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Gather complete information about United Airlines at LAX Aiport

People traveling with United Airlines often have the best and most memorable flight experience. The airlines ensure that the passengers get the best assistance for an issue with their reservation. They even provide them with reliable assistance at the airport. People will find someone from the airline staff who will ensure that the airline's team is hearing their issue and that necessary steps and information need to be known by the passengers mentioned here for you. 

How do i speak to someone at United Airlines LAX Airport

Travelers can choose a telephonic way to talk with live agents at United LAX Airport and get immediate assistance with on-call flight services. They can contact the United Airlines LAX Airport customer phone number, which is +1 (800) 864-8331/+1-802-432-2552, anytime within 24 hours and follow some of the main steps for easy connection with operators.

  • Fliers can dial United LAX customer service phone number.
  • They can patiently wait for an executive's response.
  • Once the agents are available, they can make all possible general inquiries about flight services like reservation, status, upgrades, and Airport terminal details.
  • The available executives will reply to them with a corrective solution that can reduce their flight problems during boarding.

Contact Details for United Airlines Los Angeles Airport Office

United Airlines is known for its on-time flight services to travelers and operates mainly from LAX Airport. It is one of the busiest international airports in the US and handles many flights weekly. Many fliers want to know about United Airlines' necessary flight service at Los Angeles Airport before traveling with the Airways. Travelers can talk to agents via various practical methods, which can ease their flight journey

Los Angeles International Airport

1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States

Phone: +1 855-463-5252

Code: LAX

United Airlines Lax Office Address

796-836 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA

United Airlines, address

Phone Number- +1 800-864-8331

For more information and details, you can also draft a mail mentioning their issue and send it to the official email address They will receive the confirmation in their email mentioning the airline's agent will revert them. 

How to contact United Airlines at LAX airport?

Do you want to contact United Airlines at LAX Airport? Well, there are multiple ways by which you can contact United Airlines at LAX airport, such as contact through a phone call, live Chat, visit the local office, visit the check-in counter, etc. 

  • Contact through phone:

Passengers can call the customer service team of United Airlines at 1-800-864-8331 and request assistance at the LAX airport. If you are unable to contact United Airlines executives, you can also contact the executives of LAX Airport at (855) 463-5252 and ask for assistance.

  • Contact through Chat:

One of the best ways to get instant assistance is through live Chat or automatic Chat. Passengers must visit the official website of United Airlines and click on the Chat with an Agent option on the Help page. The chat box will appear. Type your query and get immediate assistance.

What number is the United terminal at LAX?

United Airlines departs from Los Angeles International Airport through Terminal 7-8. The majority of United's operations are concentrated on Terminal 7. United Express, sometimes known as United, is a popular airline in the United States that operates flights domestically and abroad flights. 

Los Angeles is one of the domestic destinations it serves. Every year, a large number of tourists visit this city. Passengers with a flight from Los Angeles International Airport will likely have several questions regarding where and how to get to the United Airlines Terminal, LAX. 

Is United Airlines chat 24 7 at LAX airport?

Passengers traveling with United Airlines can get chat assistance from their customer service agent. All they have to do is follow the steps below to connect with the customer service agent of the airline. The steps to connect with the airline's representative are mentioned below in detail for you.

  • Get onto the airline's official website ‘contact us' option.
  • Click on the contact us page to search and select the live chat option.
  • Follow the instructions on the chat cloud to choose the option that resembles the issue closely related to your query.
  • Once the on-call menu is complete, there will be a short hold before the customer service agent will connect with you to provide you with the necessary help and assistance.
  • You might also get asked to submit the feedback form about your experience with the airline over chat. 

Where is United Airlines' departure at LAX?

Passengers traveling with United Airlines can use Concourses 7 and 8 of Terminal 7 at LAX international airport for the departure. Any help and assistance related to the check-in will also be provided to them at the said terminal only. For more information and details, feel free to visit the official website.

How do I call LAX lost and found?

The passengers need to connect with the customer service representative to inquire about their lost baggage. They have to dial (424)-646-LOST-(5678), and once connected, follow the auto-generated instructions on call before the agent connects with them to provide them with the information related to their lost baggage. 

How do I report a lost item to LAX Airport?

United Airlines advises its passengers to report about the lost item at the lost and found department of LAX Airport and inform the baggage claim counter of United Airlines. If a passenger does not report the lost item at the airport, then the airline will not be responsible for the lost item.

  • Passengers can visit the Lost and Found Department of LAX Airport and file a report about the lost item, either manually or digitally.
  • Passengers must inform the United Airlines baggage claim office either through a phone call or by visiting their local office at the airport.

What terminal does United pick up at LAX?

United Airlines uses Concourse 7 and 8 at Terminal 7 of the Los Angeles International Airport for arrival as well as departure. The digital layout is available on the website of United Airlines; travelers can view it to have easy navigation.

Where is the United baggage claim at LAX?

Suppose a passenger has lost their baggage and now they want to file a report to the baggage claim office of United Airlines at the LAX Airport. Passengers should have a prior idea about the lost and found department of the LAX Airport as well as the baggage claim office of United Airlines. The baggage claim office of United Airlines is located on the lower ground floor at Terminal 7. Passengers can also download a digital airport map from the website of United Airlines or through the United Airlines mobile app.

Can I meet someone at baggage claim at LAX?

Yes, the baggage claim and lost and found counter at the LAX Airport is managed by the Airport Police Division. The baggage claim staff will be present when you go to the baggage claim counter. You can report the issue to these staff directly, and they will report about your lost baggage and provide you a follow-up number. Check the status of your lost item from time to time using the follow-up number, and you can also call the staff through phone call.


United Airlines is assigned a particular terminal for its flight services. Fliers should have knowledge about the correct terminals while boarding because it saves a lot of time and offers a convenient flight experience. However, United Airlines uses Terminal 7 with concourses 7 and 8 for its flight operation. But, in some extreme cases, when Terminal 7 has any technical issues, it can choose Terminal 8 for flight-related operations.

United Airlines TSA open time at LAX is essential since it provides information about security check-in. It is necessary because TSA decides passengers' entry at the Airport after a security check-up and eases the traveler's burden of flight screening during boarding. However, TSA open time at LAX Airport for United Airlines is only between 4 am to 1 am PDT.


Usually, the United Airlines check-in option is available at least 24 hours before departure via an online process. But, when it comes to the Check-in facility at the Los Angeles Airport, this starts from approximately 4 am to 1 am PDT. United Airlines security check-in process executives between the provided period to ease passengers' flight services. Further, travelers can visit at least 3 hours before international departure for seamless check-in during boarding.

Passengers can easily view their boarding pass, which includes terminal details of United Airlines at LAX Airport. Also, travelers can see the terminal information from their confirmation mail while booking flight tickets. They can see United Airlines LAX Airport's exact terminal input at the top of the email documents to reach their flights soon during boarding.

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