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An exhaustive guide to the check-in details of American Airlines

A basic need which shall let you travel on airlines is the chcek-in process. You must get the check-in done, which shall provide you with a boarding pass that works as a basic ticket to enable you to board the flight. With American Airlines, the process has become easier and more accessible so that you can easily go through the required process. 

How do I make a check-in with American Airlines? 

There are different methods through which check-in can be easily done. Read through the ways given below to learn better about the process: 

1. Online Check-in: You can very easily go through airlines’ online check-in by just following the given steps: 

  • Visit American Airlines’ official website. 

  • Go to the manage booking and retrieve the booking using the booking itinerary details. 

  • From the menu icon, choose the check-in option and get the process done. 

  • Then, you will receive the email with a boarding pass attached to the email. 

2. Mobile Check-in: Check-in process can also be completed through the mobile application of the airline. Download the one required and use the instructions followed to check in for a preferred flight. 

3. Kiosk Check-in: For travel, self-check-ins are also available through the kiosk machines present outside the airport. Reach to the machines, complete the check-in, and then print the boarding pass from the machines. 

4. Airport chcek-in: If you are up for additional airline assistance, you can choose to complete the process using the help desk at the airports of each airline. You can get to the airport’s desk and then show the tickets to them. The agent at the desk shall help you through the process. After completion, the airline shall get back to you with a boarding pass, 

5. Curbside check-in: This is another way to get the check-in done and get the boarding pass from the airline. You can reach out to the curb sides of the airport and request the staff to get the process done for you. You can avail of additional assistance at the curbsides available at the airport. 

What are American Airlines Check-in policy? 

Before getting the check-in done, there are a few guidelines that you must go through so that you can easily help with the process. The policies are as follows:

  • Check-in must be done at least 24 hours prior to the booking.
  • If you are looking to avail of any additional assistance or want some extra facilities, then you must check in at the airport.
  • For international flights, you must reach the airport 3 to 4 hours before the flight’s time, and a domestic flight must be reached at least two prior to the flight’s departure time. 

Is online check-in available for American Airlines?

Yes, an online check is available for American Airlines flights. The online chcek in window opens 24 hours before and closes 45 minutes before the flight’s departure. Get the chcek in completed and board the flight to enjoy the travel. 

How do you check in on American Airlines app?

You must download the mobile application of the airline on your Android or iOS, and from the booking option, choose to click on the check-in option, follow the instructions on the phone’s screen, and complete the process.


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