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The Madison Airport, also known as Dane Country Regional Airport, is one of the civil-military airports which flies to Asheville, Evansville, Saginaw, Dayton, Charlottesville, Louisville, Cedar Rapids, Milwaukee, Tulsa, Appleton, Chicago, Lincoln, and more. Also, many travelers love to connect with this airport due to its highly recommended and facilitated services. Therefore, to take it, you want to communicate with the customer support person, so there are many ways to contact them, which will be taken by following this content.

  • Send a mail to the Madison person- Also, you can share your issues by sending a mail to the airport person at this address, Dane County Regional Airport, 4000 International Lane, Madison, WI 53704. So, write issues in the letter and send it to the above-given mailing address. 

  • Call the customer service person- You can also take any information by calling the supervisor; therefore, you have to go to the contact support section under the airport website to take it. Pick the phone number 608-246-3380 under the phone call section, take it, and call the support agent. By speaking with them, sort out all issues quickly.

  • Send an email- The airport hears your conflicts through an email also; therefore, to get help by contacting the customer service person, open the official site of the Madrid Airport on your search engine and scroll to the contact option. Go to the contact page, take the email address and write down the email and share your difficulties in the email. Further, send it to

  • Call by TTY- moreover, if a passenger has a hearing problem or is deaf, the airline will respond to their call on this number Wisconsin Relay 711. So, for that, you must dial the number and by this resolve all issues quickly. 

  • Live chat with the Airport person- to chat with the customer service person, it is requisite to go to the customer service page of the airport, find the chat section, and open it. After that, begin to communicate with the agent, and click on the option which is related to your query. Further, the support person will help you in sorting out all difficulties immediately. 

  • Connect with Social media- therefore, to connect with the customer service person via social media, you must visit the links that are given below. Also, you can communicate with the airport person on these platforms, and you can resolve all kinds of conflicts quickly.




How early should I get to Madison airport?

To take a flight from the departure, it is a must to reach Madison Airport before 90 to 120 minutes of flying time. In addition, it will take time for TSA security and check-in.

What are the call letters for Madison airport?

The call letter or IATA code for the Madison Airport is MSN.

Does Madison airport have TSA PreCheck?

Yes, the Madison Airport have the TSA PreCheck option at the 1st door of the South checkpoint. 

What time does TSA open at Madison airport?

The Madison Airport TSA Checking counter opens at morning 4:30 a.m.

What are the Madison airport hours?

The Madison Airport availability hours are from 3:30 a.m. to the last flying flight from the departure. 

How do I contact Madison Airport Lost and Found?

Moreover, if you lose or find any item at the airport, you are seeking to contact the lost and found counter. So, there are some ways by which you can quickly reach them. Therefore, it is vital to pursue the steps that are:

  • Call the lost and found center at the airport-  If you want to call the agent and share the information about the times that you lost or found at the airport. So, it is a must to dial the Madison Airport Lost and Found Phone Number and call on (608) 661-4809 in between the given time from Monday - Friday, 8:00a .m. to 4:15 p.m. So, when the call connects with the agent, share all the details and resolve this kind of issue quickly by talking with them.

  • Fill out the lost and found contact form- The airport person will also listen to your lost and found request by contact form. You must look for the contact option and choose the lost and found option. Open the form and enter all the requisite details in the form. Also, mention the whole information regarding the items you have lost or found at the airport. Further, pawl on the submit option. And receive it within 21 days. 

  • Visit the lost and found page- You can also visit this page to learn more about the lost and found page, so the web link is,%2D%204%3A15%20p.m.

How do I Claim baggage at Madison Airport?

In addition, you can request a claim for delayed baggage at Madison Airport. So, if you don’t know how you will take it, here are some steps to request a Baggage Claim from Madison Airport you must get through. For that, 

  1. Navigate the Madison Airport web portal. 

  2. Look for the baggage section, 

  3. Seek the claim tab and select it. After that, the claim form open 

  4. There you must enter all the mandatory details in the form. 

  5. Further, you will claim baggage in a few days easily. 

What time does Madison airport security open?

Security opens at Madison Airport from 4:30 a.m. until the last flight from departure.

How Long Does it Take to Get through Security at Madison Airport?

The Airport security doesn’t allow you to take the flight without getting through the security. So, if you are seeking, how much time will they take? So, Madison Airport takes 30 to 45 minutes to get through the security; therefore, you must reach the airport in 2 to 3 hours by flying the flight from departure. 

How many terminals does Madison airport have?

The Madison Airport has one passenger terminal to fly anywhere. So, take your flight and airport services by reaching there. 

Does Madison airport have a lounge?

At Madison Airport, no lounges have been on any terminal or floor.

What airlines use Madison, WI airport?

Many airlines like American Airlines, United, Frontier, Delta, Alaska Airlines, and more can fly from there. But Delta Airlines can offer many flights from this Madison Airport. 


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