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Sofia Airport, known as Vrazhdebna Airport, provides significant facilities to securely manage your flight at a particular time. It is the busiest airport in Bulgaria and efficiently operates domestic and international flights inside Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South Eastern Asia. If you want to know how do I contact Sofia Airport for relevant support and service regarding flight booking and other facilities, please securely use the contact details provided on this page. You must go through the queries provided by the representative customer team is available to assist you at any time.  

How do I contact Sofia Airport?

You can contact Sofia Airport, which is available to assist you at your time. You can share your concern to get the answer on time, including check-in baggage service, lost and found, and getting excellent travel facilities to secure your booking for a longer time. You can use essential contact mediums to contact Sofia Airport without facing any trouble securely.

Contact Sofia Airport via phone call service

Use a phone call service to contact Sofia Airport effortlessly.

  • First, dial +359 2937 2211/ 2212 / 2213 or +1-802-432-2552.
  • Listen to the IVR command and press 1 to select the preferred language.
  • Press 2 to choose general queries for new and existing bookings.
  • Press 3 for flight change and cancelation and press 4 for refund.
  • Press 5 for lost and found, and press 6 for check-in.
  • Press 7 for seat selection and press * to interact with a live person and resolve queries soon.   

Contact Sofia Airport via email service

You can share your queries using an email service and compose a mail to and share your concern to get the answer soon.

Contact Sofia Airport via live chat service

It will important to share your concern using a live chat service and get immediate answer at the right time. It is important to verify your contact detail and get the answer accordingly but on time.

Contact Sofia Airport via social media service

You Will use social media services like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on and get relevant answer on time.

Contact Sofia Airport office using its address

You will get the office address of Sofia Airport, that is Sofia Airport EAD 1, Christopher Columbus Blvd. 1540 Sofia, Bulgaria. Get complete facilities to secure your flight journey when you access the Sofia Airport office. 

How do I contact lost and found Sofia Airport?

When you wish to share your concern about lost and found services at the Sofia Airport, you must dial +359 2 937 2211 and get an answer at the right time.

How do I transfer between terminals at Sofia Airport?

You can transfer between terminals at Sofia Airport that provides direct free-of-charge transportation between two terminals. You will use vehicles that are marked as shuttle buses and operate 24/7 service for the flight booking service securely.

Does Sofia Airport need transit visa?

Yes, Sofia Airport needs a transit visa, and for that, you must submit a completed and signed Schengen visa application form and quickly get complete access facilities.

How long before departure should I be at Sofia airport?

For pure convenience during a flight journey, you must be at Sofia Airport within 24 to 2 hours before departure. You will quickly get facilities for the flight journey at the terminal when you access the airport earlier.

How many terminals does Sofia airport have?

Sofia Airport has two terminals, T1 and T2, open 24 hours and provide complete facilities with bus services every 30 minutes to board the flight quickly.

What Airlines use Sofia Airport terminals?

Sofia Airport operates flights from major airlines such as

  • Air France.
  • British Airways.
  • Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Turkish Airways.
  • Low-cost Wizz air.
  • Easyjet.
  • Ryanair and others.  

If you wish to get complete facilities for the flight booking service at the Sofia Airport to visit your required destinations, contact its customer representative team is available to assist you at any time efficiently.


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