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Air Burkina is one of the best airlines that offer great deals to their customers for international journeys and national trips to small islands. You can book the tickets from the official website of Air Burkina. Further, this airline is the national airline of Burkina Faso. The main base from where this airline is currently operating is known to be Thomas Sankara International Airport, Ouagadougou. 

Besides this, if you are planning to travel with this airline, then, in that case, you can easily book the flight tickets from the official website of Air Burkina. In addition, onboard passengers will get complete comfort for classes they choose to travel with, like first, business, or basic economy classes, to make travelers' experiences more packed with enjoyment in flight. The services or features that travelers are going to get engaged with in-flight planes of Air Burkina are listed below for a short reference.

Auspicious services and features offered from Air Burkina onboard

  • Four classes featured on board Air Burkina consist of basic economy, economy, first, and deluxe business cabins for passengers' comfort.
  • Passengers can access VIP lounges at Air Burkina, and if you have a membership, you can get more comfort and facilities for lounges and in-flight seats.
  • Note passengers with disabilities are offered special facilities and assistance without any hurdles. 
  • Furthermore, after getting boarded with Air Burkina, passengers can get hot meals and beverages to make their journey more relaxed.
  • In the end, in-flight services include reclining seats and entertainment facilities like headphones and tabs to watch movies and TV shows and listen to music to make long-haul journeys memorable.

However, after you grabbed all the features and facilities that you are going to get access to while flying with Air Burkina, and now your primary concern is regarding flight check-in, then Air Burkina does allow the passengers to check in quite precisely, and for that, you will have to read the below methods or passage wherein all the modes to check-in are elaborated quite well for your help. 

Method: 1 Procedure of Online Check-in For Air Burkina 

At Air Burkina or with any other airline you book tickets for, the best way to get check-in in on time is known to be an online process because it is the smoothest way to reach for your boarding pass, and you can additionally get access to add bags, and other modifications are precisely allowed.

  • First, go to Air Burkina's official site homepage.
  • You must tap over the check-in option to access Air Burkina. 
  • Herein, you must type in the appropriate information for check-in, like the booking reference number and last name. 
  • Tap over the continue button
  • Next, you get the option to select a seat on Air Burkina or add luggage. 
  • Make the payment, if any. 
  • After which, you have to complete the further check-in onscreen prompts
  • Finally, you get the option to download your boarding pass from the same check-in page.

Method: 2 Check-in at Airport

Airport check-in is the second finest option after online check-in because here also you have a self-service KIOSK step to take for the boarding pass or adding up of luggage, and to make this process smooth, you must follow the below section for help.

  • You first have to visit the airport at the earliest, and then you have to search the Air Burkina check-in area
  • You now have the KIOSK machine to access the check-in process
  • Enter the Air Burkina e-ticket number and last name
  • Now, you review your Air Burkina ticket details, and here you have to confirm your check-in 
  • Get the print of your boarding pass and then end your check-in.

Method: 3 Check-in counters

The third option that passengers can select for check-in is the counter at the airport because this is where you can communicate for check-in one-to-one with an agent available at the counter for your help.

  • First, you visit the airport and head toward the Air Burkina ticket counter.
  • Here, you must provide your ticket details to an agent at the counter.
  • After which, the agent will verify your booking with the original documents you share
  • Then, your check-in request will get confirmed.
  • At last, the agent will hand over your boarding pass within a few minutes, and note you can also ask them to add baggage, if any.

Air Burkina Minimum required check-in time with baggage?

The minimum time that is required to check-in with luggage at Air Burkina depends upon the flight destinations you are traveling on because the check-in counter closes 45 to 60 minutes before flight departure.

  • Though, if you have booked a domestic flight ticket at Air Burkina, then you have to check in with your luggage 2 hours before the flight departure. 
  • In addition, for international trips, you have to arrive at the airport to complete check-in around 3 hours before the scheduled departure.

Air Burkina Check-in arrival time at the airport

Air Burkina suggests passengers arrive at the airport 3-4 hours before because as soon as you arrive at the airport, you can check in for your flight by getting your boarding pass. Moreover, if you come within this time frame, you can easily avoid chaos at the airport and get access to self-service KIOSK or counter check with quite smoothness.

Air Burkina Boarding pass

The boarding pass is one of the ways through which Air Burkina verifies whether your booking has been made or not, and for that, you have to show a boarding pass and a government-issued photo identity card to the available gate agent before boarding Air Burkina's flight, so that passenger can quickly board the plane in a hassle-free manner.

Get a boarding pass at an airport Kiosk

If you want to get a boarding pass from the airport self-service KIOSK, then you have to arrive at the airport early; after that, you head on to the KIOSK machine and therein enter relevant details like booking reference code along with your last name and retrieve booking and get boarding pass print.

Get a boarding pass at Airline Check-In Counter.

Moreover, for the Air Burkina boarding pass from the counter, you have to arrive at the airport 3-4 hours before the scheduled departure, and then after that, you share your itinerary details with the agent present at the counter, and then you will quickly get the boarding pass.

What Happens If You Fail To Air Burkina Web Check-In?

Let's assume that the customer skipped or missed the web check-in time limit, and then you can have the option to check in at the airport. In addition, for this type of check-in, you must present a suitable identification card, and further assistance will be handed over to you from the gate agent.

Is web check-in mandatory for Air Burkina domestic flights?

Yes, passengers must check in online for domestic flights on Air Burkina, and the proper procedure is available on the official website.

What to do after Air Burkina web check-in?

The passengers who have completed Air Burkina's web check-in then they have the option of printing their boarding pass because, with web check-in, passengers will get much shorter queues at the airport for check-in. 

How much time before the Air Burkina web check-in can be done?

The check-in time online at Air Burkina is 30 hours up until 1 hour before the flight's planned departure time.

How early can you check in for Air Burkina?

If you want to complete the task for check-in at Air Burkina, it should be around 30 hours and 1 hour before the time pre-planned for the flight departure. Furthermore, to check in smoothly, you must use online steps, and for that, you must log in to Air Burkina's official website.


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