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Comprehensive guidance on Regional Express check-in 

Traveling to your desired destination with Regional Express Airlines is always a beneficial option as they will provide you with multiple services and cheap flights to several destinations. To travel with this airline, you have to follow multiple instructions, and check instructions are one of them, and you need to check in correctly to get the travel boarding pass. If you want to know more details on REX check-in details, you must go through them below. 

How to check-in for Regional Express (REX) Flight

There are multiple options available to make the check-in on REX bookings, and if you are unaware of these online and offline check-in modes, then you should go through below. 

Use the official website: The finest option to make check-in is by using the official website of REX, and the online check-in starts 48 hours before departure. If you want to check in online but need more information about the process, follow the points below. 

  • Look for the official website of REX.
  • Select the check-in option and then fill out the reference number and last name
  • Then retrieve bookings and then fill out luggage details 
  • After that, choose the check-in option and download your boarding pass

Reach the counter: If you cannot make the check-in using the website or add any assistance to your bookings, you can also reach the airport counter of the REX. After reaching there, you must provide your booking information, and the representative will provide you with the boarding pass. 

Regional Express Check-in Policy 

The Airline aims to take the passenger to their destination on time, and they expect your cooperation by reaching the Airport early as the Security Check-in and baggage drop will take time due to the long queue. The Regional Express Airline Check-in policy has a few terms and conditions, which are explained here.

There are several check-in policies given by REX airlines, and having information about those policies is essential as it will give you details about check-in timings and necessary details related to check-in. If you are unaware of these check-in details, you should review the information below. 

  • You need to make the check-in within the given period. If you do not do that or apply for it after closing the check-in window, you will come under the no-show policy, and airlines will not allow you to travel. 
  • After making the check-in, if you want to modify your reservation, you have to cancel the check-in and make the check-in again. 
  • If you add any medical assistance to your reservation, you must check in through the airline's airport counter. 
  • Travelers traveling to any international destination can make the check-in 4 hours to 45 minutes prior.
  • If you are traveling to any domestic destination, then you must reach the airport 2 hours to 30 minutes before the departure. 

How long do I need to be at the airport for a Rex flight?

The time taken at the airport to check-in will vary if you have checked luggage, you must reach at check-in counter 60 minutes before departure, and if you do not have checked luggage, you must reach 40 minutes before departure. 

What time do I need to be at the Airport for Rex's check-in?

If you want to check in with the checked baggage, we suggest the travelers reach the Airport 60 minutes before the scheduled departure. If the passenger is traveling without checked luggage, you should contact the Airport 40 minutes before the flight scheduled time. 

Does Rex have self-check-in?

Yes, regional Airlines have kiosks or self-check-in at the Airport. If you are unable to web Check-in, kindly prefer the offline method.

  • It would help if you headed toward the Airport Check-in counter to use the Kiosk.
  • Enter the PNR number/ Booking Reference and last name.
  • Kindly read and agree to all the terms and conditions.
  • Click on the print boarding pass and proceed toward the security check-in to board the flight.


You should check the given details for those who have questions about the check-in process and timings, as it provides all the essential information related to the raised queries. 


To travel internationally, you should be at the airport in 4 to 45 minutes, and for domestic bookings, you must be there within 2 to 30 minutes.

REX Airlines provides multiple check-in options, such as using their official website, checking in at their counter, or using a kiosk check-in machine. But the finest option for the check-in is using their official website as it starts 48 hours before departure. 

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