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An international airport serving Upper Bavaria and Munich is Franz Josef Strauß Airport in Munich. It was second only to Frankfurt Airport in terms of passenger traffic in Germany in 2019, with 47.9 million passengers handled, placing it tenth in terms of passenger traffic across Europe. It is the 38th busiest airport overall and the 15th busiest airport in the world regarding international passenger traffic.

Moreover, if you want to travel with Lufthansa Airlines from Munich Airport, it is good to go with this, as it serves as a hub for Lufthansa. So, to take it, you must readily get through the below appropriate ways. 

Lufthansa Munich office- You can directly connect with the Lufthansa person by reaching Munich International Airport, Nordallee 25, 85356 München-Flughafen, Germany.

Mail at Office address- To take help or any information, mail the issues to Munich, Germany. 

Lufthansa Munich number- To attain any cancellation, refund, claim, compensation, or flight details, call the support person at 1 800 102 5838.

Munich phone number- To know about the parking, hotel reservation, baggage, check-in, or more information, dial +49 89 97500. And, by talking with the agent directly, know about it.

What is the Lufthansa Munich airport telephone number?

The Lufthansa Munich Airport telephone number is 1 800 102 5838/ +1-888-206-5328. So, call the customer service person and sort out all difficulties quickly by speaking with them. 

Can You Send an Email to Lufthansa Munich Airport?

Yes, you can send an email to the Lufthansa Munich Airport. 

How Do I Contact Munich Airport for lost luggage?

You lost baggage at the Munich Airport, but due to not having much information, you don’t know how to contact the airport person for this, so, there you will get some ways to connect with the support person. For that, consider the below ways that are underneath below.

Call the lost & found counter: A passenger can readily speak to the customer service person regarding the lost baggage through calling. Therefore, to do this, you must get through the steps:

  1. Go to the Munich Airport

  2. Click on the contact option, find the lost and found number,

  3. Pick it up and call the customer service person at +49 89 975 214 75 and +49 89 975 214 76.

  4. After that, you need to share the details of your lost item and receive it in 21 days. 

Email to the Lost & Found support: also, you can readily take help in founding the item by sending an email. Therefore, you must go to the contact page, take the email address, and then write an email with the item details that you lost at the airport and mention the contact details in it and send them to

Fill out the Lost and found form: The airport person will also listen to you through the form. Therefore, to fill this, get through the web page, 

  • Find the baggage option and click on the lost and found option under

  • After that, you must open the form and enter all the requisite details and information in the form.

  • Also, mention the lost luggage details, explain all the under items, and send them. 

  • Further, the customer service agent try to give your baggage in 21 days.

What are the services and facilities at Munich Airport for Lufthansa Passengers?

There are various services and facilities which Lufthansa Passengers can take from the Munich Airport, which are stated below. So, to know about it underneath the content:

  • Priority check-in

  • Sleeping pods

  • Shopping services

  • Airport Delivery Aid

  • Baggage pick-up services

  • Playing areas for the children

  • Valet and women-only parking services 

  • Prayer rooms

  • Restrooms

Where is the Lufthansa Airlines office in Munich, Germany?

The Lufthansa office in Munich, Germany, is located at Terminal 2, Munich  International Airport, Nordallee 25, 85356 München-Flughafen, Germany.

Which terminal is Lufthansa at Munich Airport?

At Terminal 2, the Lufthansa will be located at the Munich Airport. 

Do I have to go through customs for a connecting flight in Munich?

No passport control is required to go through customs for a connecting flight in Munich. 


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