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What is the suitable time to check in online with British Airways?

British Airways provides you with a digital platform on which you can perform different flight tasks, and the platform is accessible through an app and via a website that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have booked your flight and want to save time at the airport, you can check in online 24 hours prior to the flight departure with the help of the British Airways app or web that is available on mobile, iPad, and Apple watch. 

How do I check in for British Airways?

You can check in for british airways through online and offline modes, and the methods are mentioned below. 

Through British Airways' web

  • You can go to the official page of British Airways.
  • After that, select on the check-in tab on the panel.
  • At the check-in page, enter the booking reference number and surname.
  • Now go through the instructions on the screen and click on the check-in tab. 
  • Finally, you will get the boarding pass on your registered details. 

Through the British Airways app

  • You can open the official British Airways app. 
  • After that, log in with your credentials, and the app screen will open.
  • Select the check-in button on the app and enter the details ( booking number and surname).
  • Now follow the on-panel instructions and complete the check-in process on the phone.
  • At last, you will get the barcode on your phone and scan it at the check-in counter, then get the boarding pass. 

How far in advance can I check in online with British Airways? 

According to British Airways' check-in policy, the authority can check in 24 hours prior to the flight departure schedule. You must pay the charges if you extend the check in time limit. 

Once you have checked in, you cannot change your seat. 

You can check in via the web if you have booked your flight directly with the British Airways site or travel agent. 

Why can't I check in online with British Airways?

There are many reasons you cannot check in online with British Airways. The most common reason is that you might be facing a technical problem, such as glitches on the website, or there is work going on the server after some time; you can check in again. 

The other reason can be the flight has been overbooked. In some cases, the airline sells the tickets on a large scale, which gives the airline authority to put some passengers on a later flight. If you cannot check in, then it may be why you held back for the flight that was scheduled later. If the space is available at the last minute, then you can check in. 

The other reason is that you fall under the minor passenger category or have made a group booking; in those cases, you must check in at the airport. 



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