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The person who has a flight booked on a Helvetic Airways flight should consider going through the various ways of check-in beforehand so that they can choose the most appropriate method to get their boarding pass. Do you know how many ways are available for the check-in? Or are you thinking about how do I check in Helvetic Airways? If the check-in ways are your concern, then here you will learn about the procedure of check-in for your flight as well as the check-in policies, as they are equally important to consider before check-in for your flight at Helvetic Airways. 

Ways For Check-In at Helvetic Airways

The ways that are available for check-in for your Helvetic Airways flight are:

  • Web Check-In
  • Mobile Check-In
  • Airport Counter Check-In
  • Kiosk Machine Check-In

How to Make Web Check-In at Helvetic Airways?

Check-in through the website of Helvetic Airways is available, and it starts 24 hours prior to the departure time of your flight. If you are looking for the procedure for Helvetic Airways Web Check-in, you will find it below. Follow the provided steps and complete the check-in online:

  • Visit the site of Helvetic Airways on your browser,
  • Click the “Web Check-In” tab in the sidebar of the homepage,
  • Then press the “Go to online check-in” button in the appeared box,
  • Put the Booking reference and the last name and click the Search button,
  • Your booking will appear on the new page in a moment,
  • Select the flight ticket and tap on the “Check-in” option,
  • You will need to adhere to some instructions you get o the page,
  • Now you may choose to select a seat of your choice,
  • Or may complete the web check-in process. 

Following this procedure, the check-in for your flight will be completed through the website. If you think about how can you get Helvetic Airways boarding pass online? You will receive an email after the check-in process, which will contain your e-boarding pass. 

How to Make Mobile Check-In at Helvetic Airways?

Helvetic has also introduced its mobile app, where a person can book tickets, check in, manage the booking and obtain help from customer service. So, if you want to do the Helvetic Airways Mobile Check-in, here is the process given which you need to follow:

  • Install the Helvetic Airways mobile app from the play store,
  • Sign in with your account on the mobile app,
  • Then open the menu of the app,
  • Select the Check-In option,
  • Then your booking made with the account will appear on the screen,
  • Select the flight ticket for which you want to check in,
  • Then follow the process provided to you on your mobile’s screen,
  • Select a seat or add additional assistance, if required on the flight,
  • If not, press the Skip button,
  • After following instructions and verifying the details, your mobile check-in will be completed at Helvetic Airways,
  • Now your boarding pass will generate on the page,
  • You can get the e-boarding pass on your mobile by pressing the download button,
  • And the boarding pass will be downloaded for your Helvetic flight on your device. 

How to make a Kiosk Check-In at Helvetic Airways?

If you are thinking of doing the check-in at the airport itself using the Kiosk Machine, then you need to reach the spot a few hours before the departure time of the Helvetic Airways flight. Below you will find the Airport kiosk machine Check-in process:

  • Reach the Kiosk machine at Helvetic Airways,
  • Start the machine to start the check-in process,
  • Type your booking code and your name in the required columns,
  • Tap the Check-In button on the Kiosk’s screen,
  • Do as per the instructions you got for the check-in,
  • Skip the seat selection step if you like,
  • Within a moment, your Kiosk check-in will be completed at Helvetic Airways. 

After completing this procedure, you need to tap the Print button on the screen to get a boarding pass at an airport Kiosk machine. Your boarding pass will print in a moment, and you can board your flight. 

How to make a ticket counter Check-In at Helvetic Airways?

Do you want to do the check-in the traditional way and think about how you can get a boarding pass at Airline Check-In Counter, then here are the steps you can follow:

  • Go to the check-in counter desk at Helvetic Airways Airport,
  • You will be required to wait for the till your turn comes,
  • Then give your flight ticket to the representative,
  • The representative will take some documents from you that are mandatory,
  • It will take a moment to verify your identity and booking,
  • And after that, you will be provided with your boarding pass,

The Helvetic Airways Ticket Counter Check-in starts 3 hours early and closes 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight.

What are the policies for check-in at Helvetic Airways? 

If you are thinking of considering the check-in policy of Helvetic Airways to choose better which check-in way to opt for, the policies are listed here:

  • With the web or mobile check-in, a total number of 10 passengers can check in for their flight at once. 
  • The person who bought the Helvetic Airways flight ticket from a third party is not allowed to use the web or mobile check-in. To obtain the boarding pass, they are required to check in from the airport.
  • The passenger flying with an infant must check in from the airport check-in desk only. 
  • The check-in timing closes 45 minutes before departure from all the ways, so make sure to obtain a boarding pass a few hours earlier from your flight’s boarding. 
  • While check-in for your flight, you can choose a seat of your choice on your Helvetic Airways flight. 
  • If you do web or mobile check-in and download the boarding pass on your device, it is not mandatory to print the boarding pass. 
  • The name on your flight ticket and on your government-approved ID cards should match; otherwise, your check-in can be denied at Helvetic Airways.

As per the above information regarding the different check-in ways and check-in policies, you can decide how you would want to obtain your Helvetic Airways Boarding pass. After going through the policies imposed for the check-in, pick a suitable platform to complete the check-in procedure for your flight. If you need any help or face issues with your boarding, you may contact a representative by call or at the airport and take support on your check-in issues. 


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