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Is it possible to contact the Tallahassee International Airport team?

People who board their flight from Tallahassee Airport sometimes get worried about  How to Contact Tallahassee International Airport? since they get issues and problems at the airport and in their traveling. So that’s why passengers want to contact the customer service team of Tallahassee International Airport. This document lets you learn and read the relevant information and details about Tallahassee International Airport. This public airport is where passengers enjoy various luxurious and exclusive services, and it operates various airlines at its airports. 

Read some below-given information about Tallahassee International Airport:

Airport Name: Tallahassee International Airport

Tallahassee International Airport code: TLH

Tallahassee International Airport Address: 3300 Capital Cir SW, Tallahassee, FL 32310, United States

Tallahassee International Airport phone number:  +1 850-891-7800

Other phone numbers to contact the customer service team of Tallahassee International Airport:

  • Lost and Found Phone Number on Tallahassee International Airport - (850)-891-7567.

Mention some social media links to contact the customer service team of Tallahassee International Airport:

Tallahassee International Airport official website:

Tallahassee International Airport official's working hours: 24 hours a day/ 7 days per week.

What are other ways to contact the customer service team of Tallahassee International Airport:

Email address to contact the officials at Tallahassee International Airport:

What is the TSA phone number for Tallahassee airport?

People who get a medical illness or disabilities or are physically challenged or in other circumstances can contact TSA Cares, a helpline for passengers. To get help from TSA care, you must go through the TSA screening checkpoint. You can dial the TSA Cares phone number if you want information regarding screening policies and procedures.

TSA phone number at Tallahassee International Airport: (855) 787-2227

Information regarding the Terminal at Tallahassee International Airport:

Number of terminals at Tallahassee International Airport: 1 Main Terminal

Number of gates at Tallahassee International Airport Terminal: 14 airline gates.

Services offered at Tallahassee International Airport Terminal:

  • System for the lobby and baggage luggage claim area.
  • Ticket counters.
  • Different airlines counters.
  • Rental car counters.
  • TSA screening room.
  • Business workstations
  • Gift shops, meals, drinks, massage centers, etc.
  • Pre-security area.

How Many Airlines Fly From And To Tallahassee International Airport?

Suppose you plan to go on vacation and board a flight from your nearest airport, i.e., Tallahassee International Airport. Then you can book your flight on 4 airlines that flies from and to Tallahassee International Airport. It maintains its arrival and departure at its main Terminal. This airport operates 4 airlines which are mentioned below:

  • American Airlines.
  • Delta Airlines.
  • Jetblue Airways.
  • Silver Airways.

Does Tallahassee airport have a cell phone lot?

Yes, Tallahassee Airport has a cell phone lot wherein passengers can wait in the cell phone lot for passengers and will receive notification of call or text to pick up the ready travelers. Car drivers must remain in their cars while they are waiting in their cars. When they get a notification from travelers, they immediately have to exit the cell phone waiting lot and pick up their passengers. 

  • Address of cell phone waiting lot: East side of the main Terminal at Tallahassee International Airport.
  • Opening hours of Cell phone waiting lot: From 5 am to 11 pm (every day)

How early do I need to be at the Tallahassee airport?

Tallahassee Airport officials advise passengers to arrive at least 1.5 hours early from their scheduled departure time to get through security checkpoints and social distancing measures conveniently.

  • For domestic flights: Arrive 90 minutes early from flight departure time.
  • For International flights: Arrive 2 hours before flight Departure time.


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