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The Airline opens up a check-in section a few hours before to take the boarding pass; if you have made your reservation with Nouvelair Airline and are not sure about How do I check in for Nouvelair? Well, there are different ways to proceed with the possession. You can contact customer support through a phone call, and with the help of the website, check-in can be made, and you can also visit the Airport.

How to make an online check-in for Nouvelair Airline?

As there are various ways with the help of which you can make your check-in, but the most straightforward way for this process is through the website of the Airline; Nouvelair online check-in is the most convenient way, as you do not have to stand in a queue for an extended period, to know the method f this process, read the points that are located below.

  • Land to the official website of Nouvelair Airlines.
  • Search for an option of check-in, and tap on it.
  • Enter your last name and reference code as asked.
  • Then move the cursor on the check-in column and click.
  • Further, you will get complete information about your flight reservation.
  • Go through it very promptly and click on the continue button.
  • Make the payment for your check-in to the Airline.
  • Then you will locate the boarding pass on your screen and download it.
  • After a while, you will receive a confirmation message on your device.

Alternative mode to check-in with Nouvelair.

After a constant try, if you fail to make the check-in Nouvelair manages my booking, then you can reach out to them through another process where you can make your check-in through a phone; for that, you have to download the Airline application on your device, and go with the check-in process, enter the name and reservation number, then you will receive a boarding pass on your device. 

Can you do an online check-in Nouvelair?

Nouvelair Airline is a Tunisian-based airline, and the online check-in option is available. If you like to download your boarding pass for your Nouvelair flight, then you have to adhere to this online check-in procedure that is given below:

  • Open the website of Nouvelair on your browser,
  • Then you need to direct to the Manage page from the "Book/Manage" panel,
  • Enter last name, first name, and the reservation number,
  • Then click on the Search option, and your booked details will load on the screen,
  • Now you have to navigate the "Check-In" option on the page,
  • Follow the provided instructions and complete your check-in,
  • The boarding pass will load on the screen that you can download by tapping the concerned button.
  • Noulveair will also send an email for your online check-in along with the boarding pass. 

When can I check in for Nouvelair?

If you select the online check-in at Nouvelair, it starts 48 hours in advance of the scheduled time of the flight. For the airport check-in, it starts 2 to 3 hours prior to the flight's departure. So based on your preferred medium, you can determine when you should check-in for your Nouvelair flight. 

How to know about the flight status for Nouvelair?

After making your reservation with this Airline, if you want to get information about your Nouvelair flight status, then you can find it out by landing on the official website of the Airline, where you have to land to the flight status option available on the screen, type down your flight number and the date, then click on the submit button. You will get to know about your flight status.

What is Nauvelair hand luggage allowance?

Every Airline has its different baggage policy. If you book with Nourvelair Airline, you must know about Nouvelair hand luggage allowance. This Airline allows one or two handbags and one additional item to carry on board, but it also depends upon what class you are traveling in; the hand luggage should not exceed 55 x 35 x 2 cm, including all bags, wheels, and handles.

How do I know if I can check in online Nouvelair?

If you doubt that you can or cannot check in online for your Nouvelair flight, you can check directly on the website 48 hours prior to your flight's boarding time. Go to the Manage section on the official site of Nouvelair, put your flight info, and search; if the check-in option is available on the page, you can do the online check-in.

If you like to know what are the conditions for which Nuvelair does not lower the online check-in, below the conditions are listed:

  • If the flight ticket to Nouvelair was purchased from a third-party agent, then the online check-in facility will not be provided to the passenger.
  • The passengers flying with an infant with Nouvelair are also obligated for the online check-in. For some procedures, they are required to check in at the airport only.
  • The group booking members at Nouvelair can also check in at the airport. 

What is the way to get your Nouvelair boarding pass?

The boarding pass is crucial to carry while boarding your flight with the Airline to ensure the method of How To Get Your Nouvelair Boarding Pass? There are several ways to get your boarding pass from the Airline, as the Airline provides you just after check-in. Still you can also get it at the Airport, where you can speak to the customer support available at the check-in counter at the terminal, provide him with your flight information, and then he will give you the boarding pass for your flight.

What time does check-in close before a flight?

Forty minutes before the scheduled departure time of your flight, the check-in counters get closed; if by any chance you have failed to make the check-in by that time, then the Airline will deny your boarding without refund, so make sure you reach the Airport before Nouvelair Check-In And Closing Time which is 45 minutes prior to your flight departure time, the passenger must reach the Airport two hours before the time for their scheduled flight departure.

How much baggage am I allowed to carry on Nouvelair?

The baggage allowance of Nouvelair is divided into certain segments and depends on the flight fare. To determine how much baggage you can carry, read the policies below.

Hand Baggage

  • Each person can carry one hand baggage with them on the flight.
  • The hand baggage must not exceed 8 kg of weight.
  • The allowed size dimension of hand baggage is 55*25*35 cm,
  • The hand baggage must be kept underneath the front seat or above the head bin.
  • Along with the hand baggage, the personal item can be carried in the flight cabin, like a small bag, laptop bag, coat, or crutches.

Checked Baggage

  • An individual is allowed to carry one checked baggage at Nouvelair. 

  • The maximum weight of checked baggage:

    • Light: No checked baggage

    • Easy: 25 kg

    • Flex: 32 kg

Special Baggage

  • Passengers can safely fly with their musical instruments at Nouvelair by checking the instrument as special baggage.
  • The maximum weight of sports equipment is 75 kg.
  • Sports equipment can also be transported as special baggage at Nouvelair.
  • Sports equipment up to 15 kg is allowed to transport.
  • There are separate charges for special baggage transportation. 


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