bonus miles, SWUs, etc.
  • This upgrade is available for executive Platinum and Platinum Pro members.

Can you upgrade American Airlines at the check-in?

Passengers can upgrade their American Airlines flight at the time of check-in at the airport or through the online method. Provide the booking details and choose the seat as per the availability. After you pay the amount, the airline will get you the boarding pass with the upgraded flight ticket.

How to upgrade tickets with American Airlines?

If you want to upgrade your flight tickets, then it can be done online or by contacting the customer service of the Airline over the phone. You just need to dial 800-433-7300, the customer service phone number, and provide them with ticket details so they can upgrade it. For the online method, you need to follow the mentioned procedure:

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Click on Manage Trips, add the passenger's last name and confirmation code, and search for your flight.
  • Navigate to the Menu and pick Flight Upgrade from all the options.
  • Follow the instructions and complete the procedure by paying the charges.
  • Your ticket will be confirmed with the new classes you choose and sent to you via email.

How much is it to upgrade to first-class on American Airlines?

The cost to upgrade the flight ticket to first-class is around $75 or 15,000 miles points for all the non-elite members. However, the airline allows the option to make changes to using both miles and cash.

How do I upgrade my American Seat after booking?

If you want to upgrade your flight seat after booking, you can head to the official website, type the reservation information and make the upgrade as you choose. If there is any issue through the official website, you can call the contact number, and the executive will assist you with the upgrade.


Yes, the tickets can be upgraded to first, business, and premium economy. However, the seat upgrade depends on the seat availability in your preferred class. 


If your flight tickets have not been upgraded and you have made your reservation in the Economy class. Then, you can request an upgrade at American Airlines. The Airlines will allow you to upgrade the flight tickets before the check-in, after that, and even at the gates or on the flight. But for that, there should be an availability for the same.


If you are upgraded to first class, then it is mandatory that you should be aware of the cost that you have to pay. However, the charges depend on many things, from class, route, ticket type, the time of upgrade from which class you are upgrading, etc.


If you are upgrading to premium economy, then considering your situation and the ticket type, the cost can range from $75 to $150, and you might not be able to use any coupons for the same. You might get some concessions depending on the status you acquire at the Airline.


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