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Comprehensive Direction to make Check-in on ITA Airways

Traveling with ITA Airways is a memorable experience as they provide different services. After making the reservation, you have to make a check-in, as this is an essential process because airlines verify the travelers' details, and if all the information is correct, they will get the boarding pass. If you make a reservation with ITA Airways but before the departure date, you want to know about the airline's check-in instructions, process, etc., then the below-mentioned details will help you. 

How to check in for ITA Airways?

There are multiple mediums available through which the passengers of ITA Airways can make the check-in, and if you need details about those ways, read below. 

Use the official website: You can use the official website of ITA Airways as it is the most accessible mode. You do not need to face any queue at the airport counter if you go with online check-in, which starts 24 hours prior to departure. To check in by visiting the website, you must follow the below points. 

  • Reach on ITA Airway's official website.
  • Then open the check-in section and fill out the PNR number with the departure date. 
  • You have to provide your luggage details, and if you want to add anything, add it.
  • Lastly, click on the check-in option, and you will get your travel boarding pass on your email id. 

Via counter: If you cannot make the check-in online or have any special assistance in your booking, you have to check in at the ITA Airways counter. You have to reach the airport counter and provide your travel details to the representative available there. The representative of ITA Airways will provide you with the boarding pass if your details are correct. 

What is the ITA Airways check-in Policy?

ITA Airways has several check-in policies, which every passenger must know if they are traveling with this airline; if they need to learn these policies, read below. 

  • ITA Airways start the check-in well before 24 hours of the flight departure on their official website and 4 hours prior to departure at the airport. 
  • If you add any special assistance to your bookings, you need to check in from the airport counter. 
  • After making the check-in, if you want to change your bookings, you have to cancel the previous check-in and make check-in again after modifying your bookings. 

Why can't I check in online for ITA Airways?

There can be multiple reasons why you cannot make the check-in online, and a few of the reasons are given below. 

  • While making the check-in, if you mention any incorrect details, the airline will not accept your check-in request. 
  • At the time of reservation, if you request any special or medical assistance, you cannot check-in online. For this, you have to make the check-in at the airport counter.
  • You do not make the check-in online if any technical glitch arises on the official website of ITA Airways, and they close the online check-in window. 

How much time before I can check in for the ITA flight?

Completing the check-in process on ITA Airways is essential as it will provide you travel boarding pass, and you will get a confirmed seat. The time the check-in starts for ITA Airways will vary as per the destination you book to travel. Still, the check-in starts at the airport 5 hours before the departure for international bookings, and for domestic bookings, the check-in starts 2 hours before departure. But for both types of booking, the airlines start the online check-in 24 hours before the departure time, which you can do on the website or mobile application.

When can I check in on ITA Airways?

The check-in timings at ITA Airways will vary as per the destination type. For international flights, you can check-in in 04 hours to 45 minutes before departure. For the flights to domestic destinations, you can check in 2 hours to 30 minutes before departure.

ITA Airways Baggage Policy

Multiple policies are given by ITA Airways, knowing which you can get multiple details about the check-in baggage weight, allowance of several bags, etc. To learn about the policies of the baggage, then you can read below. 

  • For checked baggage: If you are traveling with the standard fare ticket, then you can carry one checked bag, which has to be under 22 kg, but if you are traveling with business class, then you can take two checked bags of under 27 kg. 
  • For carry-on bags: ITA Airways only allows one carry-on bag, which has to be under 09 kg, and the shape, size, and dimension of the bags must be that which can easily fit under the low seat space or upper head cabin. If the bags do not fit in that cabin, then you must send them with checked bags. 
  • For equipment: If you are carrying any wheelchair, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc., then you have to send it with your checked bag. 
  • For extra baggage: If the weight of your bags gets exceeded or if you want to carry any extra baggage, then you must pay the charges, which will vary as per the weight of the baggage.

Does ITA Airways charge for checked baggage?

Yes, ITA Airways charges for the checked baggage, but only if you want to carry any extra bag or the weight gets excess. You have to pay between 60 USD to 75 USD for the first bag, 100 USD to 150 USD for the second bag, and 200 USD to 250 USD for the third bag. This amount will only apply to domestic destinations, and the amount gets changed for international destinations. 

What is the baggage allowance on ITA Airways?

The baggage allowance on ITA Airways will vary as per the luggage you are carrying, and if you need details about them, read below. 

  • For hand baggage: The ITA airways will not allow hand baggage whose weight exceeds 8kg, and its measurements must be under 55cm in height, 35 cm in weight, and 25 cm in depth. The handbag included a work handbag, laptop bag, etc.
  • Checked bags: The maximum size must be under 158 cm, including handles and wheels. The weight and number of bags will vary as per the class you select, you can still carry a maximum of two bags without paying charges. 
  • Special baggage: For those travelers who are carrying any special baggage, such as any instruments, sports kits, etc., have to pay additional charges. These charges will vary between 40 USD to 140 USD
  • Prohibited items: The airlines will not allow any such equipment which you is harmful to travel purposes, such as Lithium batteries, battery power devices, e-cigarettes, etc


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