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How to Check In with tap Air portugal

The traveling procedure is not confined only to booking because several ahead modes need to be accomplished. So, when you are traveling with TAP Portugal Air and willing to board the flight, then you may have to complete the check-in procedure.

Select online modes for check-in

When you are traveling to a destination that allows an electronic boarding pass, then conduct a check-in online. Thus the process related to that has been displayed at the bottom:-

  • Go to TAP Air Portugal's official web page
  • After that, click on the “check-in” options
  • Later, mention the booking reference number within the last name
  • And then, select a passenger and then choose check-in options
  • Now, you can determine itinerary details and add any services to the fare
  • Then you can have a boarding pass on the device

Get to the Kiosk machine at the airport

When a route does not permit an e-boarding pass, then you can get a printed one from the kiosk at the airport.

  • First, locate a kiosk and then choose the airline
  • After that, click on the check-in options
  • Further, enter your surname with the booking reference number
  • Later on, choose a passenger and click the next icon.
  • After completing the steps, a printed ticket can be availed.

How many hours check-in TAP Portugal?

When you have selected TAP Air Portugal as a travel companion, then you would have to complete the check-in procedure in the given time frame to have a boarding pass. So, when you conduct a check-in with the online modes, then you could do that at least 36 hours before departure time, but a flight to/from the U.S. could get a 24-hour window. 

What is Tap Portugal Check-in Policy 

When you have to check in at TAP Air Portugal, then you get to accompany certain rules and regulations. Thus you can get that information from the Tap Portugal Check-in Policy, which is as:-

  • The online check-in at the website can be conducted within 36 hours of the scheduled departure time for every route except the U.S. If you are traveling these various routes, then check-in time could be 24 hours.
  • When you are traveling in a group or with pets then, you may not be able to conduct check-in online.
  • If you didn't select a seat at the time of check-in, then the airline could assign any random one after check-in.
  • When you didn't conduct a check within the standard time, then you could be subject to a “no-show policy.”

How far in advance can you check-in for TAP Air Portugal?

The check-in at TAP Air Portugal can be conducted at least 36 hours before the flight's scheduled departure. However, there is an exception for the routes of United Airlines because they can perform check-in at least 24 hours prior to departure time. 

How early can you check-in with TAP air?

When you have a flight ticket with TAP Air Portugal, then your duration of check-in could be counted as flight tickets and destinations. Hence, you can have information about the same by going through the bottom.

  • The online check-in could be counted to proceed at least 36 hours.
  • International flight at the airport check-in can be performed at least 2 hours prior to departure.
  • Domestic travelers can check in 45 minutes before departure.


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