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Wideroe Airlines, the flag carrier of Norwegian Airlines, provides convenient flight booking benefits to various destinations at the cheapest rate. It is the largest regional airline operating in Nordic Countries to serve numerous passengers on its official booking website for the flight booking service. If you have booked a flight ticket online and received a confirmed ticket message, you can plan your flight journey, get ready for Wideroe Web Check-in online, choose your favorite seat, and add and remove baggage at the time of arrival and departure. It is genuinely mandatory to perform the check-in task online within 48 hours to 60 before flight departure and get complete flight booking service on time.

Can I pay bag fees with the Wideroe online web check-in?

Yes, you might have to pay the baggage fee with the Wideroe online during a web check-in when you add extra baggage and go beyond the check-in policy. It depends on the extra checked luggage, and it is cheaper than professionally paying up at the check-in counter. Besides, you must know that the Wideroe minimum required check-in time with baggage is at least 30 to 60 minutes, including domestic and international flight journeys. You can avoid paying any extra if you go through the check-in policy and complete the check-in task at the required time in a decent manner.

The procedure of Check-in for Wideroe:

If you are highly excited to start the check-in task and want to know the various trick to check-in for Wideroe Airlines, you must attend the procedure provided by the customer representative team.

  1. Wideroe Web Check-in:

You can perform the Web check-in task 24 hours before departure, and it could be closed within a few hours. You must learn the steps to perform web check-in at the right time.

  • First, open an internet browser and visit Wideroe Airlines' official booking website.
  • Go to the check-in option to access the Wideroe flight booking service after entering the PNR num.
  • Enter the reservation number and passenger’s last name to access booking details.
  • Select continue to start the check-in task and select seat if you want to choose.
  • Add and remove baggage depending on the need and make payment online.

After Completing the check-in process, you must download your boarding pass from Wideroe Airlines on your phone easily.

  1. Wideroe Mobile Check-in:

This process is also done online, but you will use your mobile phone and ensure you have downloaded the Wideroe mobile check-in app. To complete the task, go through the steps below.

  • First, turn on your mobile phone and conveniently access the Wideroe Mobile app.
  • Select the mobile check-in facility tab in the menu to perform the task efficiently.
  • Enter your surname and e-ticket number into the required fields.
  • You must follow the on-screen instruction and select the check-in to complete the task.
  • You will add and select your baggage and choose your favorite seat for the relaxed journey.

Now, you will get your boarding pass on your mobile that you can send in your email or download on your phone.

  1. Wideroe Kiosk Check-in:

You will start the check-in procedure at the airport using the Kiosk service and efficiently complete the check-in task. To use Wideroe’s Kiosk check-in service, go through the following steps.

  • Beforehand, go to the airport and find a Wideroe Kiosk check-in area.
  • Start the check-in process while touching the Kiosk screen and follow the instructions.
  • Enter the E-ticket number and last name of the passenger and review your booking.
  • You can also add and remove your baggage and select your favorite seat to travel.
  • It asks you to finish the check-in process, and don’t forget to get a boarding pass.

After completing the check-in process at the Kiosk Machine service, you will get a boarding pass at an airport Kiosk and use it to meet your checked and carry-on baggage service at the gate. To perform this task, reach the airport within 2 to 3 hours before the flight's schedule departure.

  1. Wideroe Ticket Counter Check-in:

You will use one more offline check-in task at the airport and, this time, go to the ticket counter. Go through the steps to use the Wideroe ticket counter check-in service and complete the check-in process efficiently.

  • Firstly, go to the airport and access the Wideroe ticket counter service.
  • Show the confirmation message of the booking to the ticket counter agent.
  • The ticket counter travel agent will verify your booking.
  • Get a notification for the confirmed flight booking check-in request.

You will quickly request the check-in procedure at the ticket counter, get a boarding pass at the Airline check-In counter, start your journey with a selected comfortable seat, and add your favorite baggage securely.

What happens if you don't check in 24 hours before your Wideroe flight?

When you can’t complete the check-in process 24 hours before your Widerore flight departure, you can’t be on the aircraft.

Can you get Wideroe boarding pass online?

Yes, you can get a Wideroe boarding pass online on the booking website of Wideroe Airlines after completing the online check-in process. You can easily print your boarding pass or save it on your phone if you don’t get time to print it at a specific time.

What happens if I forget to print my Wideroe boarding pass?

No worries if you must remember to print your Wideroe boarding pass; you can show it on your apps or mobile phone during a flight journey. For additional related to the boarding pass, don’t forget to contact a live person who is independent; contact customer representative team is available to assist you at your required time, ideally.

What happens if you fail to Wideroe Web Check-In?

When you cannot start the web check-in and don’t know what will happen, you must go to the airport within 2 hours before flight departure. You can perform the check-in procedure using the Kiosk check-in or go to the ticket counter check-in service. Quickly get the boarding pass online, allowing you to travel securely.

How early can you check in for Wideroe?

You will be admired by your co-passengers who are dependent on your travel program. To complete the check-in task, you must have a valid passport or government ID proof document, ensure you know the flight details, and share the confirmed flight ticket number and last name of the passenger. So, if you reach the Wideroe check-in arrival time at the airport within 30 to 1 hour, you can perform check-in conveniently. It makes you eligible to get the boarding pass and a straightforward way to board the aircraft.

Is web check-in mandatory for Wideroe domestic flights?

Yes, web check-in is mandatory for Widerore domestic flights as it authorizes you to check the best flight booking service with perfect seat selection. The check-in process provides you with a boarding pass that is used as approval to board the aircraft with great amenities, especially at the airport at the right time.  

What to do after Wideroe web check-in?

When you complete the Widerore web check-in procedure, you will get the boarding pass that you can print or save on your phone to show at the time of the flight journey. Get permission to travel with your baggage; you must pay a reasonable amount securely for extra luggage. Get time to select the best seat you can modify at the required time before a flight journey.

What is the Wideroe web check in phone number?

It is essential to start the check-in task when you need to make your travel more convenient and memorable every time. It will be crucial to inform about the check-in, whether you do it online or offline mode. However, if you need help and are doing the check-in process for the first time, dial + 47 75 803 568 phone number and ask for help at a specific time. 


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