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Complete guide to check in at Mahan Air

Mahan Air is an Iranian airline based in Tehran. It operates domestic and international flights to Central Asia, Europe, the Far, and the Middle East. If you have booked this flight to visit your destination. And now your flight is due in the next 10 hours, so you need to get a boarding pass to enter the aircraft. For entry passes, flyers need to check-in. After that, the airline offers the pass. You can check in via numerous modes provided by the airline for travelers' convenience. 

During Check-in, passengers can select a seat, additional services such as flights services, or change the fare. If you are worried about the Procedure Of Check-in For Mahan Air (Web Check-in, Mobile Check-in, kiosk Check-in, Ticket Counter Check-in ), to ease you a detailed guide is shared so that you can check in effortlessly. Let’s start with the check-in policies. 

What are the check-in guidelines for Mahan Air? 

Passengers should include these points below check-in:

  • Mahan Air's check-in arrival time at the airport is 60 minutes for domestic flights and 90 minutes for international flights before the flight takes off. 
  • As per Mahan Air Web check-in policy, travelers carrying baggage and check-in online can reach the airport before flight schedule 30 minutes and 60 minutes for domestic and international flights, respectively. 
  • The airline allows check-in online via web or mobile app. Then, you can download the electronic boarding pass. Keep in mind that online check-in opens prior to 24 hours before the flight’s departure schedule. The service is accessible before 1 hour left to take off your flight. 

What is the process of web check in with Mahan Air? 

Flyers who want to Mahan Air Web Check-in can do it through the web and follow the guide shared below: 

  • Go to the official website/ open app of Mahan Air. 
  • Click on the Check-in option. 
  • Enter the details like confirmation number and passenger name. 
  • Select the continue button and choose a seat/ additional services (if required). 
  • Make the payment and complete the process. 
  • After that, download your boarding pass. 

How is web check-in different from mobile check-in? 

Instead of the website, flyers you the app for boarding passes. Here are the instructions for mobile check-in after downloading the app: 

  • Open the Mahan Air app on your mobile device. 
  • Choose the mobile Check-in facility service from the menu. 
  • Now, share details like confirmation number and last name to get your flight details. 
  • You will be checked in after following the on-screen instructions. 
  • Save your boarding pass on your phone. 

You don’t want to check in online. You can visit the airport timely and have two alternatives, i.e., kiosk or ticket counter check-in. 

Steps for Mahan Air kiosk Check-in 

By following these steps, you will check in via Kiosk: 

  • Visit the airport and go to the self-check-in counter. 
  • Tap the Kiosk screen and give the confirmation number and last name details. 
  • Confirm your check-in and print your boarding pass. 

Ticket counter check-in guide 

You can take help from the customs agent at the airport by going through these steps: 

  • Visit the airport and go to the counter. 
  • Share your ticket confirmation number. 
  • After verification, you will be issued a boarding pass. 

The travel documents should be arranged before reaching the airline: 

  • A valid passport or government-issued identification
  • E-ticket number
  • The name and details of your flight

For any queries related to check-in, you can contact customer services at +98 21 4838 4838. Or an email can be sent to Visit the website of the airline for more updated details. 

How early can you check in for Mahan Air?

For online check, you are allowed 24 hours to 1 hour before the airline departs the airport. At the airport check-in, you should reach 1 hour before the scheduled departure. International passengers have to report 2 hours earlier their flight takes off.

What Happens If You Fail To Mahan Air Web Check-In?

You can check in if you fail to print your pass. You can show the e-pass or contact the airline at +98 21 4838 4838. 

Mahan Air Boarding pass 

You have a flight at the Mahan and want to check in at your nearest airport. It would be best if you had the boarding pass to board your flight to do the check-in. To get a Mahan Air Boarding pass, you must do check-in according to your preferred method. You must print or download your boarding pass to board the flight when you check-in. You can use the given methods for the check-in. 

Methods to do the check-in at the airline and get a boarding pass. 

  • Check-In at the airport. 

You will get a boarding pass at Airline Check-In Counter; for this situation, you should do check-in at the airport. When you visit the airport, go to the check-in counter and ask them for the check-in. When the representative does the check-in at the airport, they will provide you with the boarding pass. You can show it to security at the airport to board your flight. 

  • Check-In at the Kiosk Counter.

If you arrive at the airport early and you see a long queue and don’t want to stand there, you can do the check-in at the Kiosk counter. To  Get a boarding pass at an airport Kiosk, you must go to the airport and go to the kiosk counter. Tap on the check-in at the counter option and provide the required details. Receive the boarding pass.

Can you get a Mahan Air boarding pass online?

Yes, you will get a boarding pass online. To do the online check-in, you can follow the instructions. Traveler has a flight, and they require a boarding pass to board their flight. They can use the online method if they don’t have to stand at the airport. It is the method they can do the check-in by providing some information. Here are the steps to do the online check-in;

  1. Open the official website of Mahan Airline. 

  2. Click on the check-in option. 

  3. Enter your reservation number and other required details. 

  4. Click on the search option. 

  5. Tap on the passenger option and enter the required details. 

  6. Click on the continue option, review your details, and click on the submit option. 

  7. Tap the check-in option and get the boarding pass.

What happens if I forget to print my Mahan Air boarding pass?

If you forget to print your boarding pass at the airport, you should have the electronic ticket, which you can show to the airport and go to the check-in counter and ask them to print your boarding pass. After that, you can board your flight.


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