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Are you looking for help at the airport? If yes, you can connect with the customer service ways and get help from the representative immediately. Communication methods are always available to assist their passengers. You can use the given ways to connect with customer service and follow the steps to connect with the representative. 

Methods to contact O’Hare. 

  • Dial the helpline number. 

Traveler requires information regarding the baggage, and they can opt for the call option. A call option is an approachable method to connect with the airport representative and get the services within seconds. The traveler can use this contact number: (773) 894-9111. Follow the IVR steps and press the command according to the query. When the traveler connects with the representative, they immediately provide the query details. 

  • Provide the query on the chat option. 

Do you require help on an immediate basis? You can use the chat option. It is the mode of communication where you get the detailed information regarding the flight. You will get access to the chat option only on the website. Chat has shorter times to connect with the representative. You can use this option by using the steps given below: 

  1. Open the web portal of O’Hare. 

  2. Navigate your cursor toward the contact option. 

  3. On the new page, you must tap on the chat option. 

  4.  Provide the detail to start the chat option. 

  5. Enter the query in the chat box. 

  6. Please wait for the representative and get the details.

How do I contact O'Hare International Airport? 

Being an international airport, it is obvious that O’Hare Airport handles numerous domestic and international flights and passengers. It ensures that its customers do not have to go through any kind of difficulty on the airport premises. But still, passengers can face difficulties at times and need to contact the airport customer service. So, if you are somebody who is wondering How do I contact O'Hare International Airport? You must go through the following article to know the different ways to connect with its customer service

  • Airport Address: You can also reach the airport help desk to get help. The airport is located at 10000 W Balmoral Ave, Chicago, IL 60666. The help desk representatives are available all the time to help customers and passengers

  • O’Hare Airport number: If you face any kind of difficulty at O’Hare airport, you can contact it through a call. You must call the O'Hare International Airport phone number, (800) 832-6352. You can also get any information about your flight by calling this number.

  • Airport emergency contact number: In case of emergency at the airport, you can call (773) 894 9111. You must not call this number if you want any flight-related information.

  • Airport email address: You can get help by sending your query to the airport’s email address, The airport customer service usually replies to emails within 1 to 2 business days.

Does O'Hare operate 24/7?

Yes, being a chief international airport in Illinois, O’Hare International Airport is open all days a week and 24 hours a day. The airport remains crowded with the airport, airline staff, and passengers throughout the day.

How long does it take to get through international customs at O Hare?

Getting through international customs at O’Hare International Airport can take a maximum of two hours. However, it depends on many factors that can affect the time.

What is the phone number for Chicago airport security?

Since airports serve several airlines and passengers on a daily basis, ensuring the security of the passengers is essential. Clearing the security check is very important at airports. If you are facing any problem or want any information from the Chicago Airport’s security, you must call (855) 787-2227. 

What is the Airport code of O’Hare airport?

International Air Transport Association, IATA, assigns codes to airports. The IATA code for O’Hare International Airport is ORD. 

What are the social media handles of O’Hare Airport?

You can connect with O’Hare Airport on social media to keep yourself updated about the airport. Its social media handles are mentioned below:

  • Facebook-

  • Twitter-

  • Instagram-

  • LinkedIn-

Services provided at the airport

O’Hare International Airport ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for its customers. For this reason, it extends many services to customers. Some of these services are listed below.

  • Airport Transit System: The airport has a transit system that transfers passengers between terminals 1,2,3, and 5. This service is available 24/7 and every 3 to 5 minutes during peak hours.

  • Parking facility: The airport offers parking on an hourly and daily basis. The cost for parking varies, which you can check on its official website,

  • Visa services: The airport also provides visa services for passengers who want to avail of this service.

  • Lost and found: Passengers do not have to worry if they have lost their baggage. The airport makes sure that lost bags reach their owners.

  • Special assistance: Passengers who need special assistance at the airport can easily get this service at O'Hare airport. The airport provides mobility devices, wheelchairs, walking frames, etc., for physically challenged persons.

  • Check-in services: Passengers can also check in to their flights at the airport through check-in counters or kiosk machines.

O'Hare Baggage Service Office

O’Hare is located in Chicago. Assume you are traveling with the airline and have a flight from O’Hare airport. Now you want to require details like visa immigration and any other details, and you can speak with them on the phone or use the other options available on the web portal. You can also visit the airport and immediately get all the information regarding your queries. To visit the airport office, you can use the given address:10000 W O’Hare Ave, Chicago, IL 60666, United States. 

Where is the international baggage claim at O Hare? 

You can receive your baggage at Terminal 5. To get the baggage, you can follow the steps: 

  • You have to arrive at the airport. 

  • Do the check-in. 

  • Visit terminal 5. 

  • Provide the required details to the representative. 

  • Claim your baggage and again proceed to the customs and border protection area. 

  • Get the boarding pass and board the flight. 

How do I get Chicago O'Hare baggage claim phone number? 

Passengers require information regarding the baggage, and they can dial the Chicago O'Hare baggage claim phone number and communicate with the representative to get the details regarding their query. Passengers can use other methods also to connect with the representative and get the contact number as soon as possible. Here are the details to get the contact number: 

  • Open the web portal of O’Hare Airport. 

  • Click on the contact option and choose the contact number according to your query. 

  • Get the contact number: +1-800-832-6352/+1-802-432-2552.

  • Follow the IVR command and connect with the representative. 

How early should I arrive for an international flight at O Hare?

There are instances when passengers miss their flights due to reaching the airport late, and consequently, they purchase a new flight ticket. This enhances the cost budget of their journey. To get rid of this issue, below are specific points you can go through:-

  • Per the recommendations, passengers can arrive at the airport 3 hours before the departure.

  • If you are running late or unable to reach the airport on time, you are suggested to contact the airline immediately to inform the situation.  

Which terminal at O'Hare is international?

There are 5 terminals. If you wish to board your international flight, you can visit terminal 5 to board the flight. To know more details about the terminal, you can connect with the representative at the airport and get all the details from the representative. 


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