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Guide on Travelling and Contacting A Coruna Airport 

If you are traveling to City Centre after arriving at the Coruna airport for the first time, you may want to know how to get there and the travel options. The total distance between Coruna airport and the City Centre is 7 km. Below are all the possible ways are listed which you can consider to reach the City Centre:

Via Taxi

A person can take a taxi from outside the corona airport and reach their destination in the City Centre. The taxi takes around 10 minutes to arrive at the destination. The taxi fare will be around 20 Euro.

Via Bus

A person can also take a bus from Corona airport to the City Center. It is the cheapest option available. The bus fare to City Centre is 1.50 Euro per person. It will take 30 minutes to reach the City Centre from Coruna Airport. 

Via Rented Car

A car rental facility is also available outside the Coruna airport. Renting a car is much more expensive than getting a taxi or traveling via bus. If you want a private travel option, renting a car would be best for you.

What is the closest airport to A Coruna?

The closest airport to A Coruna Airport is LA Coruna airport (LCG). It is commonly known as Alvarado Airport. It is located only 7.7 km away from A Coruna Airport. If you have any query, you can reach their customer service by using the Coruna Airport phone number +34-913-2110-00.

What airlines fly from A Coruña?

Six airlines fly from Coruna Airport. The list of those airports is given below:

  • Air Europa

  • Binter Canarias

  • Iberia Airlines 

  • EasyJet

  • Volotea Airlines

  • Vueling

Does A Coruña have an airport?

Yes, A Coruna does have an airport called A Coruna Airport. It is also known as Alvarado Airport. If you require information about the airport, you will find it below. 

A Coruna Airport Details:

Airport Name: LA Coruna Airport or Alvarado Airport

Airport Code: LCG

Airport Address: Av. Hermida, 15174 Rutis, LA Coruna, Spain

Airport Website:

What is the office address and contact number of A Coruna Airport?

If you are wondering about contacting the office for assistance and wondering what Coruna Airport Office address and phone number are, the head office is located in the arrival halls of the airport. You can contact a person at the Coruna Airport office at +34-913-2110-00. The opening hours are 5:00 am to 12 pm, all week. 

How many Terminals does A Coruna Airport have? 

A Coruna Airport has 1 terminal for scheduling flights. All the arrival and departure of domestic and international flights are at the same terminal. 

What are the services offered by A Coruna Airport?

A Coruna Airport provides several services to its passengers for their comfort. Passengers can reach out to them if they require any help regarding travel. Below is a list of services you will get from A Coruna:

  • Booking service: You can get your booking done by contacting A Coruna Airport, contacting their official, and requesting a light ticket providing your travel requirement. Then, you will get a reservation for a flight operating from there.

  • Cancellation or Reservation: If you must cancel your reservation with A Coruna Airport, you can contact the officials and request the same. Get your refund request submitted at the same time. 

  • Parking Service: You also get parking services at A Coruna Airport. You can contact someone to clear your parking doubts, learn about the parking charges and book your spot in advance. 

  • Special Assistance: Sometimes, passengers are required to take the special assistance facility at the airport for smooth travel. It can be wheelchair assistance or other. Contact an executive and obtain assistance. 

  • Car Rental Service: You can rent a car at A Coruna Airport to reach your destination. Contact the car rental office and complete the procedure for the car rent. It is a convenient option for travel.

What to do if I lost my luggage at A Coruna Airport?

If you have lost your bag at the airport, you must contact the officials using the lost and found phone number on A Coruna Airport: (+34) 911 360 190. Submit your lost luggage report connecting through a representative on this number. 

What is the closest international airport to A Coruna?

The closest international airport to A Coruna Airport is Santiago de Compostela Airport (SCQ / LEST). The airport is located in Spain at Santiago de Compostela. The distance between this airport to A Coruna Airport is 74 km.



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