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Everything you need to know about Iberia Business Class Upgrade 

Whenever you book a ticket with Iberia Airlines for a long-haul journey, you need to upgrade the seat to business class so that traveling can become more comfortable. It is simple to upgrade the seat on Iberia Airlines, and to do so you must have complete information about the procedure, terms, and conditions so that it will become convenient and quick. We will discuss the mediums for seat upgrades in detail in the article mentioned below.

How to upgrade a business class seat on Iberia?

Iberia Airlines provides numerous mediums through which you can upgrade the seat to business class. You can either use the official website, the calling method, or at the helpdesk of the airport. Select the medium that is suitable for you. 

Upgrade via online method

It is one of the most influential ways. To utilize this method, you must go through the steps as described below:

  • Open the official website of Iberia Airlines.
  • Under Your Flight tab, you will get the Manage My Booking option. After you tap on that option, it will go to the new link.
  • You need to type out the surname of the passenger and the booking reference number in the given sections. 
  • After selecting the search option you will get the details of the flight.
  • Now click on the seat upgrade link.
  • After completing the process, you will get the validation message in the email.

Upgrade via phone method

Dial 1 (800) 772-4642, the customer support number, and the representative will aid you with the procedure through which you can upgrade your seat to business class at Iberia Airlines. 

Does Iberia charge for business class seat selection?

If you are traveling in Business class by paying the fare of Business Plus or Business Flex, then you can select the seat in advance and also do not need to pay any additional charges for it. 

How to bid on upgrade to business class in Iberia?

The bidding option is available, and you can request the business class upgrade five days before your reservation date. If accepted, Iberia will share a confirmation notification four days in advance of your traveling date. Find below the information on the bidding procedure for your reference:

  • Visit the Iberia Airlines webpage on your browser,
  • Open the “Your Flights” table and select the “Manage Your Booking” option,
  • Now you can select how you would like to access the booking details on the site,
  • Provide the information as mandatory and click on the “Manage Your Booking” button,
  • Once the Iberia booking details have been accessed on the site, you have to navigate the “Upgrade” option to choose,
  • Choose a seat on the Business Class section on the flight seat map and proceed with selecting the “Submit a bid for upgrade” option,
  • Now, you must choose an appropriate bid for your business class seat upgrade,
  • Submit the same at Iberia, and on acceptance, you will receive an email for the Business Class upgrade. 

What is the cheapest way to upgrade from economy to business in Iberia?

The most affordable ways to upgrade your seat to business are listed below:

  • If you purchase an economy class ticket, then you can upgrade it within 24 hours of the flight booking.
  • If you select your seat at the time of booking the ticket, then you do not need to pay any additional cost for it.
  • The passengers who are frequent flyers of Iberia Airlines will get some concession on the seat selection.
  • If you have purchased the premium membership of Iberia Airlines, you will get the miles points on the bookings, and use them to upgrade the seat. 

How many Iberia Avios do I need to upgrade to business class?

The number of Avios for upgrading your flight to business class depends on the destination and the flight duration at Iberia Airlines. A person has to use 9000 Avios to 85000 Avios, depending on your reservation. 

Now, if you are thinking about how you can upgrade your flight to business class with Avios at Iberia, below the needed instructions are given:

  • You have to start with logging your account on the Iberia’s site,
  • After that, move to the “Manage your booking” section,
  • Once you have the reserved ticket on the page, select the same and pick the upgrade option,
  • Now, you will have to choose the higher class to make the upgrade,
  • After selecting the suitable seat in Business Class, you can click on the “Upgrade with Avios” option,
  • The available Avios will be redeemed as per the requirement,
  • Submit the same to upgrade to business class with Avios successfully. 

What is the difference between Iberia business class and Premium Economy?

The Business class on the Iberia flight offers luxurious seating, whereas the Premium Economy class focuses on providing the most comfortable seats to the flyers. Business class includes many benefits like extra legroom, fine dining options, in-flight entertainment, and many more. It is the most expensive class. Premium Economy offers spacious seats that are ideal for long journeys and are affordable at Iberia Airlines. 

How much does a business class upgrade cost in Iberia?

The cost of a business class upgrade in Iberia depends on several factors, such as the reservation class, flying destination, flight route as well as the distance covered by the flight. The estimated cost for a business class upgrade is $800 to $4000. 


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