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Valencia airport is the tenth busiest airport of Spain if passengers are taken into account, and it is the second largest as per the region after Alicante airport. This airport offers every facility that a typical airport might offer, such as ticker-related services such as ticket reservation, cancelation, refund-related issues, flight status, rescheduling of a ticket, check in facility, luggage-related services along with some assistance services that are wheelchair assistance, assistance that is given to those who are suffering from some medical ailments such as dementia, diabetes or some other illness, you can reach out valencia airport customer support prior to your flight take off so that you can enjoy the hassle-free trip, you can use reach out to the support using phone , or you can even email them you must know some of the information regarding valencia airport if you have a flight from this airport that can ensure your convenience.

How to Contact Valencia Airport

Using phone call

Valencia airport has customer support that provides you with all the information regarding the services available at the airport. If you want to know about ticket sales, assistance services, or luggage-related issues such as losing your luggage, you can reach Valencia airport's phone number, +34 961 598 500/+34 919 036 305. you must select your preferred language, and as soon as you listen to a portal, you must select a service you want or regarding which you want to file a complaint to the support team. You can explain your issues after your call reaches the airport's specific section. All your issues are resolved as soon as you convey them.

Using email 

You can also write an email to the support team, and complain to them regarding luggage, tickets, checkin, or luggage-related issues. Whatever your issues are, you have to mail them to the official email of valencia airport, After issues are sent, wait for some time to get a resolution.

Using complaint 

You can also file a complaint if you face issues regarding some airport services. You must complete and submit a separate form for complaints to let Valencia airport customer support know about your issues. They can clear your issues. Follow these steps to file a complaint to Valencia Airport Customer Service. 

  • First, you have to click on your browser and put the URL of valencia airport.
  • After this, you have to click on get to know us and click on contact us where you have to click on the form for complaint.
  • You have to explain your problems and complete other essential information too.

As soon as your complaint is submitted, there is a confirmation regarding your submission. You wait for some period so that your issues after which your issues are provided with a proper resolution.

What is the way to reach valencia airport lost and found

The process for a complaint regarding lost and found luggage at the valencia airport

If there are some issues with your luggage, you must reach out to the support team of Valencia airport lost and found. If you have lost a bag recently, you must reach their office, or you can call them at the lost and Found Phone Number on Valencia Airport +34 913 211 000/+34 919 036 305 and you can explain to them if you have left something on the aircraft you can tell them so that they can collect it and give it to you.

How long does it take to get through Valencia airport?

 To get through between domestic flights, you need 25 minutes, and between domestic and international, and if flights are international and international, you need 45 minutes. This is the shortest duration for a passenger and their luggage to transfer from one flight to the next scheduled one. 

How Many Airlines Fly From And To Valencia Airport,

Many airlines use Valencia airport for their services, there are domestic flights along with international ones, and this airport serves cargo flights also. More than 60 airlines fly from and to valencia airport, and some of the famous ones are as follows 

  • Aeromexico

  • Air Canada

  • Air france

  • American Airlines

  • Austrian airlines

  • British Airways 

  • Cathay Pacific

  • Easyjet

  • Etihad

  • Finnair

Is Valencia airport open 24 hours?

Yes, valencia airport is functioning 24 hours, providing services to the travelers of various airlines which operates on its terminals regularly , to use any services at the airport for your airlines you can arrive at the airport whenever you want and avail the services for your airlines at the counters that are available for each airlines  at this airport

How early do you need to be at Valencia airport?

As we all know that if you are having your flight from valencia airport, it is recommended that you reach the airport as early as you can so that you can avoid a rush at the airport and even if there is a rush you have enough hours in your hands that you can use while you are using any specific service at the airport there are many things, and coming to the answer of how early you must arrive at the airport, then it viewer as per your flight. If you have an international flight, you must present at the airport 3 hours before your scheduled flight. If you have a domestic ticket, you must arrive at this airport 2 hours before your domestic flight. It is advisable to arrive early at the airport.

How many terminals does Valencia airport have?

Three terminals are there at Valencia airport. All the airlines operate their services from these terminals. Terminals are interconnected with each other. These terminals are named terminal 1, terminal 2 and regional terminal.

Terminals 1 and 2

They are located at the same terminal complex serving national and international flights along with Schengen and non-Schengen flights.

Regional terminal

This terminal of the airport serves regional flights 

Connectivity of terminals

All integrated terminals are connected, whereas the regional terminal is connected with an inter-joint corridor at Valencia airport. 

Valencia Airport head office 

The head office of the airport is located Carretera del Aeropuerto, s/n, 46940 Manises, Valencia, Spain.

This explains everything you must know regarding Valencia airport and its information where you can reach and complain regarding the services. Also, after you have read this, you can get complete knowledge regarding terminals of the airport, it is functional 24 hours and you can reach the airport, to file a complaint or for the departure of your scheduled flight with your respective airlines.  


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