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Midway Airport is known as Chicago Midway International Airport, typically called Chicago Midway Airport in the United States. It is a major commercial airport on the Southwest side of Chicago, Illinois, that serves many passengers for departure and arrival service at the airport every day. Many passengers plan their flight journey to their desired destination from Midway International Airport due to the comfortable flight booking service and get a complete guide at your required time. Go through the queries to get the answer for Midway Airport smoothly.

How do I contact Midway Airport?

If you are willing to get specific help to reach your required destination, you will get comprehensive service to contact Midway Airport at your required time suitably.

  • Chicago Midway Airport phone number: Contact Midway Airport by just making a phone call at +1 773 838 0600/+1-802-432-2552 and share your travel concern to seek complete help suitably.  
  • Chicago Midway Airport email service: Use email service to share your travel concern at Midway Airport after sending your queries to and wait for the answer on time.
  • Chicago Midway Airport office address: To contact a live person reach out to the Midway Airport office address which is located at 5700 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60638, United States, and share your travel concern to get the answer on time.
  • Parking number for Chicago Midway Airport: To interact with a real person for the parking service, you must dial 773-838-0753 and quickly get informative details about the parking service.  

What is the phone number for Midway Airport security?

You will feel easy to call 855 787 2227 at least 72 hours before traveling with questions about screening policies and procedures and quickly get the complete service to expect at the security checkpoint.

Is Midway open 24 7?

Yes, Midway is open to assist you with complete travel services and products 24 hours. You must access the Midway Airport within 48 to 3 hours for the check-in service at the time of the flight journey.

Is Midway cell phone lot free?

Midway provides you with a cell phone waiting lot which is located at south of the airport at 61st street and Cicero Avenue. It helps you to pick up your family, friends, and passengers can use the Midway cell phone lot and wait for assistance at no cost.

How early do I need to be at Midway Airport?

Obviously, when you wish to go to Midway Airport, you will catch your flight on time. Hence, you must be at Midway Airport within 3 to 48 hours before an international flight. If you are going for the check-in for a domestic flight, you must reach Midway Airport within 2 to 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure.  

Midway Airport baggage claim phone number

It is common to get into baggage trouble when you are at the Midway Airport and looking for the claim. You must be aware of the baggage claim phone number that you can dial at 773 838-9111/+1-802-432-2552 and quickly get complete assistance at your required time. Baggage assistance is important during arrival when you at the airport for the services.

Midway Airport lost and found the phone number

You might be lost your item and unable to find the baggage when you are at the airport after arrival. You will connect with a real person to get the answer over a phone call and dial the phone number at 773-838-0656 and communicate with a real person to get the solution soon. You must explain your baggage information so that you can find relevant assistance at your required time superbly. 

How long does TSA line take at MDW?

When you wish to reach the MDW Airport for the security check-in at TSA, it takes wait time as per the timing you choose for the check-in service. On average, it takes at least 22 minutes to go through security checkpoints at MDW Airport at any time. You can imagine getting a complete guide and help for the TSA service you take at Midway Airport at a specific time, depending on your flight booking service.

How many terminals does MDW have?

Midway has only one terminal with two main concourses, A and B, that help you with the arrival and departure service at any time. You will also fine a three-gate area labeled Concourse C, where you will reach terminal 3, known as concourses linked with each other, and find the gates to get the terminal to serve your purpose smoothly. If you want help with travel assistance with complete baggage, seat selection, and another service at the airport, don’t forget to contact a real person who is available to assist you at your required time efficiently.

Midway Airport office address

You might be worried about getting help from a live person at the Midway Airport to reach there. It is essential to know the office address, 5700 South Cicero Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60638, US. You will suitably go to the Midway Airport office to get complete help with the travel service and products at your required time. You can also dial the phone number to interact with a real person who remains active to assist you when you are in trouble and looking for timely guidance.


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