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Travel and Contact Guidelines of American Airlines Baltimore

Suppose you are a Baltimore resident and would like to fly to a new destination with your family for a vacation trip with American Airlines. Then you need to obtain the information for flying from the Baltimore Airport as American Airlines operates flights to multiple destinations. You can book your tickets directly from American Airlines by contacting them in Baltimore. Below are some guidelines that will help you travel or reach customer service for issues or support. 

Airport Name: Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport

Airport Code: BWI

WMO Code: 72406

Airport Website: https://www.bwiairport.com/ 

What is the address of American Airlines at BWI?

If you are wondering where the airport is, the American Airlines BWI address is 901 Elkridge Landing Road, Baltimore, MD 21240. You must reach the airport before the time of the flight's departure.  

Where does American Airlines fly from the Baltimore Airport?

If you want to know what are the American Airlines BWI departures, the list of some of the departure destinations is provided below:

  • Miami

  • Boston 

  • Chicago

  • Dallas

  • Charlotte

  • London

Which Terminal is used by American Airlines at BWI Airport? 

If you have arrived at the airport to board your flight and are wondering, what terminal is American Airlines at BWI airport? You need to use the E terminal to board your flight. Concourse C is assigned for the American Airlines flights. 

When does American Airlines Check-In start at BWI Airport?

If you are thinking about when BWI American airlines check-in starts, determine when you are required to reach the airport, it starts 3 to 4 hours prior to the departure timing of the flight. Though the web check-in opens 24 hours before your flight's boarding time, you can obtain the boarding pass online and at your pace. 

When does the American Airlines ticket counter open at BWI Airport?

The ticket counter of American Airlines opens at 3 am and closes at 7 pm at the Baltimore International Airport. The ticket counter is located at the main counter. 

Where is the Baggage claim of American Airlines at BWI Airport? 

The American airlines BWI baggage claim is available at the terminal's lower level. You can reach the baggage point to claim your baggage. 

How do I contact American Airlines in Baltimore via Phone?

If you have queries about taking your flight and need information for that, you may be wondering what is the phone number for American Airlines Baltimore? Then you will get an official using phone number +1 410-859-7111. 

What services can I receive by contacting American Airlines at BWI Airport?

If you are thinking about the services you can receive from an official by reaching out to American Airlines at BWI Airport, the major services are given below:

  • Flight Updates: Assistance can be taken from the official to grab updates on a particular flight. 

  • Flight Status: If you want to know about the status of a flight, then contacting customer service will get you the status of the flight you want. 

  • Reservation: A person can attain the reservation service from an official. They may request to make a reservation or can ask related questions. 

  • Cancellation: The cancellation service is also provided to the customers by the officials to ease the passengers' issues. You may also learn about cancellation conditions by speaking with an official. 

  • Rescheduling: Sometimes, the passenger is required to change the reservation they had made. In that case, the officials can help you to get the desired booking without canceling the reservation. 

  • Refund or Compensation: If your flight got canceled or delayed, you could claim the compensation or refund by contacting a person at American Airlines in BWI. The request will be filed, and the process will be done within seven working days. 

Hence, above the guidelines, you will require when planning to travel with American Airlines from Baltimore. Pick the information you need or contact customer service if you got additional queries. 


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